Model S rear door pops open

Model S rear door pops open


For the past few months I have been seeing a strange behavior in my Model S (2013 P85). The rear diver side door pop opens when the car is unlocked either when I hit Park button or I approach the vehicle. There is no particular pattern I could find on when this happens and this happens only on few occasions. I was able to catch this on Video after few months of multiple attempts.
check out the link. Any idea if the problem is with the software or hardware?

Millionmilesorbust | 30 avril 2017

You've definitely got some gremlins sitting in the rear seat, did you make sure not to feed them after dark?

Silver2K | 30 avril 2017

I find it strange that your handles are not auto presenting when you arrive. Is auto present on?

Since the key or app has no way to unlatch the doors, unless you have a model x, I'm finding this issue hard to believe.

Can you do that again and open the door? I want to see if someone is in the car hiding at the floor level.

Silver2K | 30 avril 2017

Son of a... same time post :)

hupadhyaya | 30 avril 2017

@Gabe.ritter: they were my first suspects ;-))

@silverP85plus: The autopresent is ON. its just that I tried moving around the car so much to get the handles do not autopresent sometime.

Also, will try to open the door and show no one inside playing any tricks ;-). btw. that was exactly I was thinking Tesla service center would say to me without video proof hence the I got the proof. But not good enough I guess. Let me try few more times to get complete video.

JPPTM | 30 avril 2017

The door handle is out of spec/out of adjustment. When you put the car into Park, and the handles extend, that handle extends a millimeter too far, hits the microswitch, and the door pops open. Take your car to the Service Center and have them adjust the handle. 30 minute fix.

Silver2K | 30 avril 2017

I looked at the video on my phone and thought the door unlocked as you approached. I looked at it on my laptop and just noticed it open after the handles presented. sorry :(

@JPPTM explanation makes 100% sense to me.

Bighorn | 30 avril 2017

@JPPTM is right. Very common issue early on with microswitch adjustment.

hupadhyaya | 30 avril 2017

Thanks JPPTM. I tried to recreate the issue many times with my camera in hand without success, but will show SC what I have and hope to get this fixed soon.

If this was driver door, I would have been happy to tell everyone that I got semi-auto present door as an upgrade ;-))

Silver2K | 30 avril 2017


if you can find out how adjust the handle and get a semi-auto present door, I'm in!

hupadhyaya | 30 avril 2017

Sure SP85+, will do for sure :-).

ebender888 | 1 mai 2017

had this issue. Tesla sent a ranger to my office and they disassembled the door and replaced the entire handle package. Took no more than 30 minutes and no issues since.

PhillyGal | 1 mai 2017

Of course when it happened to ours, it was the rear passenger's side door but I agree, had it been the driver's door, might have chalked it up as an upgrade.

koohii | 26 mars 2019

I've been having the problem of the passenger door closing, and then two seconds later popping open again. I close it. Wait. It pops open again. I close it, hold it shut, and it pops open again.
Seems the only solution that works consistently is to lower a window (any window), close the door, and tell the fob to lock up.
This misbehavior is inconsistent, of course. Sometimes a week can go by without incident. Oh, this has never happened while the car was in motion.