Poll: Which car maker will copy Model 3 interior first?

Poll: Which car maker will copy Model 3 interior first?


carlk | 1 mai 2017

Kia and Koreans for sure if the question applies to cars sold in the US. Not saying they are copycats but they do not carry the bag as the rest do. BTW as of now I believe Volvo got the largest touch screen outside of a Tesla. Volvo does not carry that big a bag either.

Red Sage ca us | 1 mai 2017

Yeah. Volvo. They'll recognize the benefit soonest, and act accordingly. Pretty much everyone else is following Rolls-Royce and/or Bentley... All the way to the diamond pattern quilted upholstery.

SUN 2 DRV | 1 mai 2017

Apple will definitely have a minimalist interior, but who know's if/when they'll offer a car.

glcody | 25 mai 2017

I think Tesla will change first. For now, people are buying these cars to own and drive, as companies as autonomous vehicles. I think people will be wanting improvements in the interior design and layout. Its the part about the car that really, really disappoints.

PhillyGal | 25 mai 2017

Fun topic.

There is a very new Lexus model that I keep seeing commercials for. Its door handles are flush :)

mos6507 | 25 mai 2017

None. The interior will not be well received by the public.

Rocky_H | 26 mai 2017

I actually concur with @mos6507. I think Tesla is doing something too weird with the interior, and most buyers are not going to like it.

Frank99 | 26 mai 2017

I think there's going to be a lot of consternation about it, but very quickly it'll be well accepted.

KP in NPT | 26 mai 2017

The thing is - we have not even seen the final interior. What we've seen in the release candidates is little pieces here and there.

Tesla was very adamant that car and driver not take photos of the interior when they had the car at the gigafactory. Not much has changed since then. Is it possible they put pencils down and didn't have time to get to the interior? I guess so. But because of that question, I'm not going to get all riled up one way or the other until the final car is revealed.

LA-Fohlen | 26 mai 2017

I remember 10 years ago when the first iPhone came on the market and I was able hink get 'How stupid is that, everything is going towards smaller cell phones and Apple introduces a brick again.'

Time will tell if people adjust to more simplistic interior designs. I'm actually ok with it.

topher | 26 mai 2017

"Tesla was very adamant that car and driver not take photos of the interior when they had the car at the gigafactory. Not much has changed since then."

Including Tesla not wanting people to take pictures of the interior...

Thank you kindly.

carlgo2 | 26 mai 2017

Per carik, I think that the Koreans will copy the dash.

The better the car, especially the performance, the more people will accept the dash.

We expect Tesla will present a rich and functional dash design, supported by a platform that elevates the concept.

PhillyGal | 27 mai 2017

Oh it'll definitely happen. Just might take a while. The iPhone comparison above was a great example.

PhillyGal | 27 mai 2017

Just weeks into owning a Model S I went to a car show and was so annoyed at all the buttons in every single car.

Sandy’s 3 | 27 mai 2017

I love the interior of the Model 3. Minimalist, clean, modern, refreshing, bright and airy. I can hear my buddy now during his first ride in it: 'where is everything?'. I point to the singe centre display 'there'. Can't wait!

I flew aircraft for 40 years. I've had my fill of gauges, buttons, dials, switches, knobs, levers, cranks and handles.

KP in NPT | 27 mai 2017

+1 PhillyGal. I love the clean interior of the Model S. All those buttons seem so 20th century. ;-)

I liked the reveal interior on the model 3. especially the white seats/white decor. I would love for that to be an option - it looks so modern - futuristic even.

Sandy’s 3 | 27 mai 2017

KP, I hope as well the white interior makes it to initial production. My first choice.

ir | 27 mai 2017

It'll be a no-name Chinese local company called Lesla, it will be call d the Model 三. The screen will be a desktop monitor mounted to the dash with a PC running Linux. It will top out at 30 mph with a 50 mile range.

topher | 27 mai 2017

youtube M1WemnsB98o

Thank you kindly.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27 mai 2017

glcody: What 'improvements' can be had by embracing an interior design theme that hearkens back to the 'good ole days' of a wafting stench of horse manure and warm pools of urine in the mud...?