Model 3 Thank You Portfolio

Model 3 Thank You Portfolio

How can I request the portfolio of design sketches that Elon said he would have sent to 3/31/16 depositors?

Shadowmist | 27 mai 2017

I got one sent to me last year and I reserved 4/2/2016. However I live in San Diego, California so maybe all Cali people got them up to that point. I have mine propped up on my desk haha

Badbot | 27 mai 2017

4/3 framed

eeb9 | 27 mai 2017

I got mine several months ago.

Reserved early morning on 3/31 in Atlanta

Iwantmy3 | 27 mai 2017

I received one of these as well but didn't order until 4-21-16

Sandy’s 3 | 27 mai 2017

Email Tesla with the reservation # from your My Tesla page and request. This has worked for numerous other people.

skygraff | 27 mai 2017

Not me. They told me to contact the store where I stood in line that morning.

Haven't been back there because of location but I will soon. Let me know how the e-mail goes.

Sandy’s 3 | 27 mai 2017

You included your reservation #? The only thing I can think of is mail 'occasionally' falls of the back of the truck. Apple uses a courier service. Perhaps yours actually made into the mail. Certainly worth the follow up.

FISHEV | 29 mai 2017

磕碰 to get rid of the spam.