insurance questions.

insurance questions.

how much do you pay for your insurance? ohh also ,how much do you pay to have an internet?


ataway1 | 5 juin 2017

I assume this can vary widely if you are trying to get an idea of insurance cost. Best thing to do is just call your agent and request a quote for either new or pre-owned with battery size and either performance or non-performance version. My difference (delta) between a CPO 85 vs P85 quote was about $100/year, not a big enough difference to sway my decision.
Internet for the car is no cost. I believe they include 8 years, but don't quote me as I asked quite some time ago and none of the cars have quite made it to 8 years yet. | 6 juin 2017

Actually internet connectivity is 4 years, and due to a late policy change, all cars are covered until January 2018. This means an early July 2012 Model S will get almost 5.5 years of coverage. Once coverage ends, you can tether the car to your cell phone or purchase some plan from Tesla. Tesla has not announced what the plan or those costs might be yet. It's even possible they might extend free coverage further, but you shouldn't plan on it.

Tropopause | 6 juin 2017

Tesla insurance is comparable to other similarly priced vehicles.

A Tesla insurance entity would be ideal as it would realize the Tesla technological and safety superiority and accordingly give the discounted rates.

Don Schmidt | 6 juin 2017

On this morning's TV News, it was announced Insurance Companies are going to raise the rates on Tesla vehicles because the cost of repairs are higher than average. The "How much?" sounds like it's a question for our Agents.

Vancouver, WA

gogsee | 6 juin 2017

In california I just got a quote on the renewal and it is too high.
"Your current quoted premium is $2,961.30. If this change is made to your policy, your new premium will be $774.90."

We just went through a lift gate replacement because we were rear ended and the other driver ran away. So basically our insurance company paid the whole amount.

But going from 774 to 2k+ is too much.

roadkill | 6 juin 2017

Just got off the phone with my agent, looking at a 2012 P85. A non P was about $50 cheaper per year

$1000 Ded
100/300 coverage
no tickets/accidents
multi car and house discount

dj-tesla | 7 juin 2017

thank you for all your replies.

$2000+ is a bit too much for me.

Rajkrishnan9 | 8 juin 2017

U guys are all so lucky
Central nj
Teeange daughter
2015 S 2016 X 2013 rx liberty just raised my ins from 5740/yr to 7000/yr agents are blaming tesla price or my teenage daughter