Garage door opener, cup holders, tilt steering wheel, etc. etc. etc.

Garage door opener, cup holders, tilt steering wheel, etc. etc. etc.

Any word on some of the features included in every car built in the past few decades: rear seat cup holders, built-in garage door opener capability, tilt steering wheel? Perhaps the center screen can be programmed for garage doors, but what about the other features? Thanks, everyone (you too, Elon.) ; >)

jerrymcafee | 15 juin 2017

Reserved my Model 3 on April 1, 2016. Hoping for a test drive by the end of this year.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 juin 2017

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, is also their Chief Product Architect. As such, he is aware of everything that goes into their cars. He acts on a 'First Principles' basis when it comes to most everything in his life. That means that rather than assuming things should be a certain way, because 'everyone else does it that way', he takes the time to discover exactly why things were done a certain way to begin with, analyze them to determine if that is even the case any more, then reevaluate them in their entirety before either adopting the notion as is, or replacing it with something better, or eliminating it entirely. For reference...

“I think it is important to reason from first principles rather than by analogy. The normal way we conduct our lives is we reason by analogy. [When reasoning by analogy] we are doing this because it’s like something else that was done or it is like what other people are doing — slight iterations on a theme.

"First principles is kind of a physics way of looking at the world. You boil things down to the most fundamental truths and say, 'What are we sure is true?' … and then reason up from there.” — Elon Musk

That said, the points you mention will probably be on the Model ☰. I believe they all exist for the Model X. Only the rear seat cupholders are absent on Model S, and Tesla and aftermarket vendors have each offered solutions for those since the car was introduced. But don't be surprised if you find yourself reaching for something that was present in all those other cars you drove for the past couple of decades, and find they are not present in Model ☰, even as options. Things like grab handles, coat hooks, or map pockets on the rear panel of front row seats.

Iwantmy3 | 16 juin 2017

Here's to hoping that they are all there.
At the risk of creating yet another HUD like thread (which I am now officially done with until reveal), there are reasons for all of these little conveniences that outweigh their costs.

Having just made good use of the coat hangers in my car to hang suits and prom dresses,
Having made good use of the pockets behind the seat to carry the kids books and ipads, and
Given that we make extensive use of all of our cup holders,
I would certainly hope that they are all available.

Spartan for Spartan sake is not style or luxury. It's just spartan.

Rocky_H | 16 juin 2017

It's cute how spoiled some people are, thinking all cars have those features:
Quote: "features included in every car built in the past few decades: rear seat cup holders, built-in garage door opener capability, tilt steering wheel?"

Our 2005 car doesn't have those first two. It may have tilt, but definitely doesn't have telescoping wheel.

KP in NPT | 16 juin 2017

+1 Rocky. My 2007 Lexus doesn't have the first 2. And it was a very nice car at the time.

Rocky_H | 16 juin 2017

No Bluetooth or navigation or power seats or USB ports either.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 juin 2017

Iwantmy3 commented, "Spartan for Spartan sake is not style or luxury. It's just spartan."

I believe that Tesla's cars are primarily engineered, through and through, for better or worse. ICE vehicles have a certain given energy reserve that they largely waste, as much as 64%-to-88% of, and still get to manage anywhere from 300-to-600 miles of range. So, they can stuff a whole bunch of things into the interior with a rather low relative regard for the weight they add to the car. And, for those intent upon delivering a 'luxury' driving experience, the heavier, thicker, more substantial the components, the more that goal is fulfilled. Electric vehicles cannot afford to be 'crafted' in such a manner, because the energy reserve is so much lower -- even a 100 kWh battery pack capacity is only equivalent to the energy held in about 2.97 gallons of gasoline -- so engineers and designers alike have to be more careful about every single ounce of frill, fluff, and flotsam that goes into the build.

The original JEEP vehicles were thoroughly spartan, and stayed that way for decades, for Spartan's sake. For many years vehicles offered by Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz were rather spartan. But two things happened to the automotive marketplace that changed things forever: 1) the Lexus LS400 appeared as a rather obvious clone of a Mercedes-Benz, but with a far more 'luxurious' interior; and 2) the Ford Explorer arrived with an Eddie Bauer Signature Edition completely pimped out interior. Each began to sell like hotcakes. Result? Mercedes-Benz's previous spartan interiors went the way of the dodo, and all of a sudden, every JEEP went up in price as creature comforts were lauded upon them all. People suddenly decided that they wanted their expensive cars to also be more 'luxurious', it wasn't always this way.

Trust that before the LS400 and Explorer became so popular, things were indeed Spartan for the sake of substantive style, and understated 'luxury' of a sort. With German cars they were called 'no nonsense' interiors that were 'focused on the job at hand'. For JEEP vehicles, they were considered 'workhorse' interiors that were 'primal examples of ruggedness'. It's all in the marketing. But people have forgotten all that in the intervening 25-to-30 years since that happened.

Some things are mysteriously 'missing' from the design of the Tesla Model S, Model X, and probably Model ☰ as well. Some are not there to save money -- because early on Tesla couldn't get suppliers to seriously offer them decent terms to acquire hardware, and what they would allow cost far too much -- so Tesla had to do without. Some are not there because of design -- certain traditional features and details literally hearken back to horse drawn carriages and stagecoaches -- things that do not fit Tesla's forward facing design philosophy were eliminated from consideration. Some are not there due to conscious decision -- because Elon Musk analyzes and evaluates things from a 'first principles' perspective -- so things that serve no useful purpose beyond being 'like everyone else' for its own sake, with no viable contribution to the product itself were cast aside.

I don't particularly care for Victorian Era concepts of 'luxury'. At least Art Deco designs of the 1920s and 1930s were made looking toward the future. And mid century modern designs likewise faced the future with verve.

Tesla's vehicle designs, inside and out, are Spartan. Spartan to save money. Spartan for style and engineering. Spartan to save weight. Spartan for efficiency. Spartan to be easier to manufacture. Spartan for the future.



[ ASIDE: FYI... If you haven't heard the album 'Facing Future' by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, I highly recommend it. You may find that certain songs were in movies, television shows, and commercials you've seen before. ]

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 juin 2017

Oh, and Tesla doesn't build 'luxury' cars. They cost a lot of money, are fun to drive, and burn no gas. So, from one perspective (probably only mine) they are Expensive, Performance, Economy cars.

Iwantmy3 | 16 juin 2017

I did write that just for you ReD

Rutrow | 17 juin 2017

My convertible Mini has no coat hanger, I use the back of the passenger seat to hang my blazer when needed. I'll live without HUD/center speedo with a slight adjustment of eye movement. I use tilt steering so that the wheel doesn't block my view of the speedometer (apparently won't be and issue with M3). "Map pockets" LOL, cars of the future will have more gloves in the glove box than maps in the map pockets. (not meaning to poke you ReD, but that struck me as funny).

BUT!!! having broken the kludge of a cup holder in my "93 Jeep Cherokee made me realize that I will not buy a car without a cup holder. The phrase: "coffee and road trip", is redundant in my book, but hot coffee and no cup holder is synonymous with peritoneal burns.

Grab handles, or as we call them in the South, "Oh SH!T" handles, should come standard with Ludicrous Mode.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17 juin 2017

Rutrow: Yes, there are a lot of people that have commented that Tesla should have included 'Oh, $#!+!' handles in the Model S, even before Insane and Ludicrous mode vehicles came about. One of the points that Tesla may have been a bit biased by leaving out of their cars is the grab handles at the top edge of (passenger seat) doors.

In the Model S forum over the years, this has been considered to be akin to age discrimination with some asking, "Is there no one at Tesla over the age of 40?" Idea being, that as one ages, ailments with back, hips, and knees make bending low without assistance an ordeal. I believe that both Elon Musk and Franz Von Holzhausen are younger than I am, and I turn 50 next month.

When I look in the mirror, I see an old, fat guy staring back at me. But most others seem to believe I have a 'youthful appearance' for some reason. So, they regularly think I am around 20 years younger than I actually am... Since moving back to Mississippi, and seeing some of the people I grew up with, who all look as if they are in their mid-sixties to me, I know I definitely don't look THAT old... And it is weird to see them waddling about on canes and stuff...

Even though I consider myself to be 'out of shape', I am undoubtedly in much better condition than many people my age. I don't need the grab bars, but the nation as a whole is aging quickly, so that is a point that Tesla should definitely consider in future designs. Though I wouldn't put the grab bars at the driver's door like Mercedes-Benz does.

Rutrow | 17 juin 2017

Doh! I meant to type "perineal burns"

Frank99 | 18 juin 2017

Doh! I don't want either one of them burned, thank you very much!

/frank | 19 juin 2017

If the Spartans had Jeeps, the Athenians would have been in real trouble, especially if they filled up at Marathon stations.

Extra doodads in cars are minor features added to enhance marketability. All cars drive from here to there, except maybe Yugos, so how do you differentiate them? Doodads. Window vanes that open for flicking cigarette ashes. Ash trays with built in cigarette lighters, Space for a scissors jack. Mother of pearl gear shift knobs. Fluid drive. Hand straps. Lighted hood ornaments. Chrome grills. Gas cap door locks. Fins. Trunk handles. Hood props. Radio knobs.

Doodads go with the times, obviously. Now it is cupholders and coat hooks. I'm still looking for a spinner for my MX steering wheel.

eeb9 | 19 juin 2017

Some of the doodads are purely for style, true.

Others are actually useful - grab-handles, coathooks, cup-holders, storage bins...

The useful ones tend to stick around, and people only make note of them when they are absent for some reason.

Iwantmy3 | 19 juin 2017

Aside from the dash questions, it sounds like we should be satisfied that we are getting our cup holders, map pockets, and coat hangers.

Base on this article ("Think: fixing Model S deficiencies like door pockets, cup holder placements, arm rests, storage etc...") the interior of the "3" should meet typical high end expectations.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 19 juin 2017

President georgehawley: Magic 8 Ball sez, "FUZZY DICE ARE AWESOME."

Scott22066 | 19 juin 2017

Garage door openers? It would be interesting to see if Musk were to try to get the garage door openers to adapt to the Tesla's instead of having the Tesla adapt to the garage door opener. Typical garage door openers probably use a radio frequency? Musk would probably do something to get the garage door opener people to make Internet-connected devices.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 19 juin 2017

scott: HomeLink is practically an industry standard, developed by Genie. Lots of cars, including Model S and Model X use it.

Rutrow | 19 juin 2017

I hope the Model 3 key can just be a bluetooth code on my phone. I've gotten rid of many of my physical keys using RFID and bluetooth locks. I'm resigned to carrying my phone around all the time and would rather not need to add a keyfob to my pocket.

Tarla's Driver | 19 juin 2017

Considering that the HomeLink garage door opener is used by the summon feature of Autopilot, it seems extremely unlikely that the 3 would drop HomeLink.

LA-Fohlen | 19 juin 2017

To add to Rocky_H from two days ago. My 2012 car doesn't have the first two either. Furthermore, I still have the window cranks, it didn't come with central lock and no bluetooth either.
So considering that the M3 will in any case be an upgrade to me which I would expect from a $35k car. The most important to me is still electric car with decent range and autonomous driving. Both is given.