Last one or two paint colors

Last one or two paint colors

So far we've seen model 3 RCs in all the current model S offered paint colors except the Midnight Silver (and possibly the obsidian black), why not? Have we just not seen one yet? Will there be a color other than the Midnight Silver offered? Does anyone know the capabilities of the new paint shop? I know the capacity is upwards of 500K a year, but what about limits to the number of different colors it can handle?

jordanrichard | 19 juin 2017

From a cost stand point, it will be better to have all color options available to all Tesla models. They already paint in batches with the S and X. So if on any given day or hour, etc. they are shooting silver, it makes sense that they send all the silver ordered cars through the booth.

dsvick | 19 juin 2017

That makes sense, especially since the paint booth will service both lines. I just find it curious that there isn't a Midnight Silver one yet. Unless it is just a fluke that they haven't been spraying that color on any day they've completed an RC, but that'd be a heck of a fluke.