AC and Headrest Issue

AC and Headrest Issue

So my dad's Model S P100D is having a real melt down in the heatwave in the UK at the moment. The AC cuts out every few seconds or so when both the headrests decide to move themselves (twitch) down and up. The headrest control doesn't work but the rest of the chair/lumbar adjust does. Several reboots but to no avail. It appeared to stop having the issue whilst on charge. The AC itself works fine when it's allowed to be in but it feels like the headrest thing is rebooting or tripping on a watchdog timer or something which then trips the AC. Any suggestions?

tes-s | 20 juin 2017

Sounds like an electronics issue that is causing both symptoms. Call your service center - they can pull the logs and perhaps figure out what is going on. Likely you need service.

adam | 12 juillet 2017

Been in the service centre for 3 weeks now. Firstly, replaced the AC controller, no dice. Then thought it was a connector on the wiring loom, and it is that but replacing the connector didn't fix it. So after battling with the US factory on if they could replace the connector and they could but it didn't sort it. They then needed to battle to order a new loom so once that is shipped over in another few weeks time they will spend a lot of time and effort taking the car the pieces to get the old out and new loom in. Hopefully, it'll fix it.

Bill_75D | 12 juillet 2017

Is your Dad driving a P100D loaner the whole time?

adam | 13 juillet 2017

White P90D, obviously the pre face lift MS

adam | 3 août 2017

Got it back now. 'Currently' working after replacing the entire wiring loom shipped from the US.

Silver2K | 3 août 2017

adam | July 13, 2017
White P90D, obviously the pre face lift MS

There are post facelift P90Ds also

dknisely | 3 août 2017

There is a controller board in the seats, and I had weird problems where many things worked but others didn't, and erratic behavior could occur after I had the driver's seat replaced. They replaced that controller board, even though one would expect more of a complete failure vs. just a few things not working (and still having communication with the main computer(s). So, what you describe sounds odd, but might be possible...

matt | 5 avril 2018

My new (less than 100 miles) P100D AC cuts off for no reason. So I shut off the AC for 5 seconds and it works again. Any suggestions? Thanks Matt | 5 avril 2018

@matt - One reason might be if it gets iced up, perhaps in high-humidity? More likely there is something wrong. Note the time it occurs and call service within 24 hours. They may be able to look at the logs and see if something is amiss.