Model 3 Test Drive

Model 3 Test Drive

Do Tesla stores currently have any Model 3's available to test drive?
(I know the Model 3's are still under full scale production, but might each store have at least one to try out?)

AJPHL | 21 juin 2017

No, not yet.

dsvick | 21 juin 2017

The latest from Tesla is "late 2017" for test drives.

jordanrichard | 21 juin 2017

The Model 3 is not even in production at all, apart from maybe 50 of them, I am guessing.

topher | 21 juin 2017

"I am guessing."

We saw two alphas, and the highest RC number I have seen is 88, so 90 (at least). Also guessing.

If all has gone well, one of those could well be a Release Version, and they are now making production cars, stockpiling for employees (and maybe test drive cars).

Thank you kindly