interior comfort

interior comfort

I just wanted to throw these ideas out there. Tesla is such an innovative company. 1. I like car camping and i would be great if the interior of the model 3 could become completely flat and the steering wheel would retract. then the interior space would almost be the size of a queen sized bed. 2. As i get older i'd like to tow a fairly large camper behind my model 3. the car would not be able to handle the weight so design a trailer that has its own electric engine and have it synchronize with the car so it would seamlessly tow a 5,000 lb. to a 10,000 lb. load with no problem. Make the camper itself detachable so i could use the trailer for other uses,and when registering yearly you wouldn't have to pay for the camper part just the trailer because it's to hear what people thought about this..tony

High Plains Drifter | 21 juin 2017

Camping and Comfort are 2 mutually exclusive terms. You don't want to camp you want to RV.

AJPHL | 21 juin 2017

If you want significant towing capability maybe it would make sense to wait for the pick-up truck.

Wimpy ti | 21 juin 2017

Self propelled trailer is an interesting idea. Would sure be interesting if Tesla sold them for the Tesla Semi, perhaps to aid in efficiency.

I am by no means an expert though.

MarlonBrown | 21 juin 2017

Most of us want something different; a stylish sports sedan.
It seems the type of features you want could go well in a future SUV or truck. Good luck.

dsvick | 21 juin 2017

If you're sleeping in your car you're not camping, you're parked somewhere overnight.

Rocky_H | 21 juin 2017

"Someone should make a motorcycle that can carry 6 people!"
No, what you want is called a mini-van, not a motorcycle.

You're trying to apply all of these heavy duty hauling capabilities to a small sized sedan. That's not what a small sized sedan is or does.

Iwantmy3 | 21 juin 2017

Forget about camping. I want to stretch out and sleep on long trips as the car drives and charges autonomously.