Please Make the Headrests Removable

Please Make the Headrests Removable

Dear Tesla Engineers,

Please make the headrests removable on the Mode 3! The ability to store long things in the car depends on it. For me the key example is a long surfboard. In my previous car, a Honda Accord, I was able to store a 9' longboard inside the car with the back seat folded down, and the front passenger seat fully reclined with the headrest pulled out. This is going to be a huge sticking point for me personally. If it is not removable, I won't buy this car.

Rutrow | 21 juin 2017

Dremel makes a headrest remover.

markr7 | 21 juin 2017

A one-piece seat looks much better / sporty

ReD eXiLe ms us | 21 juin 2017

OP: No.

Rutrow: LOLoLOLoLOL!

markr7: And much safer against whiplash during collisions.

Iwantmy3 | 21 juin 2017

How is a one piece seat safer? People of different heights will need to adjust the height of the headrest.

jordanrichard | 21 juin 2017

One piece is better because it is one less then to move in an accident. I think everyone can agree that Volvo has been a leader in occupant safety since the beginning of time. They have had fixed in place headrests for nearly the last 50 years. | 21 juin 2017

@hateToShift - A little late to make suggestions :) The design was locked in quite a while ago. Now perhaps you can influence the Model Y out in 2019. Seems for all that want a removable headrest there are as many that prefer a non-removable headrest. Then there is the safety consideration - where a non-removable headrest is clearly safer than allowing owners remove them when people are in those seats.

That said, it may be the passenger seat reclines enough with the headrest to still support a 9' longboard. It's something you'll have to try to confirm. I've carried 10' 2x4s and 10' bundle of conduit in my Model S without difficulty.

The current model S/X headrests are not removable, but is adjustable electrically up and down.

vicmgvaz | 21 juin 2017

Tesla should make a pool for this things... To model 3 is late, but for Y is on time, I think.

carlk | 21 juin 2017

Removable headrests are not common in newer cars due to safety concerns. People could have it removed and forget to put it back. A more popular design is to have the headrest tilt forward when not in use. The passenger has to put it back up when sitting in the seat.

bryandbaker | 21 juin 2017

I'm a big fan of removable headrests, too. For me, it's about maximizing rear visibility, and increasing a sense of spaciousness. At the very least, the rear-middle seat should be removable.

These arguments about safety are only really about saving people from their own stupidity, which is not compelling. If that was really the design priority, Teslas would be autonomous-only. If not offered, it's about manufacturability and that's it.

kaffine | 21 juin 2017

How about just having the seat fold forward? I have a few cars that the passenger seat will fold flat so items can pass from the trunk to the dash without removing a headrest.

Rutrow | 21 juin 2017

Laying seats forward is the best way to protect people from themselves, because sitting in a seat laid fully back makes the seat belts completely useless.

csmith476 | 22 juin 2017

New electrek article shows the center headrest apparently folded down in the back.

topher | 22 juin 2017

"These arguments about safety are only really about saving people from their own stupidity"

Must be nice to drive in an area where one is the only bad driver. The rest of us will look for safety features to protect us from the nuts in the other cars.

Thank you kindly

ctuna | 22 juin 2017

Yeah the ability to either remove the front seat or make it go totally flat for long things
like surfboards or sailboards, up to 9 to 10 feet would be a plus. I do this in my Integra now
and would like another car capable of this . What do you do about a waterproof key that
you can take into the water with you ?