P 90 X 5 seater air conditioning

P 90 X 5 seater air conditioning

I was trying to give feedback to Tesla on this issue, but couldn't find a way so I am posting it here.
I love my long awaited, Model X. I have had it for 7 months and the wait was worth it. I waited for the 5 seater for a long time. I didn't need the rear seats and wanted the cargo space.
Long story short, the A/C in the 5 seater (of course I paid 7 seater price) was altered and there is not a "blower" or separate controls for the backseat. The vents on the side are completely worthless. There is little or no air coming out of them. Everytime I have people in the back, they complain about how uncomfortable it is as the A/C just doesn't work well back there.

My question is can or will Tesla consider a "fix" for the side vents to have a fan or blower? The middle console one works pretty good, but isn't enough to allow one to be comfortable in the back. I have had to buy some personal "fans" to leave in the back seat for anyone who rides back there. So embarrassing for a 115K vehicle.

Anyone have any suggestions?

campusden | 16 juillet 2017

Turn off range mode, lower temp to LO, manually select recirc, fan to 11.

Uncle Paul | 16 juillet 2017

Had friends riding in the back of my 5 seater ask me to turn up the fans a little when there 3 people back there.

Switched to manual, cranked up the fan a bit, and they were all happy. | 17 juillet 2017

Direct feedback is done at the "Contact" link at the bottom of the page. There is a category "Owner Feedback".

Roamer@AZ USA | 18 juillet 2017

The only thing keeping me from calling my five seat X P100D the most perfect Tesla ever is the lack of the dual AC system.

Our two Sig X P90Ds had the dual system. I missed the fine print when I ordered the five seat and did not notice that it did not include the rear AC system. I plan to replace the five seat in the next 12 months with a seven seat flat fold as a cheaper way to get dual AC than adding it to an existing car.

The cargo space lost on the seven seat over the five seat is negligible. The space where the third row folds on the seven is pretty difficult to use in the five seat so little is lost going seven seat. But a lot is gained with the dual AC system. The five seat single system does not have adequate capacity to cool the second row in hot or humid locations. And yes I know all the settings, tweak and tricks. Been doing this Tesla thing for over four years now and multiple models.

The lack of Dual systems is a significant problem on the five seat Model X in Southern Locations.

Uncle Paul | 19 juillet 2017

Do not believe that that there is a dual AC system in any of the Model X, no matter what the seating.

The models with the 3rd row of seats has a second set of controls for those sitting in the way back seats, but only an addtional fan. No 2nd compressor or anything like that.

3rd row seats cost thousands of dollars more than the 5 seater. Cutting out that additional fan and ducting is a fair trade off for many.

Roamer@AZ USA | 10 mai 2019

The order page no longer differentiates between dual AC system and single AC system.

What is the current production configuration for Model X AC?

I would like to replace my Jan 2017 flat fold five seat X P100D with a Seven seat flat fold P100D.

The single evaporator coil AC system on the five-seat doesn't work well in AZ.

The order page is silent on the AC system. The dual evaporator and fan system on our other X cars works great in AZ.

AlphaInfinity | 13 août 2019

Does anybody have an answer to the question above?