How much will the Model 3 change a year from now?

How much will the Model 3 change a year from now?

We know Tesla is constantly innovating and change their cars several times per year. As someone who is expecting to get my Model 3 early 2019 according to the delivery estimator, I am thinking the car will undoubtedly be even better by the time I drive mine.

Speculation: how will the car change in a year or two from now?

I am thinking that autopilot will be even better. Tesla might improve the 0-60 times. Other small features might get added.

Tropopause | 30 juillet 2017

More colors for interior besides BLACK. Please!

madrigalo | 30 juillet 2017

White interior coming in the fall. I don't know if it will include trim color changes.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30 juillet 2017

OP: More than most expect. Less than some would hope. Far more than some would prefer.

AmpedRealtor | 30 juillet 2017

Within a year there will be AWD and Performance variants. Tesla will hopefully work out design flaws and kinks by then as well. Elon Musk said over a year ago that the initial shipping version of Model 3 will be very basic, but that in the year or two following launch will start doing some more "cutting edge" stuff with the car. I would expect significant changes in the first 1-2 years that add value.

bj | 30 juillet 2017

Model 3 won't come to Australia until "early 2019" according to Tesla. By then, not only will all the bugs be ironed out, I expect many of the options will be unbundled and I'll have much more flexibility in getting exactly what I want.

So that's the upside. The downside is I have to wait about 6 more months than I hoped. Blurgh.

bj | 30 juillet 2017

Oh I there'll probably be a whole bunch of new and different options by 2019 that I'll be able to choose from, price and performance changes, etc etc. Just think of what the S was like 2 years ago compared to now. That's what the difference will be with the 3 by the time I get invited to configure. Yay.

cgioconda | 1 août 2017

Hoping for leasing to be available!

lph | 1 août 2017

Tropopause +100
Black interior is awful. It is so depressing.

Nguyenning | 1 août 2017

Isn't white interior gonna cost an extra $3,000 like it does the model S?

Dsmtesla | 1 août 2017

I highly doubt white will be available this fall. that FAQ is old as heck, its still saying AWD spring next year, which is a stretch too... i think its black until spring or later.

Shock | 1 août 2017

Black car + black interior = boss ;)

kostarae | 1 août 2017

Hopefully Steve, Elon, or Franz get stranded in their Model 3 from lack of key fob and decide that not providing an accessory which is standard on the cheapest of vehicles was an oversight. Maybe this can happen before my 3 ships.

Xerogas | 1 août 2017

It has a key fob. It's rectangular and very flat and will fit in your wallet or pocket, about the size of a credit card.

Nexxus | 2 août 2017

Anybody near the Fremont plant checked out the parking lot? Are there any more Model ≡'s out there? Just wondering how the production is going. Also, I'm surprised no one has started an "Updated VIN tracking" thread for the Model ≡ yet.