As expected, "Dual motor AWD" ETA is now july-sep 2018

As expected, "Dual motor AWD" ETA is now july-sep 2018

I hope the actual date for AWD is Spring 2018. That can give me chance to full tax credit. Too early to tell.

RichardKJ | 31 juillet 2017

My ETA for AWD is Jun-Aug '18. That's for a current owner in California and a 4/2/16 reservation date.

knightshade9 | 31 juillet 2017

yeah I doubt anybody is getting full $7500 federal credit on an AWD (as most likely date for them to hit 200k is Q1 2018.... so the AWD folks are mostly getting $3750.... unless they unexpectedly hit 200k Q4 this year, in which case all the Oct '18 and later AWD folks lose another $1875

Offline | 31 juillet 2017

Jun-Aug 2018 here too, 3/31 res, current S owner, Washington state.

If they hit 200k in Q1 2018 then Q2 is still $7500 afaik, which would mean June AWDs get the full credit.

MarylandS85 | 31 juillet 2017

Most projections are that we easily hit 200k orders in Q1 of 2018. If I recall correctly, the estimate is that Tesla has sold 120k-130k cars to date. If we hit 5k cars per week in early 2018, that’s 60k cars just from Jan to Mar 2018. Plus we still have 5 months left in 2017. Once Tesla hits 200k, the $7,500 tax break is intact for the remainder of that quarter plus the one that follows. This means Q3 and Q4 of 2018 would feature a $3,750 tax break, Q1 and Q2 of 2019 an $1875 one. Starting July 1, 2019, no federal tax break.

Unless the law changes. Although this Congress seems incapable of legislating anything.

Or unless Tesla goes gangbusters and hits 200k by Dec 31, 2017. In which case move my time tables up a quarter year, as @knightshade9 notes above.

Offline | 1 août 2017

I think we are saying the same thing ...

Steam613 | 1 août 2017

My delivery is still Sep - Nov '18 for AWD. East Coast, this will be my first Tesla.

steilkurve | 1 août 2017

Where do you guys see your delivery estimate? Current owner and reserved on 03/31/16. Nothing shows on MyTesla.

inconel | 1 août 2017

My Tesla / Manage (under Model 3) / FAQ / here (find your estimated delivery date now here)

degnan78 | 1 août 2017

Really hoping that Tesla reconsiders and deploys AWD sooner, at least for Day 1 reservation holders. It would be sad to miss out on the full tax credit just because I need AWD for snowy winters.

spmeister | 1 août 2017

Just something to remember: While the tax credit is a great incentive, remember that you still have to finance the vehicle's full price, not the price less the tax credit. So (assuming you finance the car & don't buy it outright) it's not going to change your credit application. And if you lease the car, you don't get the tax credit at all.

andy.connor.e | 1 août 2017

My delivery is estimated for end of next year, so im glad its that long. That way all the options are available for me to build my car.

carlk | 1 août 2017

It would be depending on how many people will order the RWD version. There is little reason for Tesla to start making a new version when it could not fill demand on the model it's been producing. On the other hand if nobody orders RWD Tesla will have to start producing AWD sooner than planned. The fact is we are burned by its success but the alternative of we get the car sooner because it's not very popular is not desirable either. Like that Bolt that you can get it with any option any time you want.

carlk | 1 août 2017


I too will wait for when every option including P is available. Just sad that I will have to have my owner reservations wasted. Unless if I can find a way to make purchase for friends or relatives.

MarlonBrown | 1 août 2017

Carlk, you hit the nail.
Well I think it is accurate to say those folks who ordered in the store (3/31/16) like me have 50% chance to get the full tax credit. We have lot of variables. It will be a gamble.

kenbefound | 1 août 2017

My estimated AWD delivery is Nov - Dec 2018; 4-1-16 reservation holder, East Coast, non-Tesla owner.

PC535 | 1 août 2017

Mines Jul-Sep 2018, I do hope it would be sooner, Reserved and waited in line at a store in Mass, non Tesla owner.
I do wonder if there will be a slightly longer range with the AWD version as there was with the Model S and how much of an improvement it would be, also what the cost would be...

Shock | 1 août 2017

I would strongly advise most if not all of you to adamantly refuse to buy the RWD.

If sales on these are tepid enough I might just be lucky enough to squeeze into $7500 territory :D

MarlonBrown | 1 août 2017

Hey Shock, I agree. Also I suspect that 70% of people who can afford a $44K car would prefer to pay ~2500 more and get AWD.

GetLib | 1 août 2017

Hey everyone, change your preference to "AWD" in "manage your reservation" to show Tesla our preference. It might get better ramp priority if so, and increase our $7500 chances.

itsnice2be | 1 août 2017

Does anyone know if P (ludicrous) will be available when AWD becomes available? I'm more willing to wait for AWD if I knew ludicrous would be available at the same time.

Shock | 1 août 2017

"Hey Shock, I agree. Also I suspect that 70% of people who can afford a $44K car would prefer to pay ~2500 more and get AWD."

Absolutely, but I bet it will be more than that price premium :(

I'm starting to think this may be a "Honey just don't ask what this cost" sort of car.

carlk | 1 août 2017

Most likely it will. I see no reason why not although it will not be as ludicrous as P100D I believe. $80K ~90K for a fully optioned ludicrous 3 with 3s ish 0-60 would kill anything at this price or at much higher prices.

MontaukProject | 1 août 2017

Will there be an additional cost for the AWD compared to the RWD? If so, does anyone know how much? For the Model S, it seems to be a 5k difference. Not sure it will be the same.

zeagus | 1 août 2017

Elon said it will be cheaper, but not a LOT cheaper for AWD on 3 vs, S/X. Assume $4000.

zeagus | 1 août 2017

Elon said it will be cheaper, but not a LOT cheaper for AWD on 3 vs, S/X. Assume $4000.

RedPillSucks | 1 août 2017

The tax credit is based on Tesla US sales. Will/Might Tesla play a game where they ramp up non-US sales which delays the expiration of the tax credits?

12Brent | 1 août 2017

I agree dual motors will likely be $4000. I also think I'll lose half the tax credit if I wait for it ($3750). This means getting all wheel drive will cost me ~$8k. Sorry to tell you all, but I decided to change my preference to "first production" so I can get the full tax credit. The bigger battery gives me way more range and a better 0-60 time than dual motors would for basically the same cost. I live in Colorado but I drove a rear wheel drive manual transmission Lexus IS300 for years in the CO snow. It wouldn't go anywhere in the snow on the stock tires, but with snow tires on her I'd go up skiing without a single concern (even made it over Berthoud Pass in a blizzard just before they closed the road). Good snow tires can do wonders. Also, the RWD model 3 should be way better in the snow than that Lexus was because of weight, center of gravity, and better technology. I might get the standard wheels and mount snow tires on them and find aftermarket wheels that I like better... I want my model 3 and I just can't wait another year and a half.

MarlonBrown | 1 août 2017

Wow! I hope you are wrong. In my BMW I paid less rhan $3K for the AWD. I believe it was $2200. I think $4000 would be a rip off for this car segment.

davidtstewart | 1 août 2017

^ What 12Brent said.

If we had details that let us know if AWD includes insane/lunacy/plaid mode (with the larger battery of course), how much faster it would be (3.5 zero-to-sixty?) and most importantly how much it will cost then I would probably bite the bullet and wait for the fully-optioned M3... that being said it looks like I'll just have to get the full-spec RWD long ranger and be done with it...

12Brent | 1 août 2017

@davidtstewart - yeah, I'm assuming the performance upgrade for lunacy mode will be another $7-10k. I wouldn't expect a huge price reduction compared to the premium paid for this on the S and X. I can't justify paying that much just to get a quicker 0-60... but I can justify a big battery that give me more range, a slightly faster 0-60, and a car in my garage much sooner.

itsnice2be | 1 août 2017

The ludicrous upgrade on the Model S is $43,000 and $45,500 for the Model X.

12Brent | 1 août 2017

Oops. For some reason I thought it was $10k. $10k would be a huge reduction! Either way, too much for me.

12Brent | 1 août 2017

Is it called "ludicrous" because that's an absurd amount of money for an option? (I know, I know, it's a Spaceballs reference...)

MarlonBrown | 1 août 2017

If Tesla makes AWD as part of a package in performance then yes, then can expect $4K or so. i would not pay for that.

knightshade9 | 1 août 2017

4k for AWD, but don't expect to get more than .1 or so faster 0-60 (see also RWD S75 vs S75D)

There'll be a P3D later- but as noted you'll probably pay another 7-10k on top of AWD for that, and the tax credit will be likely gone (or down to 1875) by then...and it's still probably not going to be any faster than a non-P model S to avoid cannibalizing S sales.... so maybe 4.4 0-60?