Any major rental car company order fleet of Model 3's?

Any major rental car company order fleet of Model 3's?

Anyone know of a major rental car company placing an order for hundreds of 3's?

I want to rent electric wherever I go in the world! | 31 juillet 2017

Hard to do when Tesla is limiting reservations to 2 per person or company. Perhaps when they clear the 500,000 units of backlog! Yep, would be great to have a quality EV like the 3 when a rental is needed.

sosmerc | 31 juillet 2017

They probably don't need it, but it sure would give people a great chance to see what driving a BEV is all about. Chev would be wise to peddle the Bolt to rental companies.

JayInJapan | 31 juillet 2017

I used to rent a MX a couple of weeks ago.

Ross1 | 1 août 2017

mad if they did not

JuJo0 | 1 août 2017

It's possible for a rental company to reserve Model 3's. If a company has 5 branch locations, and a manager from each branch reserves 2 Model 3's, that company will have 10 available Model 3's for rental.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 1 août 2017

Such companies are used to getting 'fleet pricing' and may balk at the fact Tesla would give them no discounts whatsoever. Maybe, if the Model 3 wasn't such a blatantly obvious hit, like only 50,000 preorders -- worldwide -- after the initial unveiling, Tesla could have roped in Enterprise or whatever... But now, with the huge backlog, the stratospheric interest, and glowing reports after initial drives...? Nope. Besides, after the announcement of the intention of having an autonomous fleet run by Tesla for Transportation as a Service, traditional automobile rental agencies may well double-down on offering ICE vehicles from Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. They may end up fearing Tesla even more than taxi/cab companies despise Uber & Lyft.




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sbeggs | 1 août 2017

Thanks, guys, for your perspectives.

Signed up for, sounds interesting...

MarlonBrown | 1 août 2017

I am not sure the 220 miles range is suitable.