Model 3 Added to Tesla "Shop" Website

Model 3 Added to Tesla "Shop" Website

Apologies if I'm late to the game on this one, but it looks like the Shop Website has been revamped and Model 3 has been added: Must be a work in progress. I've gotten several different pages in the last few minutes. One had the CHAdeMO adapter and now it's gone. Anyway, also a graphic of the cable installation in the phone dock:

Tropopause | 31 juillet 2017

Thanks for the heads up.

stevenmaifert | 31 juillet 2017

Looks like they were only testing as they've taken it all down. There was a $15 USB cable with a choice of 3 different phone connectors at the other end and a graphic of how to install it in the phone dock. I managed to capture the graphic if anybody is interested:

schoendp | 1 août 2017

Thanks Stevenmaifert - should be cleaner than the set up in most cars today

adias.angel | 1 août 2017

Nice screen grab Stevenmaifert!