What happens to the initial $1000 deposit?

What happens to the initial $1000 deposit?

I just saw a screenshot of a Tesla employee checking out from their model three purchase with all of the incentives included, but I did not see anywhere that indicated the $1000 credit (deposit to reserve).

We will all receive a $1000 credit towards purchase, correct?

Bighorn | 1 août 2017


It's possible that employees did not have to put down a deposit.

carlk | 1 août 2017

You need to send that to my Nigeria bank account before your order will be accepted.

stevenmaifert | 1 août 2017
Nexxus | 2 août 2017


I looked at that picture and I kept clicking the "I want it" red button but nothing happens....har har :-)

stevenmaifert | 2 août 2017

Patience grasshopper. All good things will come.