USB C would have been nice

USB C would have been nice

Not a huge deal but for such a forward-looking car I would have preferred USB Type C ports instead of the old (but obviously ubiquitous) USB Type A. Most Android phones charge via USB C these days, and I would be surprised if the next round of iPhones dont have USB C at the charger end (not the phone itself). It would be better in my opinion to have USB C and then use adapters to go back to USB A than it would be to have USB A and then adapt it to USB C because USB C has the ability to deliver more power for faster device charging.

reed_lewis | 2 août 2017

The model 3 has either Lightning, Micro-USB, or USB-C phone adapter cables in their store. It worked yesterday, but is not there now.

But check out this article:

In terms of power available, USB-A still has a lot of power. Plus the number of devices that are USB-C is very small compared to the number of devices that are standard USB.

Derrenjeffrey | 2 août 2017

Surely wireless charging is the future. Samsung introduced this what, three or four years ago!

AJPHL | 2 août 2017

Fair point considering how bold they have been elsewhere e.g. dropping key fob. Although for me it's one less adapter to buy. Maybe they should've had one of each.

a.void68 | 2 août 2017

I agree. USB-C is the new standard. Why isn't it used? Tech is outdated before you drive it home.

reed_lewis | 2 août 2017

USB-C might be the future, but there are many more devices that are older USB. Plus USB for forward compatible.

slasher0016 | 2 août 2017

As others have said you can get the cheap adapter for charging your phone. I'm ok with normal USB for other devices, as that's compatible with about everything, but having the USB-C adapter for charging is a huge must since the charging rate is about 3x.