I will be getting my car delivered to my home

I will be getting my car delivered to my home

Has anyone else had this experience/is it common? Anything to which I should pay particular attention?

Bighorn | 5 août 2017

I did and it didn't seem to detract. It's delivered by a third party carrier, so just make sure it gets off the truck and drive off. I'd do a quick once over for any damage that you might want verified on your acceptance receipt. It's not uncommon for folks who live a distance from a service center.

jgardner | 5 août 2017

I used home delivery recently for a Model S. Driver was very careful and courteous. I just took my time looking over the car to make sure if was in perfect condition.

SO | 5 août 2017

I did. Worked great!

I had them pull into a nearby empty supermarket lot rather than try to pull into where I lived. The driver was extremely grateful for not having to pull into my driveway and thanked me many times for being accommodating to this parking lot.

It was a very large semi that could hold 5 cars (enclosed).

I already knew a lot about the car. Don't expect the driver to know all the details of it. Just go over the car. After I got it home, I noticed a few other minor things but the service center has been excellent with ranger service.

Bighorn | 5 août 2017

I had mine unloaded at an empty high school parking lot. Consider how much space it takes for a semi to offload a car.

Khomapaul | 5 août 2017

So, I may be the only one with a negative experience. While not terrible, since I got the car earlier than expected, here it is:

I couldn't get much in the way of updates from my DS. On a Friday he said the car was still in California. The following Monday morning I went outside to let my dog out and there is a large semi blocking my driveway. I knock on the window and a guy pops out and asks me if I ordered a Tesla. He tells me he only had my address with no name and no phone number (showed me the sheet), so he just came. He told me had picked up the car the previous Thursday. He unloads the car and "done" is written in cursive on the windshield. The car is not clean. Including some spots on the white interior and a scratch on one of the seats. (It was an inventory vehicle with about 1400 miles on it).

I emailed my OA and DS. My DS called, apogolized, told me this was a new process, and came to my office a few hours later with my temporary tag and made arrangements for the service center to detail the vehicle and repair the seat scratch.

DRFLGD | 5 août 2017

I'm not someone that needs a big production. So having it delivered to me is just fine. And it seems like they're not doing thr whole big production anymore anyway. I do have concerns that my car will come less than perfect based on reports I've read here, which will really disappoint me.

Bighorn | 5 août 2017

Are you getting a new car? Much less likely to have a hidden bandaid under the seat, etc.

DRFLGD | 5 août 2017

Thanks for the tip about choosing a large enough place to unload it. I would assume my DS would mention that but you know what happens when you assume.

Khomapaul: you got an inventory vehicle with 1400 miles on it? That seems excessive.

DRFLGD | 5 août 2017

Yes new car. But it sounds like people have ordered new cars and had them come with all sorts of imperfections.

Anthony J. Parisio | 5 août 2017

My first one was home delivery. Very nice experience.

Bighorn | 5 août 2017

I think it's less likely in an enclosed carrier. Under times of delivery stress, Tesla has used a variety of methods of transport that are sub-optimal. I expect this will become more standardized as volume growth necessitates.

Shesmyne2 | 5 août 2017

One of the coolest days of my life.
Tesla came right to our house with her sitting on the back of a flatbed.
Coming around that corner I was literally jumping!
DS stayed for about an hour.
It was an awesome experience.

Still Grinning ;-)

DRFLGD | 5 août 2017

Bighorn: that's what I'm hoping.

p.c.mcavoy | 5 août 2017

@DRFLGD - I your car being delivered to you via a service center? At the time I received mine last year there was not service center in my state, but one about 100 miles away, but across state line. My car was actually sent there from the factory, then had the option to either pick it up there or have it delivered to my home. I ended up opting for home delivery. If I had taken delivery in neighboring state then that state required it must be titled there, then would have to go through process to have it retitled locally. With it going to the service center, they prep'd the car just as would if I'd picked it up in person. They then had it brought to me via a 3rd party firm. It did not come on a semi, but on a flatbed, roll-back wrecker. Driver called me from service center as he was about to leave so I had approximately 1 hr 45 min "heads up" that he was on the way, so pretty firm delivery estimate. If it had been a normal car carrier type of semi, then I would have arranged for drop at a lot somewhere, but given smaller truck, had it delivered on the street in front of my house.

About 2-3 weeks later I received FedEx envelope direct from Tesla. It contained everything in it I needed to register/title my car. All of my state unique forms were all filled out including "sign here" post-it arrow stickers to show me exactly where I needed to sign. I was not really expecting to receive all the local state forms already filled out for me, but what Tesla provided.

TJFair | 5 août 2017

I attempted to have my new 100D delivered. It took about a week for the car to travel from CA to Dallas, then it sat in Dallas for a week waiting to be assigned to a truck / driver. Tesla's delivery specialists were very helpful and patient with me during the week of limbo, and (after a week) gently hinted that I should probably come over and get the car if I wanted it any time soon. I had come to the same decision by that point, so I drove three hours to pick it up from the Dallas service center. While I didn't need the tutorial that came with service center delivery, it was a very positive delivery experience. Good luck with your delivery!

Khomapaul | 5 août 2017

@DRFLGD Yes, it is 90D built 03/17, which I ordered 6/17. A little over 1400 miles and 3 months old took about $9k off the price.

It was delivered in a covered car carrier. It did have a couple of items of someone else's stuff in it.

I've had it less than 1 month and love it, regardless of the delivery experience.

McFunkerson | 5 août 2017

I took home delivery of an inventory model, and while I did have a few problems Tesla made everything right in the end. I ordered a 75D with enhanced autopilot. When it was dropped off it was still set up as a 60D (software and badging) with no autopilot. In addition the glass roof had a crack all the way across it that could only be seen from the inside rear seats (or facing backwards from the front). I totally missed the crack before signing the delivery slip and was totally nervous until I called the local service center. It took a week to get the glass roof, but the service department took it in, repaired the roof and updated the badging and the software unlocks for me. Then they got a airbag sensor warning in the passenger seat during a test drive. It had to sit in the service department for another 3 weeks waiting on a new seat.

The entire time I had a 95D as a loaner, and when I got my car back it was as nice and shiny as expected. Went and got the windows tinted this morning.