Model 3 Body Composition

Model 3 Body Composition

Apologize if this has already been posted:

carlk | 23 août 2017

Don't think we've seen this before. There's another thread mentioning body panels are made of aluminum though.

Coastal Cruiser. | 23 août 2017

I don't think anything this detailed has been posted. Very good look at what is where.

RedShift | 23 août 2017

3519 lbs for base and 3814 lbs for the long range.

Where do I sign up for the lighter version? :-)

I was waiting until NOW to put my deposit on my second Tesla (first is a 4462 lbs 60 kWh)

This is GREAT news! Lighter one should handle quite well!

RedShift | 23 août 2017

Correction - 3549 lbs for the base.

Come to think of it - even the long range version should be a decent handler.