Called by Tesla to take car for the weekend

Called by Tesla to take car for the weekend

Hi all:

I put my reservation for model 3 on July 31, 2017. I did not know anything abt the TESLA prior to that. We test drove the model S and X-- 2 weekends ago. What a beautiful car!!!

I received a call from Tesla yesterday to see if we wanted to take home a X this coming Labor day weekend. I am going to call them back and tell them yes but scared to do that since we might get caught in the whole --get it now

Your thoughts??


carlk | 31 août 2017

The worst, or best depends on your perspective, that could happen is you decide to keep the car. ;)

Rutrow | 31 août 2017

It's a time tested strategy for getting new customers. Drug dealers have been doing it for years!!! :-)

mntlvr23 | 31 août 2017

Just Do It

ybbor | 31 août 2017

I did an 24 hour overnight test drive of a Model S 100D 2 weeks ago... It was an awesome experiences. There was no pressure from Tesla... but I now WANT ONE NOW! I'm seriously trying to figure out how I can make a Model S fit in to my budget.

carlk | 31 août 2017

"Drug dealers have been doing it for years!!! :-)"

I'm only addicted to Tesla.

KP in NPT | 31 août 2017

That's how they get ya. ;-)

JuJo0 | 31 août 2017

Do it -- you won't regret it. =)

jan.stubbs | 31 août 2017

yes you will when you see the payment invoice each month think long and hard if you have to.

garyjtate | 31 août 2017

Pat those veins....

s7davis | 31 août 2017


I think that most of us on the Model 3 forums that don't already have a Tesla S or X are like if we could afford the others we would have already have one. That is why us poor folks that don't make 6 figure income are waiting for the 3.

The payments on the S and X are very high. Now with me only making around 35K-37K annually the basic model S is stretching me way too thin. So I am settling for the 3. Thinking that my car will cost around 45K if i get premium and EAP. So I think my payments will be close to about $720 monthly. Which is still high but more do able than the 900 for the basic model S.

Fredbob711 | 31 août 2017

Some of us with 6 figure incomes can't make those payments... yay for half a million in student loans! (my wife's a pharmacist)

eeb9 | 31 août 2017

Aside from the cost, the S and X are still just too bloody big.

The Model 3 is *still* too big for my needs, but it's at least closer to what I want.

I could get a CPO Model S P85 for about the same cost as my Model 3 config, but the Model 3 is still a better fit.

The only way I could justify an S is to bump my spot forward a little bit in the Model 3 queue... and it's just not worth it

n2scuba | 31 août 2017

eeb9, totally agree. Even if I could afford an S or X, they're just too big. Even the 3 is a foot longer than I want, but I'm 73. No time to await something smaller.

LostInTx | 31 août 2017

I'd be all over a Model S but it's a big butt kid who'll barely fit in my garage. But I'd love to drive an S or X for a weekend.

MarylandS85 | 31 août 2017

Who are you to be calling my girl a "big butt kid"?! :^)
Just kidding. I know the S isn’t for everyone. But for those of us who like a curvaceous head-turning hottie with junk in the trunk, she’s perfect.

Marctx | 31 août 2017

Lucky you! do you live close to Fremont or what?
North Texas folks are not as lucky to receive a call and get a 3 for a 3 day weekend!