Tesla Wall Connector vs ChargePoint vs JuiceBox vs ???

Tesla Wall Connector vs ChargePoint vs JuiceBox vs ???

- Have a reservation for a Model 3 but am on the verge of buying a CPO Model S.
- Electrical installation & wiring costs are $0 (I'm capable of doing it all myself & already pre-wired sub-panel to garage with 50A 240V breaker).
- Electrical provider offering $500 rebate for installing a level 2 charger (
- I drive 125 miles round trip per day for work (5 days a week).

I know I can probably get by without a wall installation but given I can purchase and install one for next to nothing I'm not sure why I wouldn't. Based on the research I've done the 3 leading offerings seem to be Telsa, Chargepoint, & Juicebox. Any recommendations based on experience for one over the other?

Tesla with 24' cable: $500
Chargepoint with 25' cable: $650
JuiceBox Pro 40 with 24' cable: $600

Thanks ~ J

Mozart | 31 août 2017

That's a no brainer. Tesla Wall Connector

Tâm | 31 août 2017


I think people skip installing a "charger" because of cost in exchange for the inconvenience of using a mobile connector.

In your case, that is no longer the problem so go for it.

I would choose Tesla because it cheapest and most convenient for Tesla.

If you think you need use J1772 because of guests or future plan than you can choose other brands.

Robocheme | 31 août 2017

Don't forget the cost of buying the J1772 adapter if you go with the second two options

PaceyWhitter | 31 août 2017

Adapter should come with the car (I know this is not official, but it is logical). You still may want a second one to keep with the car.

terrylin | 31 août 2017

If I'm going for just the shorter range battery, what is the max charge output I can get for the M3? Will I be able to get a charging station at home above a level 2? Not that I need it, but just wondering. Thanks.

jefjes | 31 août 2017

I already own a JuiceBox 40 and like it but if I could get a Tesla wall connector installed for free, I would jump all over that. The JuiceBox plugs into a NEMA 14/50 so I will probably use the mobile connector that comes with the Model 3 anyway. It will be an addition to my garage since I'm keeping my Leaf that my grandson will be driving from then on. I have not decided if I will install another 14/50 as his commute is only 7 miles a day so he will be fine for awhile on a 120v plug and if needed he can park in the driveway behind the Model 3 to still plug into the JuiceBox.

PaceyWhitter | 31 août 2017

You will be able to charge at 32 amps with the smaller battery. Should get you around 20 miles of charge per hour. You will not be able (practically) to install a level 3 charger.

jefjes | 31 août 2017

Who mentioned anything about a level 3 charger?

terrylin | 31 août 2017

@PaceyWhitter thanks

jmesserer | 1 septembre 2017

Thanks everyone! I was leaning towards Tesla & all your comments solidified it!