I realize some of you will cringe with my question but here goes.

I routinely take my car to a a drive through carwash once a week, have been for two years. Car looks new. This wash uses a Simonize coating, which I add monthly. There is also an undercarriage rinse. Note: This is not a brushless wash.

My question is, will the undercarriage jetwash hurt the battery pack? I wouldn’t think so.
Did not see anything on this in a Tesla Model S manual.

patrick40363 | 1 septembre 2017

It should be fine.

DTsea | 1 septembre 2017

Its fine.

Carl Thompson | 1 septembre 2017

The battery pack is completely sealed and protected. I've owned 3 EVs and I've taken them all through automatic car washes without issue.


tstolz | 1 septembre 2017

It's fine. There is even footage showing the car floating like a boat being driven though flooded underpasses ... not recommended of course!!

PaceyWhitter | 1 septembre 2017

The battery will be fine, the paint... One note, don't unbuckle your seatbelt or take your weight off the driver seat. The parking brake can engage automatically.

batmanasb | 1 septembre 2017

Musk already confirmed that Tesla's are boats! Simply google "tesla boat mode" and you'll see a video of someone physically swimming out of a flood in their Model S. So a little car wash won't be an issue, as the car is sealed and waterproof!