Update Forum software?

Update Forum software?

Hi! I'm excited about my model 3 delivery! Hope it comes soon! I like the forum and that there's a lot of people that are excited about Tesla on it, but the forum just seems really hard to navigate! Is there any plan to update the forum software? Maybe add some features for private message or linking people with @ signs? Also a search function would be really helpful! Thanks!

Dramsey | 2 octobre 2017

"Is there any plan to update the forum software?"

No. In fact they've removed features and capabilities from the forum software over the years, making it even worse to use.

"Also a search function would be really helpful!"

The ability to search messages in an online forum is one of the Great Unsolved Problems in computer science. Many think that this capability will never be possible. (At least that's what Tesla thinks.)

But seriously...

Everyone complains about the forum software. Everyone knows that much more capable software has been widely available for decades, and is often free: myBB, vBulletin, phpBB, etc. Not only that, it can be installed and configured by monkeys. Nobody knows why Tesla continues to use their very limited home-grown software, and seems unwilling to provide any feature enhancements. | 2 octobre 2017

@ng0 - Welcome! Check out this section of the OMC for lots of ways to search:

ng0 | 2 octobre 2017

Thanks for the replies! Depressing, but much appreciated. :-P Hopefully that teslatap trick will help.