Front Seat Covers

Front Seat Covers

I've been looking for seat covers for a while and having a hard time finding a good set that doesn't cost several hundred $$'s.

Anyone know if this would fit our seats?

My seat type is regular "Black Textile Seats". I think I'm most concerned about airbags, do our seats have them built in?

If you know of a set that would have a better fit and even one that would fit the rear bench seats that would be awesome.


DRFLGD | 8 octobre 2017


TaoJones | 8 octobre 2017

After a thoroughly unsatisfactory experience with CoverKing in an effort to get a set of custom seat covers made (discussion of inept salesfellow and their fear with regard to an OEM relationship deleted for brevity), I finally said the hell with it and acquired 2 tie-dyed hooded sweatshirts which fit perfectly over the front seatbacks. Challenge solved for less than $50.

I will not recommend that you do what I did for 2 reasons in particular:

1. The weak spot/wear point of the seats is the outer side/edge of the bottom cushion around the stitching.

2. One Model S with tie-dyed seat covers is enough.

Although the diagram in the Tesla safety pdf is not the easiest to interpret, it does appear that there are airbags in the front seat bottom cushions. Not a good idea to cover those unless with material specifically designed for the purpose.

akikiki | 8 octobre 2017

Is your S one before the Nex Gen seats? (The Nex Gen Seat had reinforcement at the kidney area - sort of like wings. was selling Wet Okole first generation seat covers. Or you could go directly to Wet Okole. Variety of colors too.

Jeff Hudson | 8 octobre 2017

My advice is to enjoy your car as it was built and don't worry about the inevitable wear you will inflict on it until you actually need to do something about it.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 8 octobre 2017

Bad bad idea!!!! Airbags are located in the seat. Cover the seat and you're covering the airbag. Read the manual carefully!!!! Not worth death.

akikiki | 8 octobre 2017

Melania, Excellent point. Great advice. Those Wet Okole covers are designed for the seats and have releases to allow the airbags to open gracefully. That's also one of the reasons they are not cheap, like those $ 29.95 ones.

Ohmster | 8 octobre 2017

@akikiki. 'allow the airbags to open gracefully'. Now that is an interesting way to describe something that basically opens by exploding! :)

EvanSmith | 29 mars 2019

Regarding the seat covers, I think taptes will be the best choice, they are amazing!

murphyS90D | 29 mars 2019

I watched as the passenger airbag was replaced in my garage. It is attached to the underside of the dash pad. When it goes off it blasts right through the dash pad.

ACwinsDC | 29 mars 2019

These worked well for my Model S - Coverking is working on a mold for the bolstered seats now:

hpedriver | 29 mars 2019

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