Costs to take delivery of Model 3

Costs to take delivery of Model 3

Aside from the $1000 reservation fee what are the additional upfront charges for taking delivery of a Model 3.

I'm assuming that you pay the taxes, fees, etc. when you take delivery of the vehicle.

Is that for both loan and lease?

What are people feeling regarding loan vs. lease?

Just want to have a general idea of what is owed to drive away in the car assuming the 49K version with additional 1000 for Blue Paint.


andy.connor.e | 24 octobre 2017

1 lump sum of cash, they will pay to you.

jordanrichard | 24 octobre 2017

When you go to configure your car, the destination/shipping charges will be listed. Also be prepared to be very surprised that they don't tack on a bunch of those BS charges dealers add. Once you have configured your car, made an additional deposit to confirm the order, your "My Tesla" page will list everything for you to include sales tax and registration fees for your state, minus any monies you already gave to Tesla and that will give you the dollar amount you will need to provide to take possession of the car.

jbilgihan | 24 octobre 2017

Thanks. I'm assuming the lump sum is less on a lease than a purchase and the incentives have already been deducted as they go to Tesla and not the lessee.


Yodrak. | 24 octobre 2017

An additional $1,500 at the time of order, for a total of $2,500 including the reservation deposit?

Tesla is offering a lease program for the Model 3?

Xerogas | 24 octobre 2017

No Tesla-branded lease has been revealed yet, so if you want a lease, you'll have to dig one up yourself from a leasing company. It's up to that company to decide if it will take the tax incentive off the price of the car or not.

jbilgihan | 24 octobre 2017

Tesla has leases for the S and X - why would they not for the 3?

ng0 | 24 octobre 2017

Rumor has it that Tesla will not offer a lease option for quite awhile on the Model 3. There's really no purpose for them to offer it since they have at least a year and a half backlog of deposits on the car already (I wouldn't be surprised if it's 2 years+).

As far as cost of taking delivery. There is a $2500 down payment on top of the $1000 deposit already paid when you reserved it. There is also a $1000 delivery fee (even if you pick it up from the factory). I assume you'll also have to pay the first month payment on your loan immediately regardless of the finance company you use.

hsadler | 24 octobre 2017

conflicting statements

jbilgihan | 25 octobre 2017

Do you pay the taxes upfront or are they rolled into the loan if you finance? So on the 50K Config (49K + Color) it would be $3500 Down Payment, 1st Month, Taxes (~6000) so about 10K to drive away?

Just trying to figure out how much I need to save up over the DP/Delivery.


Frank99 | 25 octobre 2017

Depends on your financing arrangements, but generally the loan is expected to cover all closing costs (although if a down payment is required, you could view it as paying those off). So, Tesla will present a bill of sale ($50K + $1k delivery charge + $5000 sales tax + $1000 vehicle registration fees + maintenance agreement + whatever else, - $1000 reservation deposit - $2500 production deposit), your bank/CU will fill out loan papers for the entire amount minus whatever down payment you agree on with your bank/CU, they'll cut a check to Tesla, and you'll drive away with a grin on your face, along with a buried emotion of burning hatred for government fees and taxes that will come out in your later years as a desire to burn down the whole structure of government with no cohesive thought of a rational replacement, voting into office an illiterate buffoon that you wouldn't leave alone in a room with your sister, whose only platform is undefined destruction and evanescent feel-good promises of a return to a nonexistent time of national glory. But I'm not bitter...

andy.connor.e | 25 octobre 2017

Product sales are worth more than leases. They will easily and most rationally fill their reservation queue before offering leases.

dsvick | 25 octobre 2017

"... voting into office an illiterate buffoon that you wouldn't leave alone in a room with your sister, whose only platform is undefined destruction and evanescent feel-good promises of a return to a nonexistent time of national glory"

When you see this posted on some other social media platforms you'll know who it was that borrowed it...

jbilgihan | 25 octobre 2017

Got it. Thanks. Any ideas what the going rate on car loans is. As it is quite obvious that I haven't done this since the late 90s? From pricing out an S (as comparison) via the Tesla Finance calculator it looks like they offer 1.5%. My last loan was through Honda finance and I don't recall the specifics.

andy.connor.e | 25 octobre 2017

4% is a good number to use as an estimate.

PhillyGal | 25 octobre 2017

Depending on your lender, you may be able to finance the entire thing - car, taxes, destination fee and bring exactly zero dollars with you.

In my case, I'll plan to bring purchase price minus trade in value, plus 8% of the difference between the two (sales tax) minus $1,000 deposit minus yet-unknown configuration deposit....
where purchase price = base price, plus all options, plus destination fee

PhillyGal | 25 octobre 2017

As a check from my lender of choice.

jordanrichard | 25 octobre 2017

When I financed my MS, I made a point to not add in the sales tax, which here in CT for goods over $50K is 7%. If you roll the sales tax into the loan, you are in net effect paying more for sales tax, because now you have your car loan interest rate added onto the whatever the sales tax was.

ng0, unless you have configured your Model 3, you are incorrect about the $1,000 delivery charge. Now granted I haven't seen what the destination charge is on the Model 3, but on the Model S it is $1,200, but and this is my point, that covers more than just actual shipping of the car. The fee is listed as shipping and documentation fee. You are however correct about the price being what it is, regardless if you take deliver in FL or right there at the factory.

garyjtate | 25 octobre 2017


Are you trading in to tesla?
Any history on tesla’s Tradein offers?

cquail | 25 octobre 2017

I am waiting for the first non employee to take delivery so that I understand the Model 3 delivery process. With my Model S purchase two and a half years ago, I was assigned a delivery specialist that aided me though the whole delivery experience.

bmalloy0 | 25 octobre 2017

Jordanrichard "ng0, unless you have configured your Model 3, you are incorrect about the $1,000 delivery charge."

Leaked pictures of the employee configurator show $1k dest/doc fee.

Frank99 | 25 octobre 2017

dsvick -
Feel free. I'm not quite sure why that came out, but I felt both better, and worse, for having written it.

jefjes | 25 octobre 2017

Frank99 +1k

ShesNoCissy | 26 octobre 2017

Alliant approved me for the Model 3 at 2.49%, still looking for one lower.

PhillyGal | 26 octobre 2017

@garyjtate - Yes, we traded directly through Tesla for our Model S. It was a 2011 Jeep Wrangler. They were fair and closely aligned with a Car Max offer. We didn't want the hassle of private party, plus in PA you get to skip sales tax on that amount. So a private party offer would have to be at least 8% more than trade-in Tesla gave.

We do plan to trade in my Hyundai for the Model 3. I shudder to think that offer. I didn't realize how piss poor Hyundais held their values. It's going to hurt my brain but I just want to be rid of it and not go through the hassle of shopping it around.

jordanrichard | 26 octobre 2017

bmalloy0, ok I stand corrected. Actually now that you mention it, I do remember that.