how to add my tesla to app

how to add my tesla to app

how i can add my tesla to ios mobile app?

Vawlkus | 14 novembre 2017

Log into the app. Assuming your car is linked to your Tesla account, it will be there already.

LikeTesla | 14 novembre 2017

If you are a new Owner. It will take at least 2 business days to get logged in.

tigerkc | 14 novembre 2017

You need to take ownership of the car to sign in. I was able to sign in after signing the papers at the (Fremont) delivery hub.

teslamodelx | 14 novembre 2017

Open you App Store on your iPhone, type in Tesla, download the red Tesla app and sign in with the same credentials you sign in to your Tesla account on the web and your MX (I assume) will appear on your IOS device.

Vawlkus | 15 novembre 2017

Oh, you also need to enable app access on the car itself. Tesla disables app access when a car is in their possession so their techs can work undisturbed.

jacs_b1 | 20 mai 2018

How if I bought my Tesla at a 3rd party company, how do I link my Tesla to my account? Tesla should add a link on their website where we can simply enter my Tesla’s VIN and activate it there or even better add it on the app for new Tesla owners.

bob | 20 mai 2018

@ jack_b1 -- it's for your protection that you can't do that. All I need is your VIN to take control of your car... not a good idea. Tesla will add your car to your account. You just need to prove you own it. You need to provide a Bill of Sale and a copy of the registration for the vehicle to be added to the MyTesla account. Email or call Tesla, they will walk you through the process. As I recall when we did this a couple years ago Tesla even contacted the seller to confirm release of the car.

shirj.786 | 25 septembre 2018

i just got one from a third party dealer and when i try to log in the app it says, there are no product linked to your account... should i wait for coupla weeks?

jjgunn | 25 septembre 2018

No you need to contact Tesla - they can add the car to your app assuming you can prove it's yours.

swarnkalsi | 19 novembre 2018

I have model 3 linked with Bluetooth to my iPhone X but it wouldn’t let me use the phone as a key. When I go to Tesla app on my phone, after entering my ID and P/w it tells me there is no car associated with the account. The phone key was working fine until yesterday but it won’t work anymore. The car is registered in my son’s name - could this be a problem? Frustrating experience. Tesla helpline has 50 min wait.

hpjtv | 19 novembre 2018

Recently bought a Model X from a private party. Tesla needs vehicle registration and a colour copy of your drivers license to add vehicle to your account. Both items need to match.

hpjtv | 19 novembre 2018

@swarnkalsi if the car is not registered to you, why would it be in your app? Why don’t you log in using your son’s credentials. I see nothing frustrating about your situation.

snav | 21 novembre 2018

How do I get someone from Tesla on the phone? I have had my car for a week and they have not added my car to my mytesla account. I have emailed the company twice and the sales and delivery teams can’t seem to get anyone’s attention. Feeling very frustrated and like the company doesn’t care. !

jjgunn | 21 novembre 2018

Go to a Tesla service center or a Tesla showroom.

They will help you.

loullew101 | 21 décembre 2018

We have a model s but it’s a company lease. It was originally leased by our business partner through our company, however he got a model x and we got the S. however as he originally set the lease up we can’t access the mobile app.
How can we resolve this, with the least amount of hassle?

Triggerplz | 21 décembre 2018
jimglas | 26 février 2019

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brickjerr | 22 mai 2019

Open you App Store on your iPhone, type in Tesla, download the red Tesla app and sign in with the same credentials you sign in to your Tesla account on the web and your MX will appear on your IOS device. Check this for more apps.

LarryRead51 | 20 juin 2019

I’m desperate. I bought a Tesla from a outside dealer not thru Tesla. I’ve submitted all the necessary items to prove ownership to the email
No response. I even went to a Official Tesla dealer and was told to call the number. I have.. and there is no option for connecting my car to my account. The call told me to go to the web. I can’t use the app or my extended warranty or anything. I feel like I’m being punished for buying the car from someone other than an official Tesla dealer. I absolutely love my car but so far the support severely lacks.
Can anyone help...

Vawlkus | 20 juin 2019

It’s all in the mothership, only Tesla can set that up.

jjgunn | 20 juin 2019

Go BACK to the showroom. Ask for a manager or an owner advisor. They can help you. Don't take "no" for an answer. They can help.

jjgunn | 20 juin 2019

Be prepared to show your account online & all necessary proof that you are in fact the actual owner.

fluncheon | 19 juillet 2019

Hey LarryRead51: Was the manager at the showroom able to help. I've been waiting for over a week for any kind of response.

jomohr90 | 7 août 2019

I am having the same problem. I can't get any response from Tesla. There is no customer support phone number I can call to talk to a person. It is just a online request to have someone contact me. Anyone have any luck here??

barker | 8 août 2019

I recently purchased a used Model X from the original owner. I emailed support a copy of my registration, Tesla account username, pic of drivers license, a copy of my bill of sale, and a copy of the title signed by me and the original owner to prove that I bought it from the first owner and not some dealer. I sent all this in about 10 pm one night last week, the Model X showed up in my app about noon the next day.

Ardtransportation | 12 septembre 2019

barker - can you tell me who you emailed? I have been trying to add my car since 8/20 and I have emailed all the documents multiple times to customersupport@tesla .com

Bugsydad | 18 octobre 2019

I bought a used Model S from Tesla. This is my second one. The first one, showed up on the app and I do not remember needing to do anything other than log in. This car the app says “go to Controls> Safety and Security>Allow Mobile Access in your car.” The problem is that my car does not have any option to allow mobile access under those controls. I did not realize this until after I accepted the car. The delivery center told me to email customer support. I did 3 days ago and so far no response. My delivery rep said he would follow up but I have not heard from him either. Anyone else find a key to breaking through?

Bugsydad | 19 octobre 2019

I found my answer. It is all on me. I went back to my service center and found someone who when he heard my question, seemed to know right away. We walked out to my car, opened the Safety and Security screen and he scrolled the screen up to reveal the Mobile Access button that was hidden away below the visible portion of the screen. I feel a little stupid, but the screen gives no cue that it is only a partial look at the controls.

cind8559 | 20 octobre 2019

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david.hardy | 16 décembre 2019

Just ordered a new model3, downloaded the app but it says that there are no products linked to this account... How do I link the car to the app?

kleon.loh | 16 décembre 2019

You won't be able to see your car on the app until you pick it up

david.cameron1uk | 22 décembre 2019

The app was linked to my iphone. Now it’s disconnected. I’ve reset the password several times and the app informs me there are no Tesla products kinkier to my Tesla account. How. am I re link my Tesla car to my Tesla app?

hans.zumstein | 31 décembre 2019

I'm actually waiting since Nov 20 for the TESLA mobile APP registration. Obviously it seems to be a one men shop providing the "service". Why the hell can't this be performed at the local TESLA service center if one goes there personally with all required doc's? I'm getting upset . . .

bilanchuk | 9 janvier 2020

I bought a Tesla Model X (5YJXCCE25JF103600) at a Belgian car crashed auction.
Then registered for an account at But can't add car to account (no button).
My email is

jryanpotts | 19 janvier 2020


I have the same problem. I've emailed my info 5xs and my car still will not show up. Plus, nobody responds to emails or calls. I'm losing my mind with this. Great car, horrific customer support.

jpeerson | 27 janvier 2020

Can't see my X on the Tesla app since I switched my wife's S settings to deactivate mobil access. Have reactivated her mobil access and can now see her car, but not mine at all. tried deleting and reinstalling the app, rebooting the touchscreen, ideas?

navonwolf | 5 février 2020

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alvydasv | 6 février 2020

How can I register my model x to tesla account?

everinfotexhin | 9 février 2020

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How can I register my model to the tesla account?

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eaara008 | 18 mars 2020

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shapi84 | 1 avril 2020

Bought 3rd party dealer MS, sent everything in on Monday late afternoon and now not quite 48 hours everything popped up on my app. I sent in front and back of DL and temporary lic and reg.

simonnolan14 | 12 avril 2020

I am getting a model 3 through my company car scheme. As it will not be registered to me will I still be able to use the App feature once I get the car? Thanks for any advice

josephyvonne188 | 28 avril 2020

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