Tesla Solar Panel Pricing

Tesla Solar Panel Pricing

Just got a quote from Tesla for a new solar system for my home. Price is a bit more expensive (~5%) than a similar system from a local vendor. I am on the fence. Any advice ?

fk | 12 décembre 2017

My 2 cents: the quality/skills of the installer it important. They will be drilling holes in your roof and running wires that need to be properly secured. Take a look at one of their references: can you see zip ties, plenty of silicone, everything straight? All this needs to work for 10+ years, through snow, storms and whatever conditions nature will throw at your roof.

khanhvn | 15 décembre 2017

Thanks fk. Just signed the contract with Tesla. 5% premium is fair price for a reputable company I think.

JamesTaylor | 9 janvier 2018

khanhvn, right choice