TMC shadow-banning members

TMC shadow-banning members

I thought I would post this here, since many folks who frequent that forum also visit here, and because I have a different username here than I do there. I am afraid to post this information there, lest my account be banned also.

The moderators at have begun engaging shadow-banning, where a user is secretly banned from posting or communicating with other members without being informed of it. Once a member is shadow-banned, it appears to them that they are allowed to post, but their posts can only be seen by themselves and not other members; and no other member can start a private message with them. No warning or notice is provided, nor about any violation of the terms. It just suddenly applies to your account for reasons unknown to the member. It has not happened to me, but it has happened to at least two other members with whom I have had private communications.

I find this a very disturbing development. If a user is violating published terms of service, that should be directly communicated to the user, probably with a warning first. A user should know why they have had their participation restricted if the true intent is to get them to modify unacceptable behavior. However, this appears to be arbitrary, as far as I can tell after reviewing the posts of one of the affected members. It seems to be an attempt to silence people for reasons unknown to the member or readership.

jordanrichard | 14 janvier 2018

Ok. | 14 janvier 2018

Yep - TMC has been doing it for quite a while. Best if you are a friend of the TMC owners or have something they can make money off of. Otherwise, many Tesla owners are shadow-banned. Rather sneaky and sad. They used to be a really good community service.

carlk | 14 janvier 2018

Not sure what they are doing now but the pretty arbitrary moderation, actually not arbitrary but always in favor of a small group of people, is the reason I pretty much don't go there anymore. Just don't go there if you feel the same as I do. The good thing is they do have a competition in the model 3 owner club now.

Tesla2018 | 14 janvier 2018

Are you sure thst certaint members arent blocking your posts from being seen. I know that SamO said he did something so he cant see my post or those from other people that he doesnt agree with. I tried replying to something on a post about Trump and for some reason it kept taking me back to the box with what I was trying to type so I dont know if the original thread starter has you blocked if it prevents you from replying to one of their posts.
I know on other sites like Ferrarichat the owner of the site can ban people for good or give time out penalties. Dome threads even let moderators close threads. Here it is a free for all. I think it is only a matter of time before Tesla does away with the forum. Lotus did it after too many people started arguing and complaing about delays with cars being built.

Its like a HOA. We all want to know each other and learn things as newbies but then after a year it turns into a bitchfest with people arguing and complaining about everything.... So an so got their car before me and I waited in line longer....The color of my car isnt like what was on the paintchip in the showroom.....My wheelcovers are ugly.... No one at Tesla replies to my emails here... Why isnt their a supercharger in my state when the state next to me has 10 of them..Why cant they design pretty doorhandles...

Teslarian | 14 janvier 2018

@Tesla2018: I have not been shadow-banned, but have communicated with others who have. If you have used the forum long enough, you would understand how that can be determined.

Tesla2018 | 14 janvier 2018

I joined it a long time ago but havent posted there in years. Does a specfic moderator own that site and appoint others as moderators? If that is the case then if you post something one of them doesnt like then all of them are going to gang up against you.

Captain_Zap | 14 janvier 2018

It is a privately owned board... and it is a club. They make the rules and they are free to do as they wish.

jordanrichard | 15 janvier 2018

To a certain degree, the same can happen here. Owners or those with cars on order can flag posts into oblivion. Should a particular poster get real offensive, the “gods” will ban that person from the forums.

Personally I never liked to the format over at TMC. There are too many sub categories to go through. Here is is real simple. If it is Model S related, it’s in the Model S forum.

Rocky_H | 15 janvier 2018

@jordanrichard, Quote: " Here is is real simple. If it is Model S related, [or absolutely anything else on Earth or in the known universe] it’s in the Model S forum."

You probably should have picked a different example.

jordanrichard | 15 janvier 2018

Oh I forgot, we have to split hairs on everything and have to spell everything out.

Ok, so on TMC is you want to talk about cleaning/detailing, you have to go to that forum. If want to talk about the interior of the Models S or X or the 3, you have to go to those respective forums. If you want to talk about any particular aspect of any of the 3 models Tesla has, you have to go to that specific forum.

Yes, sometimes “general” subjects come up in the Modle S, X and 3 forums here, but for the most part if it is on a particular forum, it is related to it.

AlMc | 15 janvier 2018

Personally, I will take the TMC moderation over little to no moderation here. I know many don't agree with that and I also know it is only one data point.

There is information to be gleaned or missed from both sites.

Rocky_H | 16 janvier 2018

@jordanrichard, No, not something that actually is related to the cars, like interiors. It's stuff like Elon Musk's relationships, SpaceX launches, sous vide cooking tips, stock prices, and everything else was getting dumped into the Model S forum.

Rocky_H | 16 janvier 2018

Sorry, not really meaning to pick on you. It just was the most ironic thing you could have picked as an example of things being put in proper forum categories.

jordanrichard | 16 janvier 2018

Oh I agree, I could care less about who Elon is dating, but now sous vide cooking tips, that's a different story........:-)

It's all good.

blue adept | 18 janvier 2018

I've told you guys about this before, that TMC was sketchy, and now you've heard it from another/gotten verification of my assessment from another source.


I get that it's a "club"/"privately owned", though the quickest way to forum obsolescence is creating an echo chamber of like-minded ideological silos where free speech and free thinking wither and die in a quagmire of stale, repetitive idiocy.

It is the multiplicity of opinion, insight, and experience, that are the catalysts that contribute to and encourages a forum to thrive by generating conversation, NOT stifling it with bandwagoning circle jerking that silences opposing thoughts, ideals, perceptions, and sentiment.


Because it is our inherent diversity that enables this variance of perspective that is reflective of who we are as a people...It is counterintuitive to handicap our intellectual evolution and reciprocal cognitive ascension by limiting the conversation to just the few who mimic someone's like-minded biases so that they can propagate their alternative truths.

p.s. @Tesla2018

*** "..Why cant they design pretty doorhandles..."

What the hell is wrong with the door handles?!?!

Captain_Zap | 19 janvier 2018

@ just an allusion

Maybe that is what they want. I think "club" is a hint.

blue adept | 22 janvier 2018


All the more reason to leave them to their own devices/leave them be because no one is going to benefit from a forum that is only interested in propagating a biased ideology supported by alternative facts, well, except for those who actually enjoy chasing their own tails.

stingray.don | 10 mars 2020
rxlawdude | 10 mars 2020

I wonder why @malback was banned there?

WW_spb | 10 mars 2020

Lol buck the troll complaining about ban. Classic