Will the windshield wiper be removable?

Will the windshield wiper be removable?

There is not a windshield wiper on the super sexy red prototype Roadster we've seen pictures of, and a few people have seen & received test rides in at the Semi reveal. There was another Roadster there behind some glass that did have a windshield wiper: a single blade coming from the center of the hood at the base of the windshield.

Looking closer at the presskit photos of the red one from and looking in particular at the photos Roadster_Targa_Open.jpg or Roadster_Targa_Closed.jpg, we can see a "U" shape in the center of the hood at the base of the windshield. Is that a removable piece that is hiding the mounting location of the windshield wiper, giving the driver the option to go with or without the wiper? That would be awesome.

This car looks absolutely incredible, but the pictures I've seen with the wiper make me cringe a little bit. Besides road trips, this will be primarily a nice sunny day car for me, so most of the time I could do just fine with some rain-x and no wiper. I guess I'd have to put it on for annual inspections. :)

This is pure speculation & what-if. What else are we going to do for the next 2 or 3 years? Your thoughts?

israel_melendez | 20 janvier 2018

Definitely not a fan of the anti-aero wipers shown. I think they should go for an apoosed wiper system that hide away when not in use. This car needs an unconventional wiper system.