Xpel or 3M paint protection film

Xpel or 3M paint protection film

Has anyone done it? Worth it or not?

JuJo0 | 19 janvier 2018

It depends on if you want it. It could be worth more to someone who wants a mint-condition, first day quality paint after thousands of miles than someone who doesn't mind the normal wear and tear of little road scratches/dings.

It depends on your intention of the car. Does the resale value matter alot to you, or are you planning on keeping it for the life of the car? And how protective are you on the exterior quality?

Only you can answer this question for yourself.

Itrnhds | 19 janvier 2018

I did the xpel, worth it. I don't worry on the freeway about pebbles dinging my front bumper. would not apply this film on a used car but you better believe on a car of this value I'm going to protect it.

badaman | 19 janvier 2018

Thanks Frank. I am thinking about doing it myself to protect the paint also, easy to maintain (spray and dry).

badaman | 19 janvier 2018

@ltrnhds - How much did it cost you? Did you do the whole car?