Slacker radio and navigation after 4 yrs

Slacker radio and navigation after 4 yrs

Anyone with any experience with cost of slacker radio/ music and navigation after the free 4-yr term?

bp | 23 janvier 2018

S/X cars are supposed to get 7 years of free map updates. With Tesla currently testing NAV 2.0, it's possible Tesla will shift away from the annual map updates - and shift to a strategy of having more up-to-date maps in the cars to support EAP and FSD. So it's possible after NAV 2.0 is rolled out (9.0 release soon???), the entire concept of annual map updates may go away (which it should have done 5 years ago).

We've been getting free internet on our "classic" S P85 (delivered 5 years ago) - and while Tesla has indicated they may start charging for Internet - we haven't heard anything official from Tesla about this.

EVRider | 23 janvier 2018

The 4 years of free cellular service started on Jan 1 2014 (for people who got their cars before then), so we should find out soon is Tesla is going to start charging us and if so, how much. I would expect Tesla to notify the affected owners, so maybe no news is good news. | 23 janvier 2018

And the Model 3 standard (not yet being shipped) only gets 3 months of free internet. Still nice that it's free for the early S owners! A bonus for us early adopters.

stevenmaifert | 23 janvier 2018

The Model 3 Owner's Manual also says: "Note: Tesla also provides you with a complimentary Streaming Personal Radio account for four years." They are referring to Slacker in the U.S.

SoCal Buzz | 23 janvier 2018

I'm past 4 years, and have seen no changes... PS - Delete this thread ASAP :)

roland | 26 mars 2019

My 2016 S slacker subscription stopped at 3yrs ... manual said 4 years tesla said that’s it.

Bighorn | 26 mars 2019

My 2013 Slacker is still going strong. Have not heard of any conversions to pay for use. | 26 mars 2019

@roland - More likely you need to re-enter the account and password. Contact Tesla to get your specific login info. Happen to me once, and all was good after reentering the account info (which hadn't changed). I'm not aware of any Tesla S/X that is on a paid subscription yet. Even those from 2012.

DonS | 26 mars 2019

6 year old Model S still has working Slacker, at least when I can get a 3G signal.

NKYTA | 26 mars 2019

Plus another half year Don.

Woe is me.

reed_lewis | 27 mars 2019

I signed up for Slacker premium under my own account (because of the additional capabilities that it enables), so I will not care if my Tesla account goes away.

cotegang | 4 avril 2019

I have a 2013 MS delivered in March so I just crossed the 6 year boundary. I have a friend who got his MS the same day. His Slacker continues to work fine. My Slacker account refused to login via the "USE TESLA ACCOUNT" button starting about a week ago. I have been working through the email service help pathway since and have now been referred to "Advance Tesla Support". We'll see what I can get from them.