I took delivery of a Model S on January 6, 2018 in Louisiana. My lender has been unable to file registration with the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles as Tesla will not send them my MCO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin)! Since taking vehicle delivery, I have been driving around without a license plate. The lender will not even grant a temporary plate until the lender has this MCO. Additionally, if registration is not filed by tomorrow (1/26/18), Louisiana DMV will apply a penalty of 580.00 PER MONTH + interest until filed.

I am awaiting a response from Tesla, but will be speaking with an attorney as I will NOT accept responsibility for penalties because of Tesla's error/inaction. | 25 janvier 2018

Strange, never heard or even seen a MCO, or anyone else complaining about it on the forums.

Is this something specific to Louisiana? Strange that a lender needs it - why do they even care where it is made? How does a lender issue temporary DMV plates? I can't say if this is Tesla's responsibility or the lenders. All very odd.

Any chance they can accept the Tesla Windows sticker? It has where the car was made and was printed by Tesla.

rxlawdude | 25 janvier 2018

Why does this thread seem familiar?

murphyS90D | 25 janvier 2018

I received the MCO for both of my cars a couple of days after I took delivery via FedEx. I'm in PA and Tesla is not licensed to do any of the registration work. I took the MCO to AAA and they did all of the paperwork and collected the taxes and issued me a license plate for the first car. They also transferred it to the second car a couple of years later.

tes-s | 25 janvier 2018

I guess it is hard being the first Tesla owner in Louisiana. | 25 janvier 2018

I realize it could be a DMV or dealer vs Tesla issue in some states (i.e. DMV/dealers making it painful for Tesla to sell cars in that state). I guess we're lucky in California - never had to deal with MCOs on any car purchased here.

akikiki | 25 janvier 2018

When did lenders start issuing temporary license plates? That's the job of the company that sells the car.

KP in NPT | 25 janvier 2018

If your car is showing in your mytesla, go to your page, then scroll down to Support, then for the title, using the drop down menu choose "escalate concern for executive review."

p.c.mcavoy | 25 janvier 2018 | January 25, 2018
Strange, never heard or even seen a MCO, or anyone else complaining about it on the forums.

TT - The MCO is essentially like the original title from the manufacturer which is supplied to show proof of original manufacture used the title the new vehicle. If there is a Tesla service center/sales location in your state, you likely never see this as Tesla probably submits it direct to the state on your behalf as part of the application for title and their issuing you a temporary plate.

In my cases there was no service center in Indiana at the time I took delivery. I expect this is similar situation to @LLTesla in Louisiana with no service center in that state. While my car was shipped to a service center in Ohio and prep'd there for delivery, I elected to have the vehicle delivered to my home in Indiana versus picking it up at the service center in Ohio. Ohio required any car delivered in the state to be titled in Ohio and would have resulted in my registering first in Ohio, then reregister in Indiana, which would require a release by Alliant as the lien holder and going through all that extra process.

Given the car was shipped directly to my home, I had to submit the initial application for vehicle title direct with the Indiana BMV. This required me to have what OP refers to as Manufacturer Certificate of Origin. This is an official certificate, similar to a vehicle title, but issued by the manufacturer stating the date of delivery, make, model, VIN, etc. Tesla provided this to me via FedEx approximately 2.5 weeks later with all the Indiana paperwork needed for me to apply for a vehicle title.

If you've never seen an actual Certificate of Origin for a Vehicle, here is a copy of what mine looked like. It's much like a title or an old fashion stock certificate in appearance.

mclary | 25 janvier 2018

LLTesla = Idiot

Cry me a river and just enjoy your car!!!


Captain_Zap | 25 janvier 2018

Welcome back, mclary.

Sailfast | 26 janvier 2018

I like the certificate. Has anyone ever asked Tesla for a duplicate of the one for their car?

djlott | 26 janvier 2018

Seriously how does Mclary still have a Tesla account?! What is he 12?

Mclary go back to the 90s when trollers actually thought this was cool. | 26 janvier 2018

@p.c.mcavoy - Thanks for the explanation and the photo of the certificate. Learn something new every day :)

Silver2K | 26 janvier 2018

Is it really mclary? Flagged!!! Is not being used..
I don't think this is who we know and love.

gspadge | 13 août 2018

Having just picked up my 2018 Tesla model S 75D in houston this past Saturday and living in Louisiana. I was wondering how this turned out for you LLTesla??

ptnguyeen | 14 août 2018


What lender are you working with? Many of us in Louisiana didn't run into any issue with registering our car. When I bought my CPO, the car came with a temp tag from California (the car was in Florida and was shipped to Houston to get refurb). I had it shipped directly to my house and all paperwork was FedEx to me by Tesla. ABC Title did all my registration and I paid all the taxes there as well.

Rdrewmc | 16 août 2018

Same Issue hear in New Hampshire. No Tesla sales office

csmcquade | 12 septembre 2018

New Hampshire Tesla owners please help. Tesla will not release copy of -Certificate of Origin- for financing to my credit union in Portsmouth NH. Anyone know the way out of this mess?

gspadge | 12 septembre 2018

As a follow up, I received all the materials needed to register my car in Louisiana about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks after getting the car. You have 40 days to get it registered so I got it well within the time needed. It arrived from Tesla via a FedEx envelope which I had to sign for.

dave | 13 avril 2019

CSMCQUADE - did you get that resolved? I am having the same problem in Dover, thanks