Wintering in Boston; is this charging scenario feasible

Wintering in Boston; is this charging scenario feasible

Xerogas | 17 février 2018


mntlvr23 | 17 février 2018

If you go back and delete your four other identical threads, and then state your actual scenario - then someone will answer you. But not before then.

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lilbean | 17 février 2018

I think there is a glitch and two of them will be undeletable.

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hmgolds | 18 février 2018

This is what I originally tried to post:

We may be spending winters in Boston with a detached garage and only 120v power. A detached garage is not our first choice but might be necessary. While we would certainly upgrade to 240v if feasible, it may not be. While there are plenty of Level 2 chargers nearby, the nearest Supercharger will be about 30 minutes away. We expect to drive only an average of 30 miles per day locally. Average low temp is 16° in coldest part of winter. Even an unheated garage will typically be a few degrees warmer.

It's tough to get valid, quantifiable numbers, but I'm using the following assumptions:

Effective range in winter is 99 miles for the standard range and 143 for the extended range. I got these values by 1) assuming a 90% charge as ceiling and 20% as floor. Then 2) deducting 20% for winter driving in cold weather (cabin heating, etc). Then 3) deducting 10% for short trips. The winter and short trip values I've gleaned from posts regarding the Model S; I'm open to any alternative values based on experience. I did not take into account any benefit from regenerative braking as I didn't think that would be significant.

I'm estimating only 2 miles of range per hour of 120v charging at 12 amps in winter as much of the available power will be used to heat/preheat the battery. We should be able to plug in for 10 hours a day on average.

So, if these assumptions are correct, we'll use a net 10 miles of range per day, requiring a trip to a Supercharger or Level 3 charger every 10 days (Standard Range) or 14 days (Long Range). This isn't ideal but is acceptable.

So my first question is whether the assumptions I've used (winter driving and short trip penalty, 120v charging rate) are valid. My second question is whether this charging regimen will impact battery heath.

Bighorn | 18 février 2018

I think if you plug in on arrival with a warm battery, you should get 3.5 MPH for awhile.