Non-Owner I can Configure! It’s happening.

Non-Owner I can Configure! It’s happening.

Yay! Non-Owner, no email but can configure. I was first in line in Seaside Cali live in Fresno.

It’s happening!!

bmalloy0 | 22 février 2018

Congrats! This NJ non-owner is supremely jealous

jordanrichard | 22 février 2018

bmalloy0, there is an individual, non-owner from VA that just configured his car. This is not just a West coast thing.

SCCRENDO | 22 février 2018

Congratulations to all ex non owners who are becoming owners. Welcome to the club. You will enjoy being one of us.

JonC18 | 22 février 2018

I’m so excited! I could barely click through the customization process. Well in 3-6 weeks I’ll have my black model 3 with aero wheels...

Jcastillo18 | 22 février 2018

Yeah congrats! It’s finally happening

garyrandwilliams | 22 février 2018

Congratulations! You are going to love it! (Owning is a great club.)

bmalloy0 | 22 février 2018


I think I saw someone from South Carolina as well. I'm also an online orderer so I probably still have a month+ before I'm eligible

sbeggs | 22 février 2018

Congratulations, everybody!

Owning a Tesla changed our paradigm completely. Soon it will be real for you!

WormtownKris | 22 février 2018

Congrats all of you! @jonk, Take some pictures. That's what we'll be ordering as well when our turn comes!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 22 février 2018

Congratulations! It will keep on happening, too! Much to the chagrin of ANALysts, NaySayers, NEVERSayers, and $#0r+S everywhere.

peggy.grogan | 22 février 2018

NY non-owner, 5th in line can configure. Just so I am clear I can delay to see if the configuration I want (standard range PUP) becomes available and then configure, correct? Any idea how that will work, when a new option is added will it be the wild west or will they keep some sort of priority (owners, line waiters, location, etc.)?

burdogg | 22 février 2018

@peggy - there is a wait list - so when you select wait for say AWD, you will be in line behind those who waited before you for that.

Of course, if production is up to 5,000 per week by that point, it probably will go a lot faster for those in that line, then it has so far :)

Also, lets say you select wait for AWD, but then in 1 month, change your mind, you always have access to the configuration and can configure whenever you want, even if you had selected to wait for a certain option.

kseehafer | 22 février 2018

I can also configure - line waiter on 3/31 in Tennessee! But what happens if I don't do it right away? I've been looking for a house with a garage, with no luck, and I realize I need to have the mortgage before I buy the car, otherwise I won't qualify for the mortgage. What to do???? I could stay at my current house, but then the poor baby will sit outside and get crapped on my birds and all sorts of other elements.

mgirardot | 22 février 2018

Non-Owner Georgia just got my invite to configure. Waited in line 3/31! Just ordered my Pearl White w/ Aero Wheels. Can't wait!

burdogg | 22 février 2018

kseehafer - did you read my post above yours?

Nothing happens, it just sits there waiting for you to configure - and you can do it whenever you like, even if it is 6 months from now or more...

siddhu | 22 février 2018

I configured mine. Non-owner , Bellevue, 03/31/16

peggy.grogan | 22 février 2018

@burdogg-Thanks!. Have saved my place in the SR line. Hope they start production in time for full rebate.

daver6640 | 22 février 2018

Finally! Congrats to all and those who did not get invited I am sure it will be soon.

noleaf4me | 22 février 2018

Now it's time to invite us "live too far away from a store so I reserved online as soon as I could" folks!