Delivery Estimate Issues

Delivery Estimate Issues

Has anyone else had an issue with trying to update their Delivery Estimate choice? Made a change from LR (First Production) to Standard (just standard) and when I went back, the chosen section was dual-motor all-wheel drive. I have tried different browsers and still having an issue. Essentially, cannot keep choice to stay on Stand Battery option.

andy.connor.e | 23 février 2018

Theres a problem, im not getting an accurate estimate that estimates the estimated estimate.

Frank99 | 23 février 2018

Polz -
It really doesn't matter; your choice there doesn't affect when you'll get asked to configure, or when your car will get delivered. It's really just a market-research tool for Tesla, trying to gauge what options people want.

andy -
Not appropriate, funny, or helpful. Your unhelpful sarcasm isn't in the spirit of "We encourage you to participate and only ask that you be respectful of others".

andy.connor.e | 23 février 2018

After the 47th delivery estimator "panties in a wad" topic, it is what it is. Everything can, will, and musk be handled with the most appropriate amount of sarcasm. You dont have to agree.

Yodrak. | 23 février 2018

"Has anyone else had an issue with trying to update their Delivery Estimate choice?"

Yes, everyone else. It doesn't update, don't bother trying, just look for the earliest date that you might be able to order.

POLZ | 23 février 2018

So just trying to make sure I understand this better...I am supposed to get an invite in the next couple months; once that happens, I can prolong my configuration and not lose a "place in line" to order what I am specifically wanting?

bayareakid2008 | 23 février 2018

Andy, you could just ignore any threads that you find are duplicates/excessive?

bayareakid2008 | 23 février 2018

Polz, that is correct. After you get the invite, you'll be able to configure whenever you wish, regardless of how long you wait.

cornellio | 23 février 2018

@POLZ, I believe your last assumption is correct. I agree with you, that it's nice if your selection sticks. Mine sticks just fine after changing it from standard to first production.

Might it be worth calling Tesla to ask? Right there on that page it says, "For immediate assistance, please contact (888) 518-3752" I'd be curious what they say.

andy.connor.e | 23 février 2018


That ruins half the return amusement from having lost brain cells from people still thinking the estimator is significant.

patswin | 23 février 2018

Polz same here. Tried several times to save standard but always jumps to awd. Both have same estimate so no big deal but still a little curious as to why

patswin | 23 février 2018

Actually what you need to do is hit configure button. Then at bottom of that screen you can select hold place in line and there you can select base version.

mos6507 | 23 février 2018

BTW, is there any mention anywhere about the air-suspension?

andy.connor.e | 23 février 2018


I recall somewhere unofficial saying that it might be bundled with AWD.