Choosing a driver profile when two passengers have connected phone apps

Choosing a driver profile when two passengers have connected phone apps

I understand the premium upgrade option for Model 3 includes driver profiles for things like seat and steering wheel adjustment settings.

Does anyone have any experience with how a Model 3 chooses which driver profile to choose if, let's say, your significant other and you both have your phones apps paired to the same model 3, and you're both going for a drive? Is there a way to select which driver profile based on who is driving from the screen, or does the car make some sort of assumption?

kinupeiphone | 27 février 2018

I think it can sense the device that’s closest to the drivers side door if there are multiple devices.

PhillyGal | 27 février 2018

Interesting question. With our Model S, the fobs are paired to profiles (a fairly recent update.), so once in a while the driver goes to get in the car and the seat is moving out of their profile and into the other person. I guess the passenger got in first.

I haven't noticed this occur in the Model 3 with the phones yet and I've been driving primarily, with my better half in the passenger seat.

PhillyGal | 27 février 2018

But no, the car has no way of knowing which device is his or mine. Unlike the MS fobs which had to be selected.

Carl Thompson | 27 février 2018

"I think it can sense the device that’s closest to the drivers side door if there are multiple devices."

I've read (here) that this is not the case and it's somewhat random which phone gets picked up first.

Mozart | 27 février 2018

It retains the previous driver profile. It must be selected on the screen when the next driver drives the car. The phone doesn't select driver profile.

PhillyGal | 27 février 2018

@byrned - I'm pretty sure you're correct. I've been driving 90% of the time and have only had to change it once.

mark.ritter | 27 février 2018

A few times the car has picked up my wife's phone which has nothing to do with the profile created for your seats, etc.
I have been having issues with my phone since the latest update. So it could be that those times my phone was offline and the car found hers instead. Like I said it has only happened a couple of times. So it doesn't appear to have anything to do with being closer to the drivers door.

JFleischood | 27 février 2018

Selecting the profile on the screen is a much better option, so good to hear that is the case.

Now, what about bluetooth connectivity to the car for purposes of calls, music apps, etc.? In our Avalon Hybrid (wife's primary) I don't have my phone saved because it would just connect to the first person in the car, or whoever randomly when started. Maybe driver profile also knows which phone to connect, or can it connect two at once?

stevenmaifert | 27 février 2018

@byrned is correct. Driver profiles are not associated with the phone key yet; they are selected from the touch screen. I have a hunch that is coming in a future software update and we will have the option to use or not to use. As for the Bluetooth phone connection, it connects to the first paired phone it sees. You have a touch screen option to switch if more than one paired phone is in the car.

Shock | 27 février 2018

So in other words if one person drives with the wheel down and close to the seat and the other is a larger person the seating positions will not be ready by the time they open the door. This phone key sure is great.

JPs M≡ | 27 février 2018

Selecting the profile from the screen is certainly not going to be an acceptable option for the long run. I'm much taller and larger than my wife, and I can't even squeeze into to our current cars if they are on her settings. Having to use the screen would mean I would have to lean into the car, fumble over the screen to find the profile setting and then wait for the seat and wheel to move before attempting to enter the car. This simply isn't practical, and I can't believe this is how this will work. (Although I suppose the use of "easy entry" could make things tolerable). However, the user manual published a while back stated that the profile was user/specific and that it would set the car for whichever phone is "sensed" first. So, I may have to forbid my wife from associating her profile with her phone. We'll set both phones to my profile, and she can select hers from the screen once she's seated.

Mozart | 27 février 2018

The user profile goes to "easy entry" when you put the car in park and release the brake. When you get in the car and put your foot on the brake, the user profile goes to the last driver. You can set the "easy entry" to move the seat back and move the steering wheel forward, so no need to lean into the car and fumble with the screen. The phone that is "sensed" first has nothing to do with the user profile.

EVRider | 27 février 2018

For using the phone and its apps, the car only connect to one phone at a time via Bluetooth. If two phones are within range at the same time, the car will connect to whichever one it was last connected to. Driver profiles are not currently associated with a phone.

jsanford | 27 février 2018

It’ll be interesting with ours. Spouse and I have the same model phone.

EVRider | 28 février 2018

The phone model doesn’t make a difference.

me1234 | 22 octobre 2018

Hmm where is this easy entry setting? I have the same issue as @JPs M≡ - trying to fit into the driver's side after my wife has driven the car is almost impossible. It would be nice if there was an option in the app to select the driver profile so you could potentially set it before you enter the vehicle.

me1234 | 22 octobre 2018

Read up on the easy entry stuff. Considering my wife drives the car 90% of the time (I only drive it once in a while on the weekends), the easy entry would be a bit of a waste, but a function in the app (switch driver profiles) would be cool...

LikeEVs | 22 octobre 2018

the car should just know which phone was used to unlock the car and select the appropriate profile

andy.connor.e | 22 octobre 2018

And hopefully the FOB has trunk openers on it.

hokiegir1 | 22 octobre 2018

@LikeEVs -- but how would that work when I, as the passenger, get to the car before hubby, who will be driving for that particular trip? Happens all the time in my house, because I'll go out to unplug the car while he takes the trash out (or insert other random tasks) -- so my phone is the one unlocking the car, but it should be his profile. Choosing the profile from the app would solve this in some cases - as well as have some other benefits. Might be a pain in other cases, but I don't think there is a 100% solution, so I'll take the "most cases" method. ;)

Granted, we don't have the issue of drastically different seat positions. Except for the fact that I sit up straighter than he does, the rest of our settings are drive related rather than seat-related. We did still have an Easy Entry profile for awhile, but found it was having trouble "remembering" our seats that way, so we deactivated that part.

ODWms | 22 octobre 2018

Easy Entry is the way to go.

ODWms | 22 octobre 2018

Easy Entry is the way to go.

slingshot18 | 22 octobre 2018

With the Model 3, it's so easy to change back and forth on connected phones.

me1234 | 24 octobre 2018

I'm confused- so right now if I go out to the car to drive it (by myself), the car should be switching to my driver profile automatically? Because it doesn't. Is this some other setting to turn this feature on that I've overlooked?

lbowroom | 24 octobre 2018

No, it doesn't switch to the phone that's active. I have no idea what slingshot is referring to. You can't change the seat position from the phone.

Mekisa123 | 24 décembre 2018

I’d love to able to set the driver profile *before* getting in, so the seats can be adjusted before someone breaks their knee getting in (and Bluetooth connection would be nice, too.)

mrburke | 24 décembre 2018

Here is the way I feel it should work. If a driver actively unlocks the car with the app (Lock/Unlock) icon, then the driver profile should be set to that driver. Otherwise it should not change.

mrburke | 24 décembre 2018

My above suggestion should also work if the key fob is used.

jimmyfan | 3 avril 2019

This is why they have to turn on that rear view mirror camera! Some face recognition in the driver's seat should do the trick.