What is the best home charger to buy?

What is the best home charger to buy?

Just wondering if there is a better home charger to buy than the one Tesla offers.

Thank you.

lilbean | 8 mars 2018

How could there be a better charging cable than the one made by the manufacturer designed specifically for the car?

kerryglittle | 8 mars 2018

You must be meaning either a wall charger or a plug in cable? I like the 25 foot plug in cable because you can take it with you. The wall mounted one stays at your house. I have two cables. One hangs on the wall and the other one stays in the truck with the adapters. More versatile for me anyways . If you do mean an after market one I would advise against it. Might and probably would void your warranty. Haven't you heard about people cheating out on iPhone chargers and then they catch on fire. Stay away from anything made in China.

henley-tesla | 8 mars 2018

There are certainly cheaper options than the Tesla charger - depending on where in the world you are, of course - but there's probably none more convenient than the Tesla charger.

I mean, no-one else's is going to come with a button on it to open the charge port door, is it? :-)

(you might also struggle to find one that provides the power output and sharing capabilities of the Tesla Wall Charger, too)

TranzNDance | 8 mars 2018

What would make it "best" for *you*, OP?

barrykmd | 8 mars 2018

henley-tesla | March 8, 2018
There are certainly cheaper options than the Tesla charger

Is the UMC no longer included with the car?

kerryglittle | 8 mars 2018

I meant trunk not truck. Sheesh auto correct.

jordanrichard | 8 mars 2018

eliotf, what charger? Tesla does sell any chargers for one's garage. | 8 mars 2018

Ok, a bit of confusion here. The car has the charger built into the car itself. There are several cable connection options, but these are not chargers. This is commonly confused though. Options:

1) Tesla UMC - included with the car, and has adapters to various standard NEMA connectors. A common one for a garage is a NEMA 14-50 (50 amp circuit, can draw 40 amps or 32 amps depending the UMC). So you install the power plug, and there is no more costs (i.e. the cheapest solution - full disclosure, I've been using it for 5 years now).

2) Tesla HPWC - This is a wall mounted cable unit (not a charger) that connects a circuit up to 90 amps, to supply up to 80 amps. Most new cars are limited to 48 amps, but some older cars with the dual charger option can go to 80 amps. Use this if you want the fastest home charging, and want to leave the UMC in the car at all times. It also has a longer cable option than the UMC, but the HPWC cable is also heavier and less flexible.

3) J1772 adapter - this allows other (third party) cables and connections. Again sometimes these are incorrectly called chargers. They are just the cable and some safety electronics.

The car's internal charger converts the AC to DC to charge the battery no matter what connection method you use above.

redacted | 8 mars 2018

Given the current responses,

1. I don't think anybody sells cheaper wall connecters than the HPWC, and given the'd likely be J1772 connectors, they'd be less convenient
2. The UMC seems to be slightly more expensive than the HPWC. I don't think anybody sells a cheaper portable connector, and if they did they'd require the adapter
3. The HPWC does load balancing for charging up to 4 vehicles off a single circuit. I use it for two, and it's pretty awesome.

Hood7 | 8 mars 2018

"2. The UMC seems to be slightly more expensive than the HPWC."

The HPWC is for sale on for $500, while the current generation UMC sells for $300 (note that the older UMC is still available, but for $520).

Rocky_H | 8 mars 2018

Arrrgh, the same question being posted on both Tesla forums at the same time bothers me, wasting people's time.

SUN 2 DRV | 8 mars 2018

@ eliotf

Yes go with your initial instinct.... Just get the Tesla Wall Connector and be happy. It's a great deal compared with other wall connectors and works well.

eliotf | 8 mars 2018

Thanks guys. Especially All my questions have been answered. I will stick with the Tesla HPWC. That seems to be the ticket. Thanks again and sorry for upsetting Rocky.

redacted | 8 mars 2018

@Hood7 I thought that was the case, but the thinner/lighter/slower one doesn't show on the MS shop page as far as I can see. Maybe it's on the M3 page.

justin.rogers77 | 9 mars 2018

A NEMA 14-50 outlet... Simple, cheap, can get 36 miles of range per hour @ 40amps.

PatientFool | 9 mars 2018

@justin.rogers77 +1.. the best is the cheapest which is the 14-50 outlet

Bighorn | 9 mars 2018

Maybe take one step back and realize you don't need to buy the UMC and you may already have an outlet in your garage unless money's burning a hole in your pocket. Adding an outlet is all you need if you choose to use your UMC has your charging implement. I had a dryer outlet in my garage and have spent $0 in nearly 5 years on charging accoutrements.

cfishkin01 | 9 mars 2018

@justin.rogers77. I'm using a NEMA 14-50 at 40 amps and I'm getting 29 or 30 miles of range per hour in my 75D. What am I doing wroing?

Bighorn | 9 mars 2018

Your numbers are more accurate if rated miles are the metric. 36 might be slightly believable for either ideal miles or on a Model 3.