solar roof communication from Tesla

solar roof communication from Tesla

So has anyone gotten their solar roof installed? How about an installation contract or delivery date? Any confirmation as to where you are at in the queue? Any communication back from Tesla once you had got your order ack email?
The only thing I have since placing my order, seeing my 1k deposit clear and getting the email confirming my order number is a bunch of emails about buying a car. I sent customer service an email asking about delivery, install price quote, etc but no response.


Madatgascar | 8 avril 2018

Radio silence. I don’t think anyone is home.

I have bought 4 cars from Tesla, own a chunk of TSLA, and reserved powerwalls and a solar roof from the moment they were available. I got one response to an email about the powerwalls over a year ago, but no response to emails about the solar roof.

genericwoods | 9 avril 2018

Oddly enough, I got a sales email / call from Tesla Energy, and the guy on the phone ended up pushing the solar roof, recommending I put in my deposit. I wonder if that’s a good sign?

Also strange, I have one of those 'Early access tokens' from a Tesla referral, and when I asked the sales associate about when they would be available to install with that token he had no idea they existed. He said he’d reach out to the referrals department, but this was 2 weeks ago. I’m in the northeast and have a construction project that will require new roofing coming up this summer, so I’m not sure I can wait.

Madatgascar | 10 avril 2018

Well, that’s the whole issue with Tesla, everything has to be on their timeline. I don’t think you can rely on them to show up on your construction schedule. This seems to me to be the main drawback to the solar roof. I want it, but I don’t want to talk schedule with anyone wearing a Tesla hat. Renting a car for a while is one thing - waiting around with my roof torn off is not going to fly.

timpalmer | 17 avril 2018

UPDATE - I got a response from my email to customer service about 5 weeks after I had sent it. It indicated that they had just started installs in CA and due to when I put in my order and deposit it would be the beginning of 2019 before I would be contacted further regarding my at least that's something....I also see there is now at least 1 non tesla customer who has been interviewed and his roof install has been they are at least starting the installs, which along with some customer communication is a good sign...

emf25 | 17 avril 2018

I put down my solar roof deposit a little over a month ago...When I was in the local showroom to order a Model S last week, they told me that I'd now be treated as a Tesla owner for purposes of the Solar Roof installation. That said, they still told me that I shouldn't expect anything before 2019 in our area (NYC Suburbs).

Palmeris | 3 juillet 2018

So just an update... still no further communication the past 90 days or so...Hopefully some people are actually getting their solar roof installs?

Patrick | 3 juillet 2018

Reserved one last year with 2 PW2s. Crickets so far....

tony_n_pham | 27 juillet 2018

I live in Connecticut and had placed a $1,000 reservation deposit for a solar roof and one powerwall back in October 2017 and very recently heard back from a Tesla Energy representative this week (week of July 23, 2018). The next step for me is a scheduled Home Energy Assessment in August 2018. The assessment is expected to take up to four hours. After the assessment, I expect to receive a solar roof order before scheduling installation.

steveishere | 8 août 2018

California Bay Area here. Same status as tony_n_pham. Placed reservation late last year, contacted by Tesla at June 20th, completed the Home Energy Assessment at June 25th. Now waiting for the next step. At least it is making progress. Good luck!

orz1234 | 9 août 2018

steveishere and tony_n_pham... Which style of tiles did you guys order? I am wonder if they are shipping certain types but not the other. I ordered textured but haven't heard anything. Thx!

steveishere | 10 août 2018

@orz1234 Mine was textured as well.

phil | 11 août 2018

orz1234 | August 9, 2018 "I am wonder if they are shipping certain types but not the other."

Somehow I don't think that's what's happening. ;)

Madatgascar | 30 octobre 2018

Hey, I got the cal today to schedule a visit to take measurements for the solar roof! The did mention that I was getting called because I reserved a textured roof, and they are doing those first. Nice knowledgable person. The visit will be in two weeks and the install sometime in the first half of 2019.

mosael | 1 novembre 2018
mosael | 1 novembre 2018
Madatgascar | 7 novembre 2018

They came out to take measurements today. They asked for structural drawings (I had them), access to the attic, electrical panels, my preferred location for the powerwalls, and roof access. They spent a lot of time measuring my roof and the surrounding trees. All told I would say it took about 5 hours. Nice guy, very professional. Can't wait to see what happens next!

takeenan | 8 novembre 2018

I put in an order as soon as they announced the roof. I got a call yesterday. The rep told me that the "calculator" which had given me an estimate was not correct and the number should be DOUBLE any number that the "calculator" had given. I own a Tesla and consider myself a fan but that was too much (and not just too expensive)!

steveishere | 14 novembre 2018

It's happening! (California Bay Area)

Reservation last November; done with assessment on August; got my estimate around September, and after some paper work, the installation began this Monday. They said it will be done in about 2 weeks, but no guarantee because of Thanksgiving week. Friendly reps and workers. So far so good!

stever | 15 novembre 2018

From initial sales appointment to now communication has been great. Get both email and text updates at ever step along the way. Our process currently is waiting for our power company to approve. Seems rediculas to me that we can’t proceed until they approve. It is what it is.

wenliu | 26 novembre 2018

Anyone heard anything in the Northeast area? I put down a deposit about a month ago, we have a new construction in MA targeted completion in 2020 that I would love to have the roof installed. Sent a couple of emails, no dice so far. Exciting for those of you who have gotten callbacks, congratulations!

Madatgascar | 15 décembre 2018

My house may be giving them a challenge. The roof geometry is pretty complicated. They came back out to do a drone survey, had to wait until it stopped raining. Seems to be a lot of work just to prepare an estimate. I don’t even have a ballpark figure yet.

steveishere | 16 décembre 2018

Mine is "mostly" done; we just need to wait for PGE/City to complete the inspection before turning ON the system. From the outside, there is no way to tell if the roof is a solar roof or is just a regular beautiful roof. I also flew my own drone to take video and inspect the roof; no flaw detected.

The installation took a bit longer than expected due to events out everyone's control; starting with bad air quality from wildfire rendering unsafe to work, follow by the rain, and finally Thanksgiving + more rain. They did well with the communication and ensured my home is water proof throughout the rain. So a plus for that.

Overall I am very satisfy with the installation and the roof thus far. Now just need to wait for the inspection is done to get some numbers in.

Good luck to everyone else!

sschaem | 9 janvier 2019

I also had my install done early december. Was very quick and was told I would be able to operate before years end.

I contacted Tesla yesterday and told me that they didn't contact PGE yet, and when they did told me that PGE wont be able to inspect before April 2019 or later.

I started this charade back in July.... I feel like I did more work managing work on this project then Tesla crew.

If you dont call them, nothing gets done. And when something doesn't go as planned, they are lost as to what to do.
I feel like I'm talking to kids that went straight from in-out burger to Tesla with no training.

hppyromz | 10 septembre 2019

I started this charade back in July.... I feel like I did more work managing work on this project then Tesla crew.

gregbrew | 11 septembre 2019

BTW, In-n-Out Burger has pretty good employee and management training programs...