No heated steering wheel a deal breaker

No heated steering wheel a deal breaker

Can’t see spending +$50k for a car without a heated steering wheel. All others even below this price range offer this.

Tesla will give up significant market share in northern climates with this decision.

jargenta | 21 mars 2018

So you cancelled your reservation then?

Sorcha3 | 21 mars 2018

Speaking as someone from a “northern climate”... **Gasp!!** Oh my! Yes, that’s unacceptable. You should cancel immediately.

Shock | 21 mars 2018

I do think the car should have it. Not having it in a car this expensive is like their decision to exclude XM radio or a key fob.

djharrington | 21 mars 2018

The OP cancelling will be the trigger for Tesla to start pushing the next OTA update in which it turns out the steering wheel is heated. Murphy's Law

AJPHL | 21 mars 2018

It should be heated but not canceling over it.

TranzNDance | 21 mars 2018

I suppose you can post on the forums of those manufacturers that build cars with the features that you like and tell them to add and see if you could get your perfect car that way.

bp | 21 mars 2018

The ability to pre-heat the interior may help. We've had a Tesla in Texas for 5 summers and 6 winters.

Using the smartphone app to turn on the climate system a few minutes before entering the car has helped considerably to have the interior at a comfortable temperature by the time we enter the car. While we don't have many cold spells - when we do, pre-heating the interior has eliminated the need to have a heated steering wheel or use the heated seats.

And with the combination of the overheat protection feature (that is supposed to keep the interior from getting too hot) coupled with pre-cooling from the smartphone app, our Tesla cars have been comfortable to sit in, even on the hottest of days.

dsvick | 21 mars 2018

@Phessini - "No heated steering wheel a deal breaker"

As someone from a Northern climate who drives 6 months out of the year in cold weather my thoughts are ......

Yes!!! I just moved up a spot!!

andy.connor.e | 21 mars 2018

Speaking from someone who lives in a colder climate at times of the year, this is a pretty sad reason to not get the car.

Dsmtesla | 21 mars 2018

Im in freakin Iowa and ive never had, nor do i give two rats a**es about a heating steering wheel... Seats, sure, those are nice, but I see zero value in a heated steering wheel

lilbean | 21 mars 2018

“All others even below this price range offer this.“
All? Wow. All my other cars had them and they just weren’t working and I didn’t even know it. Dang, even my $100+K X!

chris | 21 mars 2018

Tesla sells very nice driving gloves for a fraction of the price of a new steering wheel

andy.connor.e | 21 mars 2018

Nothing like a pair of gloves cant fix....

Travisty2 | 21 mars 2018

i was disappointed there no heated steering wheel though being able to pre-heat the cabin should warm up the wheel as well. My VIN can't come soon enough!

carlk | 21 mars 2018

Ten bucks solves the problem and keeps the screen clean too. You should still cancel though.

hoffmannjames | 21 mars 2018

Sigh. Another "Model 3 needs feature X or it won't be able to compete with other cars" thread. Just because some cheaper cars have it, does not mean that the Model 3 must have it too. The Model 3 does not need to have every little feature that every other car has in order to be good enough.

Heated steering wheels are nice but not required at all. You can easily just wear gloves or wait a few minutes for the car to hear up, especially in a Tesla where the car can be preheated very quickly. Just preheat your car, and it will be warm enough for you as soon as you sit inside. There is no real need for heated steering wheel, except maybe if the temps go way below freezing for several days which would only apply to some Tesla owners but not all.

Lastly, Tesla probably did secretly put in the hardware for heated steering wheels and is just waiting to enable it via a software update like they did with hear heated seats. Heck, I can remember when people threw a fit on this board about the rear seats not being heated. People said that rear heated seats was a deal breaker too. That turned out to be a moot point. So heated steering wheel might be a moot point too.

burdogg | 21 mars 2018

I should go complain that those other companies that have a heated steering wheel don't have an all electric for 50k that goes 310 miles on a charge!

hokiegir1 | 21 mars 2018

We're planning something like this, because I love my "airbag bacon": com/Heated-Rechargeable-Steering-Wheel-Cover/dp/B076BTXYXG/ref=sr_1_3?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1521639862&sr=1-3&keywords=battery+heated+steering+wheel+cover&dpID=31sxML9vsUL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

Iwantmy3 | 21 mars 2018

I was hoping for a heated steering wheel. Nothing wrong with that. Hardly a deal breaker though. Just unfortunate.

On the other hand, $100 for a pair of gloves? That is a deal breaker. I will stick with the gloves I have.

burdogg | 21 mars 2018

I should add - I understand wishing for a heated steering wheel, even wanting one, but man, the Deal breaker comment? Really, that is what does it for you? An amazing car and lack of heated steering wheel is all it take? too funny.

hokiegir1 | 21 mars 2018

+1 for burdogg. I think it would take more than warm hands for it to be a deal breaker for me.

vmulla | 21 mars 2018

I'm hoping the M3 already has the heated steering wheel.
Once you get used to a heated steering wheel, it becomes an important feature - just like so many other features.
Would I pay extra to get it? Yes.
Will I cancel my reservation? No.

If someone cannot see past a certain missing feature and appreciate the M3, then it means they haven't understood the car. They might just find another feature to walk away from a remarkable car.

seat108 | 21 mars 2018

This poster can't possibly be real, Russian hack?

andy.connor.e | 21 mars 2018

Its either the Russians, or Clintons fake news.

CoolBlue77 | 21 mars 2018

When I picked up my Model 3 the sales rep told me it was coming “down the road” in a future software update.

That said, there is a good possibility he was misinformed or telling me what I wanted to hear.

andy.connor.e | 21 mars 2018

I am pretty absolutely certain that Model 3 is not going to have heated steering wheel. Or cold weather package for that matter. (but does have heated seats)

mos6507 | 21 mars 2018

"I should go complain that those other companies that have a heated steering wheel don't have an all electric for 50k that goes 310 miles on a charge!"

Tesla needs to compete with gas cars feature on feature, not ask people to make tradeoffs just for the drivetrain.

andy.connor.e | 21 mars 2018

Life must be pretty hard day to day if heated steering wheel is viewed as a necessity.

carlk | 21 mars 2018

"This poster can't possibly be real, Russian hack?"

More likely one of those "I'm entitled" whiners.

KP in NPT | 21 mars 2018

Lol @OP.

I’ve had luck preconditioning my tesla so the cabin including the steering wheel is nice and toasty when I enter.

vmulla | 21 mars 2018

If I had to choose between heated seats and heated steering wheel, I'd pick the heated steering wheel.
Just to make my point on a lighter note - I often drive my car without gloves, but I hardly drive my car without pants :)
It's not a necessity, it's just a nice to have.

djharrington | 21 mars 2018

This thread makes me want to take part my steering wheel to look for a heating element.

spuzzz123 | 21 mars 2018

Wonder if EM and company didn’t want to invest too much in steering wheel comforts given they envision it being fully autonomous someday?

RadOne | 21 mars 2018

Would be nice to have it. I wouldn't cancel my reservation over these things like the heated steering wheel, XM, key fob, cold package etc., but that does not make them worthless..

vmulla | 21 mars 2018

@RadOne, +1
I should learn to be as consice :)

andy.connor.e | 21 mars 2018

If the topic was about discussing the benefits of the options that are not in Model 3, but perhaps are in Model S/X, then we would talk about that. But cancelling your reservation based on something like this is just literally begging to be scrutinized. And copious amounts of sarcasm.

giskard | 21 mars 2018

Echoing others above that regularly drive in cold weather (I live in northern MN where we spent about 3 weeks in a row December - January where the *high* didn't get above 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit) - I think this is a pretty silly "deal breaker" for such an awesome car otherwise. I have never had a heated steering wheel (gloves do work pretty well). I didn't even have a garage to put my MINI in until very recently. Would it have been nice to have the option of a heated steering wheel? Sure, but good heated seats and the ability to preheat from a remote location are *far* more important to me. To each their own, I guess ...

hokiegir1 | 21 mars 2018

@djharrington -- I was actually wondering if any of the "tear downs" had gone that far. Then again, most of them said there were no heating elements in the rear seats and there were, so, grain of salt and all that.

Xerogas | 21 mars 2018

Plenty of Teslas have heated steering wheels, just not the Model 3.

jordanrichard | 21 mars 2018

I just learned that a $55,000 Mercedes does not have the ability to fuel up in my garage.!!!!! That's it, I am canceling my order.

George with SacEV | 21 mars 2018

The early versions of the Model S, even those going to Norway, didn't have a "heated steering wheel." The Norwegians appeared to LOVE their Teslas even without that feature. I am on my 2nd Model S, and this one does have the vaunted....heated steering wheel. This is THE first car I have ever owned with that feature, so did I miss it in the past? ONLY after I got used to having it now. YES, a 'heated steering wheel" is nice even in generally balmy California, but is it a "dealbreaker?" Absolutely NOT ! (for me at least). Heck my 2015 Model S, at over $130,000 plus tax and license fees, doesn't have decent storage cubbies, doesn't have lighted mirrors on the sun visors, doesn't have pockets on the seat backs, doesn't have coat hooks or grab handles above the doors, etc.

Yet, every time I "hit it" from a stop sign/light or up an onramp ALL those little niggles fade away. Basically, for me, a car is about how it moves and feels to the driver. Sure, I would like more/all of the "little things" but I would now NEVER give up the "feel" of EV power. I have a nice house where I can have what I want there, but ANY CAR is a compromise about features and details, so I will accept some deficits on the "little things" to get the BIG PLUS of what a car is for.....getting me from A to B with maximum good feeling.

tom8959 | 21 mars 2018

If the Model 3 didn't have wheels, it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. Heated steering wheel? Come-on! Jeez...

djharrington | 21 mars 2018
peggyplewis | 21 mars 2018


Oh my God.
Some people are so precious.

hokiegir1 | 21 mars 2018

@djharrington -- so what's your verdict? Future update or missing hardware?

WantMY | 21 mars 2018

Even Leaf has it, lol

jordanrichard | 21 mars 2018

and the Leaf has a built in battery range destruction feature.........:-), but hey, at least your steering wheel is warm...

djharrington | 21 mars 2018

Verdict: on my early car (VIN ~1200), there is no heating element. The entire wheel hub is a unified piece of metal with no provision to complete a circuit around the wheel. No OTA updates for me at least.

burdogg | 21 mars 2018

ok, so I am going to say this - the Model 3 won't be everything to everyone. So if op needs to cancel because gasp, there is no heat in the steering wheel, then so be it.

But good golly, this statement is pretty hilarious:
"Tesla will give up significant market share in northern climates with this decision."

A lack of heated steering wheel is going to cause a significant loss? Fine, so be it, but I will be laughing at you at every stop light...or when I go to pass on a two lane highway a semi going slower, and see you trying to pass the same semi - good thing your hands are warm....

andy.connor.e | 21 mars 2018

but at least your hands will be warm