Did my Model 3 nearly get me shot (by a gun)?

Did my Model 3 nearly get me shot (by a gun)?

Well, I suppose the purpose of this post is mainly therapy, but partly to tell a story. And it is worth noting that one's car might not always attract the type of attention you're looking for.

Last Saturday, I was coming home in my Model 3 at about 9:30PM. I drove the car into my garage (noting to my companion how cool it was that the car knew to open the garage door). While I can enter my house directly through the garage, it's a little more convenient to walk outside and up the front steps -- something I have done without incident in the 15+ years I have owned my house. As I was about to enter my house, I hear a from behind, turn around and see a hooded man with a semiautomatic pistol pointed at me. He demanded my valuables (there really weren't any; I don't carry cash) and fortunately ran away without shooting me or my friend.

Here's what's interesting and why I wonder if the Model 3 has something to do with it. I have lots of cameras as do others on my street. What's interesting is that he was at the corner, about 200 yards away, at the main road when my car drove up the street. Very shortly after my car drove up, he started running up the street; by the time I had parked he had reached my property line, and one minute later he had the gun on me. He wasn't hiding in the bushes or anything; he literally appears to have spotted the car and then targeted me as someone who I guess he presumed had a lot of money or would carry valuables.

My old car was a non-descript Lexus IS that attracted no attention. I certainly wish I had been driving that on Saturday.

Well, I love the Model 3 and have no plan to sell it, but just keep in mind, it's a car people likely notice. (On a more upbeat note, I've had two people roll down their windows on the free way in stop and go traffic to ask me about the car and tell me how pretty they think it is.)

GAGSTESLA | 30 mars 2018

Hmm, wrong place wrong time I think. I am glad you are Okay and that you were not a victim of gun violence.

lilbean | 30 mars 2018

I was warned at the time of delivery that the car does get a lot of attention.

SamO | 30 mars 2018

So this armed robber would not have followed you in a LEXUS? That’s seems like suspect logic. This was a crime of opportunity and you were at the wrong place/wrong time.

Hope you called the police so that this won’t happen to anyone else or to you again.

WantMY | 30 mars 2018

If AP would not get you, then armed rubber certainly will, lol

TranzNDance | 30 mars 2018

While I think the Model 3 is a good-looking car, it doesn't stand out to me. I have to look for a while to confirm that it is a Tesla Model 3 (if I can't see the distinctive handles). I'm in the Bay Area so my exposure to attention-attracting cars might be a bit skewed.

billlake2000 | 30 mars 2018

who wants to buy a slightly used M3? I think I'm going back to my '55 chevy.
Tesla, holy moly. Yes, yes, yes, so glad you were not hurt.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30 mars 2018

There are still people who can't tell the difference between a Tesla emblem and a Maserati emblem.

mstevens.public | 30 mars 2018

Likely had zero to do with your car and everything to do with lack of situational awareness. :( You were an easy target for a quick hit. :(

compchat | 31 mars 2018

Start carrying a weapon. Sounds like you live in a tough neighborhood. Maybe close your garage door as soon as you get in the garage and enter through the garage door. Start a neighborhood watch. Get a huge vicious pit bull. Don't blame your car, silly. If that were the case he would have stolen the car as well.

shank15217 | 1 avril 2018

I would invest in perimeter lighting and some good cc cameras. Catch that f*cker on video and send his a** to jail.

Mr.Tesla | 1 avril 2018

0.5% chance the event was specifically linked to the particular make and model of vehicle. If the guy knew anything about the car, he would know it's the Tesla for commoners.

Shock | 1 avril 2018

He would have followed any car. he was just looking for somebody to be home.

RedPillSucks | 1 avril 2018

This is more opportunistic than anything else. You were an easy available target because he knew you would be getting out of your car. Otherwise he would have to wait or break into a house.

jefroman | 1 avril 2018

Get a permit to carry and have dash
cameras installed on your car,

santadam | 1 avril 2018

Sure, get a 'permit' to carry' and have a good ol gun fight right there in the garage!? Doesn't matter that the thief had already drawn his weapon and had him at gun-point. Guess the Tesla owner could have then drawn his own weapon and then (hopefully) dodge the robbers first shot, then jump behind your Model 3 and exchange fire across the garage with the hoodie wearing thief. No worries, the Model 3 will absorb the bullets, its mostly metal right? And hey, no worries on the bullets that fly into the house through the drywall. Just sayin...

I think situational awareness was the only possible preventative here.

Tesla2018 | 1 avril 2018

Did your friend get robbed too? If you both were armed, one of them could have thrown their wallet at the crook aiming it behind him. As he turned away the person he wasnt looking at could have shot him. Otherwise its better to just give them your wallet.
When I went to bad areas when I was younger, I would have a fake wallet with a few singles in it and expired credit cards and bank ATM cards in it, and an old out of state drivers license and registration from a car that I previuosly owned so it didnt have a current address. If i got mugged, I just would have kept the real waalet in my front pocket and taken the fake one from my back pocket, then they would just get a few dollars and a bunch of useless cancelled cards from closed accounts.

carlk | 1 avril 2018

More likely because it's a brand new car. Less likely because it's a Model 3. Although I don't think either is the case.

jamilworm | 1 avril 2018

@santadam and Tesla2018 you guys have the workings of a pretty good action movie right there!

johnmann | 1 avril 2018

If both you and your friend had guns it is statistically more likely that one of you would be shot by the other than either of you being shot by the mugger.

Mike83 | 1 avril 2018

Can you reference the police report and what city?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 1 avril 2018

Do you need a permit to carry a sword...?

jamilworm | 1 avril 2018

You should have maneuvered the mugger into the driveway and then pretended to get out your phone to give it to him, and then summon the car so it ran over him.

Clublon | 1 avril 2018

Just as a side note and it would not have worked in this particular situation, a good deterrent is a can of bee and wasp spray. The kind that shoots 25 feet. I hear it is as bad as mace. I now carry a can in the car. Best to be aware of your surroundings. Here you saw him running up the street after you passed. Figure he is not coming to ask you what time it is. You were lucky he did you nor your companion any harm. I am glad for you of the outcome.

djharrington | 1 avril 2018

+1 for situational awareness. You never draw a gun on a person who's already drawn a gun on you (well, unless you want to get shot or call their bluff), so carrying wouldn't have helped you at that point.

johnmann | 1 avril 2018

“good deterrent is a can of bee and wasp spray“

That sounds like the ultimate weapon! Are the bees and wasps trained not to attack the person holding the can?

compchat | 1 avril 2018

@Santadam....Why not pull a gun?

The RIFLEMAN pulls his rifle into action without hesitation even though three cow-pokes are pointings six-shooters at him. BTW he always wins with a very rare flesh wound.

If you don't know who the Rifleman is then you missed out on great TV 1960's drama.

mattykolej | 18 août 2018

You know, talking about guns, I can't understand people who don't even care about storage. Is it so hard or expensive to get a gun safe? I think that it's not. And with it won't take a lot of time to choose a proper one.

garibaldi | 18 août 2018

@mattykolej it should be the law. Like having insurance for your car. But if a law like that is created, it's a slippery slope to take all guns away and create a dictatorial government.

Linkedscorpion | 18 août 2018

Time to invest in a surveillance system OP. it’s the new criminal deterrent nowadays in lieu of a gun. Criminals are less likely to commit crimes if it is caught on camera.

carlk | 18 août 2018

***He demanded my valuables (there really weren't any; I don't carry cash)***

He will avoid Model 3 from this point on.

ebmcs03 | 18 août 2018

I think wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t think the car had anything to do with it.

So I guess lesson learned for everyone. If you see someone suspicious or something, do not enter your house. Keep driving and circle back later. Maybe because of this. Don’t have automatic garage set. Or be ready to hit the skip.

chuck | 18 août 2018

" I have lots of cameras as do others on my street. "
i assume that you've contacted the police. He didn't shoot you, but he has a gun and he's willing to point it at others and maybe next time he will pulll the trigger. He's got to be found and put away for while.

Obviously, you've reviewed your own cameras and preserved the relevant video.

Now, talk to your neighbors. Show them your footage and ask them to review their cameras from about 9:00-9:45PM to see if anyone else caught more or better images of the perpetrator. They may have better lit pictures or pictures without the hood up or even video of him getting into or out of his own car. Get on this right away because most video surveillance systems overwrite the data after some period of time which may only be a day or two.

chuck | 18 août 2018

Mr. jamilworm suggests, "You should have maneuvered the mugger into the driveway and then pretended to get out your phone to give it to him, and then summon the car so it ran over him."

I suppose you'd have entertained him with a tap dance number while summon connected?

efuseakay | 18 août 2018

I’ll be putting Pinto badges on mine. ;)

For teal though. That’s some scary shiz. Glad you’re ok.

efuseakay | 18 août 2018


chuck | 18 août 2018

Maybe the next Tesla will have not just cameras on the sides, but projectors which project the image of a 1978 AMC Pacer into the eyes of pedestrians. It'll be called "Bad Neighborhood Mode."

chuck | 18 août 2018

Maybe the next Tesla will have not just cameras on the sides, but projectors which project the image of a 1978 AMC Pacer into the eyes of pedestrians. It'll be called "Bad Neighborhood Mode."

laird | 18 août 2018

(I am not a lawyer; I am not your lawyer. Also, I may be a dog.)

You are already in possession of a two ton impact weapon; do not unlock your doors or get out of your car until the garage door is securely closed behind you with no-one else inside.

This type of robbery is common in certain countries; if a stranger enters your garage before you've closed your garage door, leave. Rapidly. If a stranger is within run-in distance while you're approaching, go around the block.

Liferules | 18 août 2018


Incredibly scary experience! Glad you and your friend are alright.

Magic 8 Ball | 4 janvier 2019

Spamming on the TESLA forum, is business that bad?

ODWms | 5 janvier 2019

I’ve had concealed permit for decades. But in your situation, I’m glad you didn’t have a gun and try to use it.

It sounds like you had knowledge of the guy all the way from the street corner, up to where he confronted you in your property, so I’m not sure how you were surprised by him. But either way, to pull out a gun and someone lose their life over this at that point wouldn’t have been worth it.

The way it ended you lost some money, and that’s it. Thank God.

tomasrey88 | 5 janvier 2019

I disagree with everyone who says "never draw on a drawn gun." If the attacker is not wearing a mask, then he is not worried about witnesses. If the attacker is not wearing a mask, draw on a drawn gun. If you have women, children, or young boys in the house, they WILL get raped. Draw on a drawn gun. Here's the thing. The perp promises not to kill you if you give him the money. Do you TRUST that this perp will keep his promise? If this random person came up to you in the street and asked to borrow money, would you TRUST that he keep his promise? If you can't even trust him with the $20 in your pocket, why do you TRUST him with your life? If he is wearing a mask and you don't have any women, children or young boys in the house, then trust your gut instinct whether or not to draw on a drawn gun. Also, most people hesitate just a little before killing someone. If you don't hesitate, you'll have a chance. Practice sidestepping out of the line of fire while you draw your gun. In the end, remember that most people who get shot don't die and the ones who do die, 90% of them bleed to death. Keep some Quick Clot and a roll of gauze bandages around. I'm from Syria, and this Quick Clot stuff has saved the lives of several of my friends. You can buy it at any drug store and I've even seen it at Cabelas.

The best thing is prevention and situational awareness. I would've honked my horn, smiled and waved at the loiterer in the street near my house instead of driving past. This is not because I am especially friendly. It is because you're telling the potential perp that you are situationally aware. You are not an easy target. Also, a honk usually startles the pedestrian. This puts you in an "alpha male" position. The smile and wave makes it friendly so you're not an you know what hole. One time, I honked at a guy loitering around my family home in Syria and it startled him so much that he dropped his gun! LOL!

wiboater4 | 5 janvier 2019

So it's been almost a year did the police get the guy? Sounds like you saw his face and what he was wearing?

tomasrey88 | 5 janvier 2019

No, OP said it was a "hooded man" so he did not see his face. If he saw the perp's face, the OP probably won't be alive right now.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 janvier 2019


Business that bad, spamming the forum again?


robottler | 7 janvier 2019

To date, not so many machines have been released such as the Tesla Model 3. Therefore, a lot of attention. But when attention from the robbers is another situation. I am glad that everything ended well. Good luck and fewer unpleasant surprises

statistics.home2 | 7 janvier 2019

It is good that you are fine now.

Morlandoemtp061383 | 7 janvier 2019

Tesla needs to add a way to notify police when you say a certain word around it =)

Morlandoemtp061383 | 7 janvier 2019

Tesla needs to add a way to notify police when you say a certain word around it =)

airbil | 7 janvier 2019

This could be isolated case of bad luck, however I have experienced Tesla haters...
It's weird because it's unexpected, but they are out there.