Autopilot biased to the right side of the lane

Autopilot biased to the right side of the lane

My Autosteer seems to prefer being close to the right side of the lane when I am in the left lane of the freeway. It has been a bit disconcerting when coming up quickly on a semi on a corner. I feel like the slightest left turn by the semi will cause a crash. Has anyone else seen this? Thanks

nathalia.hiatt | 7 avril 2018

YES! My ’18 MX seems to intentionally veer to the right (at the truck!) as I Begin to pass the truck. I thought I must be a wind/suction issue however it is extremely frightening.

PagemakersS75 | 7 avril 2018

I’m in the UK and mine has always favoured the left. Too much so.

sentabo | 7 avril 2018

Mine does favor the right side on occasion. It's probably my imagination, but it always seems to do it when there is a large truck immediately on my right. When that happens I don't take any chances and I take over.

insfbayarea | 7 avril 2018

I reported this on 3/17 and 8/17 (video proof ) . It's entirely possible its fixed now but unless Tesla acknowledges it ya never know... In CA lane splitting with motorcycles is legal and if I don't disengage autopilot it i've had motorcycle try to break check me for not giving them space on the right....

JayInJapan | 8 avril 2018

@jijojv, you don’t appear to be comfortable/competent using AP. Why not shut it off and drive your car?

billUK | 8 avril 2018

If the windscreen camera is not correctly aligned with the steering it can offset the car in the lane. There are also some specific locations on bends where the car goes off centre every time, this may be a software or navigation problem.

bp | 8 avril 2018

Not fixed - driving last night next to a large SUV with a trailer that had wheels on the lane line, other than showing yellow warnings from the proximity sensors, the AP software didn't response and insisted on staying within a few inches of the adjacent lane - which is close, especially when side mirrors extend out from both vehicles.

I disengaged AutoSteer until I was clear for the SUV.

AP may have been driving safely, and was prepared to move over if the SUV moved closer - but I wasn't going to test that.

carlk | 8 avril 2018

That's the complain we've heard from the day one but it's mostly just people's perception. We tend to drive a bit to the left when on the far left lane (you can tell from the video @jijojv posted). That would make us to feel the car is too close to the right when it is actually centered in the lane. One proof is people drive on the left side of road mentioned their cars are too close to the left. The way to verify if the car is centered is to use outside mirrors to check distances from side of the car and lane lines. As far as I can tell distances between two sides are almost always the same.

sentabo | 8 avril 2018

carlk in many cases I think that is true but I have seen on the dash while in AP that the car is well right of center on occasion.

carlk | 8 avril 2018

sentabo Yes I was only talking about when people "feel" it's biased toward right side of lane but is not. In that case car is centered in the dash graphic. If the dash graphic shows it's not centered then sure it could be a real probelm.

mdmgso | 9 avril 2018

I have the perception that I'm too far to the right even when my car appears to be centered on the display. I believe it is just perception because people who have the steering wheel on the left side of the car normally drive left of center in their lane. While you are actually centered, you feel closer to to the right than you actually are,because you are further right than you are used to driving.This is compounded by the fact that most people driving in the right lane next to you are actually driving left of center in their lane.

nathalia.hiatt | 9 avril 2018

I understand your explanation about perception, however, it does not explain the steering wheel whipping to the right as I approach a semi to begin passing it. The steering def zips to the right. Maybe I’ll wear a go pro on my head while driving to closely analyze what actually happens.

PagemakersS75 | 9 avril 2018

For me it’s not a perception - it’s actual. (left bias for me here in the UK). The reason why I know it’s actual is because the Tesla manages to dive over every single drain on the left of the road!! It’s too far left it’s that simple. It’s not imagined.

genedr @ny-us | 9 avril 2018

On lots of recent interstate driving, I noticed the car definitely favors the right side (right up against the blue line on the center screen) while on autopilot, and especially when overtaking a truck in the right lane. I often took over just because it gets too close, and if the truck favored the left side of his lane we'd be kissing.

When in the clear, the car pretty much centers itself. Maybe its a magnetic field from the semi-truck?


Bill_75D | 9 avril 2018

Nice Rocky Horror reference!

Mike83 | 9 avril 2018

My car corrects my driving which is to the left and centers the car perfectly. Must be perspective.
But the car does require some calibration; maybe a few hundred miles.

kash8089 | 9 avril 2018

I hear the clunking sound over bums. Accordingly to service center, Tesla is aware of the issue and there is no fix available at this point. I don’t feel the vibration but I feel that the sport handling mode is not as tight as it used to be.

sentabo | 9 avril 2018

I just drove from SF Bay Area to San Diego today, using AP1 for a good portion. There were two occasions when it veered to the right portion of the lane. I don’t think it was going to leave the lane but I didn’t take any chances and took control.

I used to be tired after an all-day drive. Not so anymore. The car is such a treat.

eddyline | 10 avril 2018

@kash8089—that’s because you’re driving over bums. :D

chris | 11 avril 2018

I am in the Uk as well so drive on the right. I find on multi lane roads that it seems the car is positioned too far left, but if I look in the wing mirrors you can pretty much see it is centred in the lane. I think the problem is that you naturally tend to drive more towards the right generally ie closer to the white lines on the driver side, so in normal driving ie no autopilot on, you are driving favouring the left, likewise the person on the inside lane also drives more towards the left white line, hence giving the impression that you are too close to the vehilce on the left when you are in autopilot. Now if the car on the inside lane was a tesla on auto, then gap would appear a lot better!

chris | 11 avril 2018

sorry I meant favoruing the right side , driving more towards the right etc, ie you favour driving more on the steering wheel side of the lane

PagemakersS75 | 11 avril 2018

Chris. I disagree. I’m in the U.K. and I know my car drives too far to the left because it manages to hit every curb-side drain in the road. I never do that when I drive manually.

When I pass lorries on the motorway many times the sensors on the left of the car are amber or sometimes even red.

swattsw62 | 19 avril 2018

We have been taking the S on long trips more lately and while using AP more, we have noticed some disturbing things. Yes it does seem at times to be closer to the center line than we like. Also it is not as consistent as we would prefer. Sometimes centered, sometimes left sometimes right. Another more frightening occurance happens every time we pass one spot locally on 285 just north of Santa Fe, NM. The car, at the same spot each time veers out of the lane and we must take control immediately. This happens in both lanes North or South. At first we grabbed control right away, but lately when others are not close by we have been letting it move the car and in one incidence it veered about 6 feet out of the lane. The lanes are clearly marked with no old paint marks and this happens each time. BTW the north or south lanes always veer right. We noticed this just before a man was killed in a model X and there seems to be some similarity in the description. He had complained about the same thing. I was wondering if all the guidance is visual from the camera or if some might come from GPS satellites? I know that many of the satellites are old and not working properly if at all. They should have been replaced long ago.

I do notice that the lane deviation seems better after the car is washed. Do the radar sensors have any affect on the AP? We keep the window washed all the time, so the camera should be clear. | 19 avril 2018

Another trick to see if your car is using AP is really centered is to turn on the backup camera. You can then get a better view of actual lane centering as the camera is positioned in the center of the car (or at least within a inch or two). I suspect it is mostly a perception issue (I felt it too at first), but it's always possible a one specific car is out of whack.

EVRider | 20 avril 2018

Sometimes my AP1 S85 detects lane markers incorrectly, so you need to make sure the detected markers in the dash correspond to what you can actually see.

For example, today I was driving in a single-lane express lane with concrete barriers on both sides; even though there were painted lane markers on both sides of the lane, the car couldn't see them and was seeing the concrete barriers as the lane markers (I could tell from the distance between the lane markers on the dash).

I've also experienced my car tracking the "wrong" lane marker when driving in or next to an HOV lane separated by a double dashed lane marker, where the double markers are maybe 18 inches apart. When this happens, it's usually after an auto lane change into or out of the HOV lane.

I know these issues are not necessarily the cause of the lane marker bias. I've seen my car drift too close to the right lane at times (the display showed this too), but only for very brief periods of time.

GTA351C | 17 octobre 2018

I also notice a right tendency, most annoying when passing offramps or any turnouts, I'm going straight thank you- why doesn't it follow the left lane? Not sure, don't think it's a political thing! Also when engaging it wants to ramp up to the max speed too quickly if you are in a non-freeway road with curves whatever and no car in front, so I end up scrolling back on the speed thumbwheel quickly to get back to a sane speed for the conditions . . . Just got my Model 3 on 9/28 home delivery ~150 miles from Fremont and finally got EAP enabled about a week ago. . . .

GTA351C | 17 octobre 2018

No V9 yet :-(

BPSoCal | 17 octobre 2018

Agree with the perception comments too. Every time I engage, the wheel tugs towards the right a bit, which is usually the center.

Same issue when HOV lane spits off, AP centers itself on the “wider” lane heading right into the impact barriers for a second until it detects the new lines. I always end up taking over when the markings are not straight.

All in all I believe it to be a slight quirk compared to the benefit that AP provides!

Today I got the flashing white band on top of the screen and the ding for the first time - grabbing the wheel too lightly... nice touch.

pkurland | 18 octobre 2018

Maybe the issue is that centering in the lane isn't really the best way to drive. Normally, I'd drive somewhat further from the one with other vehicles. If on the freeway left lane, closer to the median. If on a two-lane road, closer to the shoulder. AP could be programmed to do that as it knows the type of road its on.
Another option would be a trim control in the AP prefs where you could pick a default variance from exact center.

paul | 18 octobre 2018

I think AP needs to be a little smarter than using a trim control.
I drive on the left (RHD country).
The car feels to me like it hangs to the left a little (mirroring what others have commented on above).
BUT there are different times when you naturally move left or right of the lane.
When I'm passing a big truck... I'll naturally move away from it (but within my lane). If the barrier is particularly
close to my lane, I'll move away from it. As you say, when on the left lane I might hang left a little,
on the right lane I hang right a little.

I think AP needs to up its game.

pcgray.texas | 18 octobre 2018

I have, on several occasions, had to steer away from a potential sideswipe with large trucks on my right. (USA) The car absolutely does cheat to the right f there is a large vehicle on that side. Not your imagination. It can be frightening. The instrument panel clearly shows the "box truck" icon and steers dangerously close to it.

Bighorn | 18 octobre 2018

Yes, it's a bit scary because it's not what you're accustomed to nor have you obviously developed complete trust, but I've not heard of a collision yet in these circumstances. The ultrasonics are judging distance and are known to steer the car out of harm's way were the truck to get close enough.

Bill_75D | 18 octobre 2018

I have had trucks cross the lane line and come within two feet of my mirror when I took over and steered away. I don't have the guts to wait and see if the Tesla would move at the last instant, but it did stubbornly stand it's ground right in the middle of my lane until I swerved.

PBEndo | 18 octobre 2018

The right side bias is definitely not perception in my AP1. It is easy to verify with a convex right side mirror as well as the dash display which often shows my car going over the right side line. If changing lanes to the right my car will often overshoot the next lane by a few inches. This would be understandable if the car "thought" it was still in the lane but wasn't able to discern the markings. It is difficult to understand how the AP program can allow this to happen when it "knows" the car is over the line. Based on the dash graphical display, it knows.

juraj | 12 novembre 2018

Weird i'm getting a bias to the left, ie the inside lane. This is especially worrying when going into a corner and once in a while the car touches the median.

tes-s | 12 novembre 2018

Pretty new to AP2.5, but I also thought it was biased to the right. But closely looking in the right and left mirrors, the car is absolutely perfectly centered in the lane. Just feels like it is favoring the right to me - but it seems in all my years of driving I have been favoring the left.

What it is terrible at is anticipating. It has a hard time staying centered around a curve - always seems to be surprised that the road is curving and is late to respond. Also slow to react to slowing traffic, and aggressive in accelerating when traffic starts going faster. I've tried the different following distances but doesn't seem to help. Maybe when in "chill mode" the TACC should also be in chill mode. With distance set to 4, just maintain between 4 and 8.

TC56 | 15 novembre 2018

Given there are proximity sensors in the car, I would have thought they could use data from those the keep the car away from traffic in adjacent lanes, or at least keep it centred if traffic in both lanes. My RHD car hugs the left hand side of the lane too often with the proximity sensors showing amber and sometimes red. Car seems to ignore this.

vpoz | 15 novembre 2018

It’s better but not eliminated with v9 with the car wandering towards a divider line while not seeming big to try to corr ct it, despite clearly showing on screen that it is wandering away from centre.

moggerhangermark | 1 décembre 2018

Same issue in UK for me, the car is centred in the lane but our UK roads are narrower than NA and when passing a big lorry the amber warning appears beside my car icon showing I am too close - this feels dangerous and unpleasant, so regrettably this is enough to not use autopilot.
I have passed broken down cars on our spare lane for breakdowns on UK motorways (called the hard shoulder) and I'm too close to breakdown trucks, it's dangerously close....
Same experience in v8 and v9
P75D AP2.5 v9.42

dph34uk | 16 septembre 2019

I'm in the UK and my Model S 100D with the latest software definitely tracks to the left of the lane. I've had several drivers on motorways flashing me as I'm too close so it's not just my perception.

EVRider | 16 septembre 2019

@dph34uk: Does the visualization on your dash display show the car tracking to the left? If not, reboot, make sure the windshield in front of the cameras is clean, and if the problem persists, have the car serviced.