Regenerative Braking Limited

Regenerative Braking Limited

Anyone else get this warning? Know what it means? It doesn’t display all the time. When it does is usually goes away quickly.

jeffneil | 15 avril 2018

I’ve had it a couple times in addition to autosteer unavailable and emergency breaking unavailable. Called service they said “software glitch” put the car in sleep and woke it up and it’s fine now. I’m in 2018.12.1.

burdogg | 15 avril 2018

I didn't look at Coastal Cruiser's links - but they probably address it.

But, since I am here - it means that you won't get the full regenerative braking, so therefore the car will roll more than normal (ie more regenerative braking limited, the more it rolls like an ice vehicle when let off the pedal.) The amount of regen that is limited is seen by dashed lines just under the speedometer. Usually it is one long grey line. In the middle of that line is your starting point. When pushed the pedal and use energy, it moves to the right (I think black in color). When you are not using battery, but regening, it moves to the left with green line. So as you follow that line to the left, if regen is limited, you will start to see dotted lines appear, you can only regen up to those dotted lines - so more dotted lines, less regen, more roll of vehicle.

Now reasons for this:
1) your batter is charged 100% - this gives you zero regen so the car will roll exactly like an ICE - this because you can't store the energy anywhere. As you start to use battery, the regen will start to work, but limited.

2) Battery pack too cold. When the battery is cold, it does not have the ability to store energy from regen as well. I won't bore you with details, but suffice it to say, the colder it is, the less regen you have. As you drive and the battery pack warms up, you will get more regen, until it is completely normal. So if you park outside overnight and the temps are say 0 degrees F, you are going to wake up to a car that has almost no regen available. You can preheat the car before you have to leave, which helps warm the battery pack up and thus give you more regen.

Sorry so long, but hopefully that helps you understand this more.

Anthonygonsalvesjr | 15 avril 2018

burdogg. Perfectly concise and makes sense to me now. Thank you.

billlake2000 | 15 avril 2018

@burdogg, thanks for the helpful explanation.

aid000 | 17 avril 2018

Thanks for the clarification - I saw same warning earlier this morning and was checking the forum to see if someone else had it before.

fperegrine | 30 septembre 2018

Great explanation. I've had mine for about a week now and noticed it was set to only charge to ~85%. I could not figure out what the purpose was and changed to 100%. Started driving and got the "regenerative braking limited" warning. I didn't put 2 and 2 together until reading this. You can adjust this limit on the Charging screen (Ref. P 114 User Manual). Now I need to determine if I'd rather have a full charge or immediate full regen. It would seem that I could set it to 99% and get the full regen. One more note I previously drove a BMW I3 which did not have this issue, wonder how they avoided it?

emf4dgs | 30 septembre 2018

@fperegrine: To preserve long-term battery range, you should not charge over 90% regularly. Only charge over 90% if you are going to drive the car for a good distance right away.

peter.watson51 | 30 septembre 2018

While we are talking batteries. I live in a colder winter climate in VT. When the battery is being heated (by energy stored in itself or from being plugged in, to what temperature is the battery being maintained? Thank you if anyone knows.

Bighorn | 30 septembre 2018

Full regen isn’t available if you charge above 90% so charging to 99% to get full regen isn’t a strategy.

Bighorn | 30 septembre 2018

I think in the low 50s F

peter.watson51 | 30 septembre 2018

Thanks Bighorn for your response. Hoping to keep the garage at around that temperature.

Bighorn | 30 septembre 2018

I’ll see some regen limits if my S sits in the low 50s. The 3 has a different battery heating mechanism and while I’ve seen regen limits on the 3 because of cold, I don’t have a sense of the threshold or how quickly it resolves.

theironyuppie | 30 septembre 2018

@burdogg Thanks for the great post. I was already aware of #1 and have kept my M3 capped at 80%, but was unaware of scenario #2.

We have just started having some sub 50 F days here in Nebraska and I noticed my M3's regen braking being limited. I didn't get the actual message box you get when you're chared to 100%, I just noticed varying parts of that left hand bar being dashed instead of solid. I just wanted to confirm this is the same behavior other people have experienced in colder climates.

msmith55 | 2 octobre 2018

Also be aware that battery temperature sensors have been found to be defective or just out of calibration.

mikescmts | 17 octobre 2018

I picked up my M3 Dual Motor in August and have been having these “Regenerative Braking Limited” notifications. I came across this thread and thought someone might be able to tell me if this is normal?

In my case, it does not appear to be temp or charge % related. It happens almost every morning in the same area of a steep and curvy road in the mountains above San Jose/Los Gatos. I’ve had it happen at 50 degrees and at 75 degrees and I am usually charged to ~70%. I’ve tried heating the batteries by charging just before leaving, but still had the notification. I’ve brought it in for service twice and they just tell me I must be charged to 100%, or the battery is below 20 degrees???

It’s a little concerning when you let off the accelerator and the car just glides like it’s in neutral rather than slowing down.

Could someone tell me if this a problem with my new car, or is it normal when traveling down a steep mountain and using a lot of regen?

Thank you!

Bighorn | 17 octobre 2018

The temp threshold is around 55F, not 20 and excessive descents can also limit regen.

mikescmts | 17 octobre 2018

Thank you, Bighorn. So it's not my car... this is a normal notification when driving a steep and curvy decent in a M3?

Bighorn | 17 octobre 2018


mikescmts | 17 octobre 2018


Bighorn | 17 octobre 2018

Its a function of your SOC (state of charge) and battery temperature. You might not see it if the battery were less full. You can experiment with that perhaps to feel better about it.

mikescmts | 17 octobre 2018

Will do. Thanks, Bighorn...

Tesla did check a log of some kind and told me that the notification was because the battery was at 20 degrees (C or F?). Although it happened in September, in California and it was 65F outside. I will have reduce, or limited regen braking on the same stretch of road almost every day.

Once there are more M3's up here in the mountains I will have to see if others have the same issue. In the mean time, I'll try less charge and see what happens.

Bighorn | 17 octobre 2018

I’ve gained up to 22 rated miles coming down a mountain, so perhaps for the sake of more braking predictability and maximum energy capture change up your charging regimen. Having full regen in the twisties is one of the highlights of driving this car. Depending on how close you’re already living on the edge, try 60% or possibly 50%.

mikescmts | 17 octobre 2018

Thanks. I'll try that and see what happens.

Warp Drv | 25 octobre 2018

I've been getting the "Regenerative braking limited" message recently. The battery is never charged above 70% and the outside temperature has been around 50 F. I drove the car for about 15 miles today and the message never went away.

This started happening after my upgrade to 36.2 so I thought it might be related. Other things that have started happening since the upgrade are 1) sometimes my screen is black when I first get in the car. After I back out of the garage, I get the Tesla logo and the screen comes on again. 2) I'm having more problems with my phone as a key. I often have to unlock my phone and activate the Tesla app to get the doors to unlock.

If it is related to the update, I'm hoping that V9 will resolve those issues. has anyone else noticed these problems since the most-recent (non V9) update?

mazers | 25 octobre 2018

I got this message for the first time today. I picked it up at the service center where it was in for glass replacement. I noticed it as soon as I drove off the lot. I'm already on V9. It did get a minor software update (030752 I think) to 40.1. They also charged it to 245 miles. I tried switching between standard and low regen and when I'd select standard I got the warning. I also noticed the dotted line under the gears. Maybe the battery got cold last night as it was probably outside for the first time? I'll check it out tomorrow.

Bighorn | 25 octobre 2018

As alluded to above, you’re describing normal temperature-related regen behavior.

spuzzz123 | 25 octobre 2018

Maybe awd behaves different since both motors can recapture energy but I have yet to notice this limited regen effect on my rwd and we are now down to the low 40s regularly.

Bighorn | 25 octobre 2018

Look at your max regen. My RWD Model S is similarly affected.

mikescmts | 26 octobre 2018

To update from my last comment on 10/17... I have found that if I'm below a 60% charge as I cross over the summit and hit the steep descent, I will most likely not have an issue with significant regen braking loss. If I'm in the low 50% charge range I will have all the regen braking I desire.

It does seem to be software related, though. Before my first software update to 32.2, I was taking the same drive with over a 70% charge and had no regen braking loss. This has changed twice with different updates, so it could be due to limits set within the updates. At least I know how to control it now that I'm on V9, 40.1

This is also interesting.

bj | 26 octobre 2018

Some of the comments BTL in the Electrek article annoyed me - that regen is “bad” because the most efficient way to drive is to not brake, and “coast”. I’ve even seen similar comments here.

Like, yeah, but back in the real world it’s not possible to drive like that 99% of the time because there are other cars around you and unexpected events that require you to use the brake. So when one has to use the brake, then having regen as high as possible is the most efficient solution to maximise energy efficiency. Otherwise the energy is lost as heat and brake pad dust.

There’s no need for regen paddles, dials or other absurdities. One controls regen by the pressure (or lack thereof) applied to the accelerator pedal. You coast by holding the accelerator at the point at which the energy meter shows neither energy consumption or generation. It’s not hard. End of.

Some people just don’t get it.

Trevor.hoyles | 27 octobre 2018

I’ve had my M3 for about a month and never seen the green regen line go past the “N” for Neutral (about an inch from the max). Is the regen braking supposed to be able to max out on that scale? The line isn’t dotted so I know it’s not limited because of battery level (plus I don’t charge over 80%). I’m curious if anyone else has seen their green line hit the max.

Bighorn | 27 octobre 2018

It goes to max when the battery is warmed up.

jjgunn | 27 octobre 2018

Do a couple launches from 0-100 MPH - that'll warm up the battery :-D

wayne | 27 octobre 2018

I think regenerative breaking must be amazingly efficient. I like to drive up and down steep curvey roads in the foothills above Boulder. I will Regen on approach to curves and accelerate aggressively out of them. Efficiency is 300-400 on the way up (graph goes over 600) but I arrive home with efficiency of 270 for the trip. I am quite impressed. P3D+ with 20” winter tires.

Trevor.hoyles | 29 octobre 2018

So I checked to see if I could get the green regen line to reach max by making sure my battery was hot enough while also at a mid state of charge (about 50%). After driving on the interstate at 80 mph, my regen line still peaked about an inch from the end, below the Letter “N” for Neutral. I have spoken with Tesla CS and nobody could confidently answer my question if this was normal or not. Nobody at CS seems to know if the green line should max out when it’s not being limited by charge level or temp. Can anyone on this forum tell me for sure that they have seen their green regen braking line reach the end max point?

Quinten | 29 octobre 2018

I think I got that during right after I updated to the firmware v9 but goes away. I double checked the setting and it was correct set to regular brake regen.

Bighorn | 29 octobre 2018

I already answered that in the affirmative. How long did you drive? Full regen can take 50 miles of driving when it's cold out.

Trevor.hoyles | 29 octobre 2018

@Bighorn. I drove for about an hour between 65 and 80 mph. In general, am I understanding that most of the time when out for short distances I shouldn’t expect to get max brake regen? I would have thought that it would be like the torque meter on the right. It doesn’t take very long for my battery to warm up enough to get the acceleration (torque) line to reach max when I floor it.

andy.maahs | 8 novembre 2018

Whatever they did to the regen in the V9 update is really bad. They turned it way down and if you watch it while you're coasting its feathering the regen the whole time. If you can't figure out how to feather the accelerator, then you should set it to low yourself. TESLA - don't make the rest of us frustrated for the small few. At least give us a button to turn it back up to the max. I was very accustomed to exiting the highway and letting the regen slow the car down all the way to the stop light at the bottom of the exit. If you try that now - you'll barely slow down.


Bighorn | 8 novembre 2018

Regen takes much longer to restore to full with a cold soaked battery. Power comes back pretty quick.

sosmerc | 8 novembre 2018

Perhaps Tesla is thinking ahead to the days when they might need to make money off of service (ie: brake service and pad replacement :).........
I can only imagine that things like "track mode" Ludicrous Mode, etc are going to generate more wear and tear...$$

Bighorn | 8 novembre 2018

I’ve had 5 long winters of reduced regen and my brake pads are down 1mm, so 7 of 8 mm remain. It’s to protect the battery, not generate brake pad sales.

ODWms | 8 novembre 2018

I’m not seeing any of the regen issues people are reporting. It’s just as strong as before.

rtb_tesla | 15 novembre 2018

I see this nearly every morning at outside temps around 30, garage temp around 60. I also see it in the afternoon when temps are around 55. I also see it when descending long hills (live in mountains). It only come on briefly but regen isn’t as strong after seeing it. Like Warp Drv. I also have issues with phone unlocking not always working.

gwhiteh | 21 novembre 2018

I live outside of Seattle and noticed this message for Limited Regen for the last week or 2, our nights for the last 2 weeks are mid to low 30's, the garage is low 50's. Thanks for all of the info on this I was about to call Tesla for an appointment. I usually see the message when I startup or backing out of the garage, although today it showed up while driving down a10% grade to the freeway. I also only charge to about 85%.

nick | 22 novembre 2018

I've had the same thing for the past couple of weeks. Regenerative braking limited, and a dashed line for the last third or so of the energy use/regeneration indicator. It has gone away occasionally after driving a while, but mostly this is the new standard. Ambient temperature greater than 60 F, battery not near 90%. I think it's a recent software update glitch. Hope they fix it soon.

tesla2 | 26 novembre 2018

@Trevor.hoyles, I don't think others fully understood your question - they seem to be focused on the concept of regeneration being limited (represented with dashed line to the left) versus your question of the entire line turning green during max regeneration (when regeneration is not limited).

I am with you, even when regeneration is not limited I don't see entire left side of the line turn green, it always falls well short of going all the way to the left.

Bighorn | 26 novembre 2018

Ambient temperature is moot. It’s the battery temp wherever it’s been sitting. Threshold in mid 50s. Nothing to fix—that’s the design for battery protection.

steve.grossenbacher | 1 décembre 2018

One side note you many not have realized, you can swipe left on the regen battery message and minimize the notification to just an icon.

Saw it for the first time today myself. 52F outside in the morning. Took about 30 min worth of driving to warm up battery and clear dotted lines on charge bar.

Looks like you’ll only get the message if the dots are about half way. As dots lessen the message goes away