12 Month Delay in Lower Priced Model X

12 Month Delay in Lower Priced Model X

How do people feel about Elon Musk's tweet over the weekend indicating that the lower priced Model X will not be available for 12 months? I am extremely disappointed by this. I reserved a car close to three years ago (#1,938). I do not need the 40 miles of extra range nor do I want to spend $13,000 for something I do not need. I have held on to a now 10 year old Volvo XC90 waiting for the X to be released and the thought of waiting another year is excruciating. For the first time in three years, I am actually considering buying a different car (I really like the new XC90).

carlk | 5 ottobre 2015

Yes go get the XC90 or even the equally lame Cayenne if you can have it sooner and cheaper. As much as we don't like it that's how the capicalist system works.

Tâm | 5 ottobre 2015


I guess you have never heard of the word "soon" around here!

12 months is not bad if you've been hanging around here long enough.

carlk | 5 ottobre 2015

Just to clarify what I meant that's how the capitalist system works. In order to recoupe the large R&D costs already spent Tesla needs to got the most profit out of the initial limited number of cars it can produce, which means selling the top models only at this moment. Without doing this and early adopters willing to pay the rest probably would never be getting the car they want anyway.

matt | 5 ottobre 2015

I'm in the same boat. I have the Volvo XC60 and have been on the wait list for 2.5 years and don't want the higher priced models. I don't need 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Excited to get the Tesla X but likely to have other just as good options by the time I get it. That tweet really depressed me. WHY doesn't Tesla care about buyers who have some financial restraints?

tomgibson9 | 5 ottobre 2015

carik - I get what you are saying. It's just that I can't feel a little baited and switched. If you track all of Tesla's and Musk's comments related to pricing, never once did they mention only higher priced models would be released for some period of time. If I had some indication I would be required to spend close to $100,000 before incentives, I would have gone in a different direction long ago. Remember too when us early reservation holders put our money down, Fisker was folding and Tesla was not certain. We put money at risk years ago and are now being treated unfairly at the last minute. I hope Tesla reverses course or that the price is somewhat lower once they release specific general production pricing.

LesGreen | 5 ottobre 2015

I for one don't buy it. How is it that all new comers who are willing to put down 132k+ for an X get there's before people who been on the list for at least a year? Is Tesla letting anyone order and buy a Signature series now while standard production X reservation holders get pushed further down a queue? Are they offering an large amount of unsold Signature series X's? Why hold off for the few when the many are looking for the standard production X? Holding off the production X just doesn't pass the common sense test to me.

andyxiao | 5 ottobre 2015

If any of you thinking to cancel, can I take over your reservation? I feel so bad for all of you put your money to help Musk build the X and now been left behind. All of you put your money for years should be at first priority doesn't matter what your option is. I got my S almost one year and consider to order the X, and this is back my off.

dortor | 5 ottobre 2015

if a vendor does something you don't like then don't buy their product. Simple.

SamO | 5 ottobre 2015

This is like a repeat of the Model S release all over again. Signature, fully loaded vehicles were delivered first.

Then regular 85kW.

Then 60kW.

Then 40kW.

If you didn't realize this was going to happen, then you really haven't been paying attention.

Enjoy your $50,000 (to start) XC90 and 25mpg fuel economy.

Should run you an additional $20,000 over the next 10 years for fuel. Unless you live in Europe and I'd expect your fuel bill to double.

Ankit Mishra | 5 ottobre 2015

If you want the least expensive option you will have to wait. A new product ramps up slowly and in the beginning instead of churning out base Models they are making the high end ones for people who gave $40,000 years ago. If you can wait for 1 year you will have one of greatest cars ever built, if you can shell out extra money for 90D you can have car soon (remember you will keep SOC at 90% so effective range is 225 miles) or you can go buy some other car. I hope the best for you. | 5 ottobre 2015

I'm in for a 90D for about $100K.

DTsea | 5 ottobre 2015

Model S was exactly the same. It was 8 months from first delivery before the first 60 delivery.

This is still a business. Want it sooner? Pay more.

TonyInNH | 5 ottobre 2015

I believe this has more to do with the message on the X page for the longest time saying 'available in multiple batter options' or something to that affect. Many people, including me, placed reservations based on that only to hear 'available in a 90KWH now, more to follow in another year or so'.

eVader | 5 ottobre 2015

Priority was given to Model S P85s and again with P85Ds and one would expect the same trend for the Model X.

ir | 5 ottobre 2015

> "the lower priced Model X will not be available for 12 months?"

When you use the more correct term "lowest price", it takes the sting and sensationalism out of the post.

My definition of "lower" is a no frills MX 90D. I will not need 12 months to see those rolling off the line.

NumberOne | 5 ottobre 2015

Elon was specifically referring to 'something like' a Model X 70D. There might be another lower priced version, with less than 90kWh pack available at a lower price before the passage of 12 months.

Mel. | 5 ottobre 2015

Has anyone seen Elon's tweet? What did he say?

ir | 5 ottobre 2015

Mel: Just scroll down the forum, there is a whole discussion on it:

Mel. | 5 ottobre 2015

ir, thanks. I thought Elon was responding to chargingtimes. Maybe , referring to model Y.
Has it been decided that the x will only come equipped with 90 and only a 90?

NumberOne | 5 ottobre 2015

This year for sure only a 90. They have not announced the rest yet, so there is little point guessing. For the next 3-6 months, expect nothing lower than a 90. Tesla is likely going by their prior sales history, not just the fact the 90 has a higher margin. Most sales for the Model S prior to the release of the 90kWh pack were 85s. Demand for the 40 was so low that they stopped offering it early on. There was sufficient demand for the 60 to keep producing it until they started the 70D. It may appear that Tesla is simply doing it for margins, but it really is to maximize efficiency and output.

carlk | 5 ottobre 2015


This is like a repeat of the Model S release all over again. Signature, fully loaded vehicles were delivered first.

Then regular 85kW.

Then 60kW.

Then 40kW.

If you didn't realize this was going to happen, then you really haven't been paying attention.

Enjoy your $50,000 (to start) XC90 and 25mpg fuel economy.

Porsche got the hot Mecan but you can only buy the S or Turbo versions now. The same thing when Porsche first introduced hot selling Cayenne or Cayman. You want the base model? You'll have to wait, a year of more. Yes that's the unfair world we're living. Now you understand why your mom told you to study hard and get a good job so you can enjoy better things in life. | 5 ottobre 2015

Maybe what Elon is thinking is that to take a big chunk out of the cost and price of the baseline Model X, he will need Li-ion cells produced in Nevada. That is one possible inference from the 12 month utterance. Maybe an X80D with 225 miles range and an 80 kWh battery pack that costs $10K less than today's 90 kWh pack loaded with Panasonic cells from Asia???? That could knock $13K off the base price. Let's say that a stripped down X90D prices out at $80-85K. That could be lowered under $70K with the assumptions above. At the same time the Baseline S could experience a similar price cut. That would shake things up.

Jonathangarner | 5 ottobre 2015

@carlK " Now you understand why your mom told you to study hard and get a good job so you can enjoy better things in life."
@carlk, don't be a tool, that's @vperl's job.

carlk | 5 ottobre 2015

@Jonathangarner Did you mom also tell you to have some sense of humor so you won't be looked at as a fool?

Sleepydoc1 | 5 ottobre 2015

Hi Tom,

My current XC90 built in 2003 under Ford ownership cost me just over $50k 12 years ago. At 19 mpg overall average (for a 5 cylinder at that!)and 210,000 miles, I've bought 11,000 gallons of premium gas. A lot of that time in CA has been over $3.50 a gallon, so roughly $39,000 in fuel. Add to that $18,000 in various engine service and items not found in an electric car, and without adding inflation, I have a cost of ownership of almost $110,000 over 12 years. Now you can get a decently stocked new XC90, built under Chinese ownership, with even more things that can go bad under the hood for $70k or so at $4 a gallon of gas and in 10 years you will probably of paid more for the Volvo than the Tesla (made in CA, USA). If you only want the car for only a couple years, then that is your choice. Overall, all that money for a Tesla is basically your cost of ownership paid up front. You can send your money to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, or China or you can (assuming you are American) keep it here in the USA.

Res #14,xxx and waiting patiently

Jonathangarner | 5 ottobre 2015

@carlk, seems like an odd time to utilize your sense of humor, given the disappointed loyal reservation holders' concerns, but i will take you at your word. I hope they laughed. I guess I just know funny. I retract my tool comment.

Mel. | 6 ottobre 2015

Yes, I think you are right.maybe a 70/75 six to nine months out.

jamestily | 6 ottobre 2015

Don't forget, latter part of 2016 is for reserving now. Lower reservation numbers will be delivered sooner. I hope more options are opened up when signature cars are finished.

Pungoteague_Dave | 6 ottobre 2015

I don't believe there will ever be a sub-$90k MX, or that there will be a smaller battery offer.

Mel. | 6 ottobre 2015

If a smaller battery in not offered , that would translate to me that Tesla has fantastic demand for the 90.

TeslaLABlue | 6 ottobre 2015

This cracks me up. If you have been following the company...expect the unexpected, expect delays.

I have an S60 and its great for road-trips anywhere in Southern Cal, but I am surprised that the X would have anything less than a 90 due to extra weight and higher profile. If anything something larger should come out in a year and the 90 will be the cheap option.

I bought the S60 knowing that in 3 years I would get a new Model S with at least a 90 pack.
Back then I was thinking a model S would start around $55,000... but I ended up spending $90,000.

So no one complains about the Model 3 release. Expect with options to spend $45k and possibly $50k....and later (possibly 6-9 months) a smaller battery option for $35k..........
If it does not happen that way great! But don't complain if you have to wait for a lower cost Model 3 lol

dprice3024073 | 6 ottobre 2015

I get the frustration from the OP and others that feel the same way, but what Tesla is doing is reasonable and necessary for the financial viability of the company... exactly what they should be doing. I think the fairest thing for Tesla to do is allow reservation holders that want a smaller batter to maintain their position in line for when new battery options are available. They still get their product when it is available and they benefit from their loan to Tesla as should be expected.

carlk | 6 ottobre 2015

I'm sure Tesla will let reservation holders to defer purchase until the lower priced models are released. Or it could let people to configure and wait for production of these cars are ready.

NumberOne | 6 ottobre 2015

When I made my reservation it was my intention to get the largest available battery pack, which turns out to be 90kWh. It would be great if I could configure and confirm already even though I have no clue when I am actually getting the car.

Ankit Mishra | 6 ottobre 2015

plz staph.

NumberOne | 6 ottobre 2015

Lots of articles like this one on Marketwatch. I am not sure it would help, but perhaps letting the standard production begin to make reservations and announcing the price might help a little to slow all this bad press..

Tâm | 6 ottobre 2015


3 years before Model S came out, the price was revealed as under $50,000 ($49,900 after rebate.)

We all know that's a barebone city-car price and you might want to double up that price if you want performance.

Are you suggesting that Tesla should promise a fake low price for Model X early, not a true lower price later?

carlk | 6 ottobre 2015

We don't even know price of the first release P90D/90D yet. We just need to be a little more patient and wait until a little more is known. Comparing the loaded signature price to that of the S I don't think it will be that much higher as it's been floating around financial articles lately.

NumberOne | 6 ottobre 2015

Of course I must have been dreaming when I wrote my prior post, but what I meant to say, letting standard production reservation holders configure. I have had my reservation for since 2012. I do not mean they should promise a fake low price, but I have seen too many articles focusing on the $132 starting price of the Sig version.

They can 'promise' a starting price at whatever level they estimate would be realistic/feasible, like perhaps $75k. It could state lower priced versions of Model X will be released in the near future at an estimated $75k before incentive. This would give some people the peace of mind that they may be able to afford a future version within about 1 year. They can then make it so bare bone that people will have to add at least one option, and make something like the third row seats an option for the absolute base model.

johnse | 7 ottobre 2015

The people who are able to configure there cars right now are the ones who put down $40,000 to get in the early "Signature" queue--which has been sold out for well over a year and with a long waiting list. Estimates are that the US Signature queue is for about 1200 vehicles. You'll see some people listing Signature reservation numbers of 1400 or more--but that's because of some who got in via the wait list when original signature holders canceled.

Canada, Europe, and various other regions have their own (smaller) signature queues.

After the Signature holders, the production reservation queue starts and is estimated to have more than 20,000 active reservations--possibly has high as 30,000. No-one but Tesla knows the exact numbers. Each one of these reservations included a $5,000 deposit.

So, no, no-one can jump ahead of others even if they want to pay 140K+ for a Ludicrous P90D.

Gayatrikr | 7 ottobre 2015

I dont understand why tesla shud even cinsider anything less than 90kwh given that even that gets only 257 rated miles
Lower batteries would not b practical

f-tal | 7 ottobre 2015

Tesla has designed a very impressive CUV with the model X. It has a lot of new things, and some improvements over the S. Simple things like door storage, rear seat vents, adjustable seat belts, and complex things like panoramic windshields, FW doors, and motorized front doors (um, ok?). All of these have taken time and effort to design, source, and manufacture. They have to pay for that somehow. If the model X where a CUV-sized model S, with the same interior refinement, it would have been done 1-2 years ago, and priced comparibly to the model S. That is not what the Model X is, in my opinion. It is another generation of vehicle for Tesla. It may drive like an S, and have a lot of the same dash, but the rest of the interior is new. I do not expect it to be priced similar to a S70 for a few years at least, if ever. If that is what you are waiting for, and aren't prepared to wait indefinitely, perhaps you should consider a model S, model 3, or maybe a model Y (depending on if it is a CUV based model 3 or not). The model 3 is supposed to start production in 2 years, and the 'smaller X', if there is such a thing, it a least 12 years out. I suspect there may be no motivation to provide a smaller X if the Model 3(Y?) will already cover that market.

vandacca | 7 ottobre 2015

@Gayatrikr, I remember seeing a statistic once that most (e.g. over 90%) Americans don't commute more than 50 miles a day, everyday of the year. The only exception is for those that go on driving vacations. A 200+ mile BEV (e.g. 75kWh) would be perfect for most people, and due to it's lower battery weight, it will actually have a better MPGe than the 90kWh version.

carlk | 7 ottobre 2015

@Gayatrikr It's all relative. People buy Leaf and other EV with only one third of the 90D range too. Make do with 200 mile range to save ~$13K could be an attractive proposition to many.

Pungoteague_Dave | 8 ottobre 2015

If you put a Honda Odyssey next to a Model X in a blind test with no insignia and no test drive, the Honda would win hands down - better features, more complete interior, more user-friendly in every way, and it has a vacuum. The rear seats fold not just flat, but into the floor. The second row folds down or removes entirely. You can get child-friendly things that you cannot buy for any price in an X, such as rear entertainment systems and sunshades. If you add in a test drive, a small portion of the public might select the X instead, but the fact is that Tesla forgot the objective for this car. Parents with kids do not care about acceleration. They care about safety, but there are plenty of highly-rated minivans and Crossovers that cost a fraction of this disaster, and perform the daily function of a CUV or minivan far better.

Son of a Gunn | 9 ottobre 2015

I don't think Tesla's goal was to make a minivan. SUVs sell, so they went after that segment. Calling it a soccer mom car is just icing. People who want an X5 or Q5 will get the X instead.

primetime98 | 9 ottobre 2015

I don't know but is it that unreasonable to wait a year for the lower battery, I imagine they are supply restrained without the Gigafactory coming online. A year would put them at next September. I think the pricing will be low enough for the 90D that depending on options it won't be too restrictive. Maybe that's the "fan" in me, but Tesla seems to know manufacturing wise where it is going, without the Giga and two separate model lines(S and X) I think the X is at 90 for awhile longer.

priustech | 9 ottobre 2015

I always find PD's comments funny, such as comparing Model S autopilot to the F150 with... Wait for it... a grand total of two ultrasonic sensors and its oh so advanced 4.2" instrument panel screen. Or extolling the Prius autopilot (only radar cruise). The X is a technological tour de force, which in terms of storage did not meet that expectation. It is the coolest vehicle on the planet.

The only so called fails are the timing of the Model X and the second row seats- which won't end up being a factor for the majority of peoples' needs.

By the way PD, you may want to bring the Ford F-150 in to the shop- there's a recall on it to prevent mistakened auto braking.

carlk | 9 ottobre 2015


If you put a Honda Odyssey next to a Model X in a blind test with no insignia and no test drive,

No test drive? My $6000 living room set would win hands down. So silly!

tomgibson9 | 9 ottobre 2015

Thanks to everyone for your posts on this topic. I was the original poster. The sarcastic and nasty messages aside, the mature posts have helped spur a discussion and thoughts surrounding this. First, let me say shame on me for not really understanding or researching Tesla's previous launches. It makes total sense they would clear the high dollar orders first. I should have anticipated this. Second, I share the hope of previous posters that the price comes in somewhat less than anticipated ($93k for base 90kwh), in which case I would pull the trigger now at the higher cost. If not, I will drive my 10 year old Volvo another year in anticipation for what looks like the coolest and safest SUV on the road.