2014 Car of the Year

2014 Car of the Year

Sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office I picked up the Motor Trend and Autoweek magazines to see that Cadillac CTS and Chevy Corvette were the 2014 car of the year, respectfully.

Then it dawned on me, the Tesla Model S, 2013 COY, will never be a future COY since they do not have "new" cars each model year, just continually updated/upgraded cars.

I also see Cadillac has been maximizing the publicity of their COY. I think it's a shame Tesla didn't do the same last year.

Mathew98 | 8 gennaio 2014

The showrooms were handing out COTY reprint as mini brochures last year.

TM really didn't need to advertise to sell out of the inventory for 2013 calendar year. TM may eventually need to run ads for G3 for the masses.

AmpedRealtor | 8 gennaio 2014

What are you talking about? Tesla marketed the hell out of getting car of the year award! It was on their web site, in their galleries, and all over the media and press. I don't know how much more exposure you could get.

Mathew98 | 8 gennaio 2014

@AR - @Velo meant paid TV and radio ads.

olanmills | 8 gennaio 2014

"I don't know how much more exposure you could get."
Well hopefully your day job does not involve marketing lol.

JZ13 | 8 gennaio 2014

Elon has stated that the cars will get a full refresh about every 8 years. In between those years we can look forward to COTY for the X, the E, the pick-up truck etc.

AmpedRealtor | 8 gennaio 2014

@ olanmills,

Actually I owned and operated a very successful boutique marketing and branding firm in Seattle for a few years. I was speaking from the standpoint of the type of marketing Tesla has been doing, which is basically media attention, word of mouth, social media, web site, and guerrilla marketing. Tesla gets a tremendous amount of press and attention without needing to spend a dime on advertising. Given how much Tesla spends on marketing, they absolutely could not have gotten more or better bang for their buck.

Velo1 | 8 gennaio 2014

Yes, I know TM marketed the hell out of COY, and I should have qualified it as not marketing on TV/Radio. But that wasn't the main point of the post, as my point was diluted by my add-on comment on marketing. Please ignore that portion.

I should have stopped after saying the Model S will not be entering future COY sweepstakes since they don't have model years per se.

AmpedRealtor | 8 gennaio 2014

Actually Tesla does have model years from the standpoint of taxes, registration, and what is listed on your title document. Vehicles currently shipping are considered 2014 model years, even though Tesla does not market them as such. Motortrend's COY selection has nothing to do with this.

PaceyWhitter | 8 gennaio 2014

I doubt Motor Trend would exclude it based on a technicality. The year after it's refresh (whenever that happens) I'm sure the MS will be eligible for the award.

PapaSmurf | 8 gennaio 2014

For consideration in most of the "COY" awards from various publications, they only need to be a refresh. So we are likely looking at 2016 or so for the Model S refresh. Elon has mentioned 3-4 years for the refresh.

The Model X should be the big story in late 2014 and early 2015 for those awards. I suspect the Falcon Wings and electric dual motor AWD will get everyone wet in the pants.

NKYTA | 8 gennaio 2014

There is some "advertising" going on. There is a Model S inside San Jose airport for those walking by to ogle at.

jordanrichard | 8 gennaio 2014

Word of mouth advertising is the cheapest and best advertising. Tesla is getting plenty of it. Name the last car that got glowing praise from multiple magazines. COTY is an award from just one magazine and it's only good for one year. Next year it will be a different car and the Caddy will be forgotten. I think each new model Tesla comes out with in the next few years will get the same amount of press. If you build a great product, they will come.

Roamer@AZ USA | 8 gennaio 2014

The S is the only car I have ever owned that I give test drives because people show so much interest in the car and want to know all about it. I think Tesla's number one sales tool is existing owners. I can't think of another car on the planet that has so many owners so happy to talk about and explain the car.

Kind of takes some of the glimmer off the COY when a butt ugly Cadillac and a warmed over Corvette reincarnation get the nod. 2014 looks to be a low point if that's the best the car world can come up with. GM must have bought a load of advertising to pull that off.

I.C.E.Stalker | 9 gennaio 2014

Hi Velo1...
I have a correction to your post. Chevrolet Stingray didn't win Car of the Year. Cadillac CTS did.
Autoweek selected Chevrolet Stingray as "Best of the Best/Car: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette.
Thought you should know..

Brian H | 9 gennaio 2014

You can't buy free advertising. By definition.