3 Month Tesla Repair

3 Month Tesla Repair

This week marks three months since I was rear ended in my lovely P85. The car had 1200 miles on it. And it still has 1200 miles on it! Maybe one or two more as it has been shuttled back and forth from the Tesla Approved body shop to the Tesla service center for the past 90+ days. Don't get me wrong I love the car., least I think I do. I can't really remember much about it. The problem is parts, I am told. They just didn't have the body parts available. Tesla certainly shines a bright light on the future of automobiles, I just wish they would take care of those of us that bought today.

tobi_ger | 17 luglio 2013

Did you get a MS loaner at least? Sorry to hear about the delays.

c.defaria | 17 luglio 2013

I didn't. Wast offered one.

Docrob | 17 luglio 2013

I'd escalate this with an email to GB, this is not the customer experience they want at all. Obviously with 400+ cars coming off the line a week they have the parts it just seems that someone has decided this is not a priority. I'm fairly sure GB will see it differently and make things happen.

earlyretirement | 17 luglio 2013

Just out of curiosity, what does your insurance pay for you to drive while your MS is in the shop? Or since you were rear ended I assume it was the other person's fault. What do they have you driving until yours is done?

Did Tesla give you ANY estimate at all about how long it might take to get the parts?

Brian H | 17 luglio 2013

Jerome is the new National Service Manager. See Teslive.

c.defaria | 17 luglio 2013

It is suppose to be ready in the next three weeks. Problem is that the damages exceeded the other guys policy so my insurance is now covering. They won't provide a rental. I do have another car so I am mobile. Who is GB?

justineet | 17 luglio 2013

Can u tell us what state ur in and which service center u went to?? If not it's will be difficult to give ur story full credibility given this is an internet forum open to all including imposters.

c.defaria | 17 luglio 2013

I am in So Cal
The car is at the Santa Monica service center and Avio Coach Works

Bighorn | 17 luglio 2013

GB = George Blankenship

skulleyb | 17 luglio 2013

Avio Coach Works, has so many Teslas setting around in various states of sadness.
Mine is there to for minor issues.

Reilly McHugh | 17 luglio 2013

Mine had 315 miles on it when I was hit by a bus (not as bad as it sounds)'s now been 2 weeks and it 10000% wasn't my fault and I still don't have a rental...because I don't have one on my policy...luckily I have another car but I am pushing for a nice rental from their insurance if they ever accept liability... Any advice to speed up this joke of an insurance company (catholic mutual group) would be appreciated. Car is at Queen City auto rebuild in Redmond, wa. My insurance (safeco)has gotten the car repair process going regardless of what the other insurance says but they can't help me with the rental. Told me to go rent and save reciepts...hate that because I know I will never get reimbursed 100%....grrrrrr

justineet | 17 luglio 2013

Thx u know what part(s) they were waiting for?? It seems they need to fix their parts inventory system in connection with service/repairs. Especially if the part is being made by Tesla itself, I don't see any good reason they should be short of parts for repairs.

c.defaria | 17 luglio 2013

I agree. The parts were all body and trim. Quarter panels and lift gate. Now I am waiting for them to reprogram the electronics. Joke is that I drove the car in.

justineet | 17 luglio 2013

I believe those r all parts made by u concur??

c.defaria | 17 luglio 2013

Yes. I know they are.

justineet | 17 luglio 2013 seems they r overly focused on meeting their delivery targets at the expense of service. They need to find a way to balance that better to meet the needs of service too.

mrspaghetti | 17 luglio 2013

I would have to say this is one of the more valid and well-presented complaints I've seen on the forums. The OP gave the situation plenty of time before posting, and then posted an informative account of what happened and what the problem is, without exaggeration, accusation or excessive whining.

This post might actually help improve things. Good job c.defaria.

negarholger | 17 luglio 2013

"Joke is that I drove the car in" - what is the meaning of this ?.

I would send Jerome a nice note discribing your story... the only reason for that is he needs to know so he can fix it. Maybe he is not aware of your specific case. I had a similar situation about a week in ownership... the car was 21 days in service and was waiting for 19 days for a single spare part with the factory across the bay.
The service inefficency here is that my car blocks a spot in the shop for 19 days and instead of 10 man hours it takes 500 man hours to get my car fixed and out of the shop. Jerome understands that... and if 20 needed spare parts result in 90 days of repairs then he needs to know.

justineet | 17 luglio 2013

A little weird thing is on daily basis they should be able to make different parts including body parts at much faster rate than they consume daily on production. So it's reasonable to assume they should have these parts somewhere stored in their inventory... I find that kinda of strange.

Mog | 17 luglio 2013

I have had a similar experience for getting parts for mine. Six days after I got the car (P07777) I was rear-ended fairly gently, but despite that the bumper and the trim below it need to be replaced. I went to my favorite body shop here in Sunnyvale. They requested the two parts back in May, and they received the bumper (cover, the painted part) but have yet to receive the trim piece below the bumper. Thankfully, I've had the car the whole time, and the problems aren't too noticeable. My guess is that the parts were ordered around the 3rd week of May.

My contact at the shop says that when he ordered the bumper, it was delivered to the Menlo Park service center from Fremont and then shipped to him. (For those who don't know these are all nearby each other in the Bay Area). The trim piece has not been delivered despite his repeated requests. I sure he's more frustrated than I am.

BTW, when I first had the accident, I talked the the Menlo Park service center and they recommended going directly to the a certified body shop a bit further north since there was nothing they could "do" at the SC. Maybe going to the certified shop would have been better despite the greater distance to get there since they've presumably had more dealings with Tesla.

I will also add that I've dealt with this body shop on two other occasions and they are the top rated shop on yelp for the area. Very professional. Sadly my G35 was also rear-ended on May 31 and was in the shop on June 10th and out by the 12th, nicely detailed.

negarholger | 17 luglio 2013

justineet - that is typical for a new mfg team... they really don't know their job yet - needs some time to grow. I've started nine complex factories and in the beginning the story is always the same - folks are insecure about their authority. Currently I am in a mature manufacturing... if I need something the mfg manager can tell me in 2 seconds if I can have it or not. If I get a no then I escalate him to the low boss and if low boss says yes then he is covered if production runs short that week - no hard feelings, just business. That process on a low level isn't working yet at TM... that will take about 2 years to start emerging ( YE 2014 ).

ppape | 17 luglio 2013

GB is George Blackenship. VP of Sales & Owner Experience

Jerome Guillen is Director of Service.

I agree with above advice. Both of these guys need an email from you detailing your situation. Based on the email pattern used with our guy at the service center, I am guessing it will likely be and

Jerome has a meeting every day at 5pm to review unusual service cases. I think yours will qualify based on the lengthly delay you've experienced.

Good Luck. Keep us posted on their reply.


justineet | 17 luglio 2013

@kleist......I see what ur seeing but it seems to me their parts manufacturing department should have some matrix to meet the needs of both production and service readily via inventory. In general I don't think it should be per order from higher up or anyone.

Kit-60kWh now 85D | 17 luglio 2013

My repair went from the one week estimate to six weeks actual, thanks to the shop finding more parts they needed to replace once they started dismantling my car. Since my car still could be driven, I hadn't taken her in until the first parts were in hand The weekend before they'd have had the car longer than I had had it, I wrote Elon Musk and reassuring phone calls started. Definitely a parts shortage issue. They know, they care, .... Well, I have had Tessie again now for six weeks and I have no doubt the wait was worthwhile. And I definitely feel your pain.

negarholger | 17 luglio 2013

@justineet - absolutely... that is exactly what Jerome needs to fix.
That was always part of my job... today we resolved this situation - tomorrow they come again with a very similar issue... why are you asking? That is in your authority - go and solve in the same spirit as we solved it yesterday. It takes quite a bit of iterations before that sinks in and becomes part of the routine. And you have 3000 or so people and all it takes is some good guidance and patience.

SamO | 17 luglio 2013

blaNkenship NOT blackenship

Mathew98 | 18 luglio 2013

I've been waiting for a window and a passenger door handle replacement since I picked up the car about a month ago. Yes, it was delivered with a scratch visibly in place. And the paint on the rear liftgate wasn't cured properly and have some bubbles across 4 inches span.

I do understand that this is the first model year so I'm willing to cut TM some slack for delivering cars with minor issues. The wait for the replacement parts isn't nearly as bad for me since I'm still driving my MS daily despite the cosmetic defects. The car perform extremely well and I'm loving every minute driving it (even in traffic)!

However, I will not drop off the car at my local service center unless they get the parts and have another MS loaner ready for me to use. Until then, I have been flooring my MC red every chance I get.

I'll do it all over again even had I known the issues with my car before delivery.

Theresa | 18 luglio 2013

c.defaria, Are you sure that you are not copying my story? ;) This is exactly where I am as well. Not quite three months yet for me but rear ended as well and all I need to complete the repair is a lift arm strut. I know the body shop is as frustrated as I am since the car is taking up space in their facility. My experience is in Chicago.

Mathew98 | 18 luglio 2013

Beware of tailgaters. Here in NYC, there are tons of drivers staring at my MS's behind and taking pictures instead of paying attention and drive! I normally leave a few feet of space in front of me and slowly creep forward as the drive behind me gets too close for comfort. I use the rear view camera to gauge their distance from my rear end).

Don't call me loony unless you experience this phenomenon yourself...

Theresa | 18 luglio 2013

Mine was even worse than tailgaters. I had come to a complete stop as well as the person behind me. Since the area was blind I started to creep forward to see if it was clear and when I did that the pickup truck behind me started moving and apparently only looked left and not forward until he stopped cuz he hit me.

Theresa | 18 luglio 2013

I am thoroughly impressed!! I contacted George and Jerome. In less than an hour I had a response apologizing for the delay from Jerome. And this is before 7:00 am California time. Apparently they track all cars that are in for repair and it seems my car didn't get on the list. Jerome is looking into where the process broke down.

Theresa | 18 luglio 2013

Update, The parts are in and the car is expected to be complete by the weekend.

tobi_ger | 18 luglio 2013

Excellent news, glad to hear. Have a great weekend! :)

lt | 18 luglio 2013

Unfortunately you are not alone. I am having a similar experience. After someone rear-ended me, I had to wait over six weeks to get the parts. Luckily, I could still drive the car. But now, it has been in the shop for over a month as they attempt to repair the noisy pano roof for the third time. Telsa really needs to solve these part and service problems. It is a great car. I just wish I could drive it.

ylyubarsky | 18 luglio 2013

The same thing is here. I was rear ended and now I was told it will take over a month to fix rear bumper. The shop estimated over $ 18,000 in parts and labor. It's crazy. There is also no paint available and the shop has to mix and match the color. Unbelievable. And Tesla recommended me this shop.

Brian H | 18 luglio 2013

10 lashes for Jerome with a wet live cable! >:(

justineet | 19 luglio 2013

18K seems too steep to me for a bumper accident unless there was also significant damage to main body too.......

Brian H | 19 luglio 2013

Crumple zones are great for safety. For body repairs, not so much.

Docrob | 19 luglio 2013

18k makes me suspicious the rear end of your battery pack may have been damaged too.

redders | 19 luglio 2013

"Brian H: 10 lashes for Jerome with a wet live cable! >:(
HUH? How 'bout 10 compliments for taking care of something within 12 hrs of finding out about it?

Tesla need to fix the process, so that everything gets on his list, but it sounds as if he is handling the list.

redders | 19 luglio 2013

misread - sorry 1 hr

Michael S | 19 luglio 2013

Wow, and I was bummed when I scratched the passenger side rims.....

Brian H | 19 luglio 2013

jeez, I hate explaining jokes.

y was incredulous and ticked the paint match wasn't immediately available, etc. Jerome's goal and mandate is to make 'all customers completely happy.' Tough challenge, here.

The lashes were intended as an excessive, probably fatal, rebuke. For y, probably not sufficient!

Andy-Mac | 24 luglio 2013


Please contact me directly with your concerns regarding the repair of your vehicles or the Tesla Body Repair Program” or if you have any questions and i will do my best to answer and resolve them as quickly as possible.


Andy MacDonald
Tesla Body Repair Program Manager

Mark K | 24 luglio 2013

A thought -

It might be worth considering a centralized body repair service at the factory.

This may be less work for TM than training/stocking/communicating with heterogeneously skilled independent facilities. The trucking cost may be considerably less than the other costs.

Most customers would also feel better about a factory verified repair.

Because this is new tech, it may make sense to defer the body shop liason program until the volume is at Gen III level.

Stories of $18K repairs is also not helpful to the brand.

Personally, I would far prefer the factory handle it.

Andy-Mac | 24 luglio 2013

Hi Mark.

The Tesla Approved Body Repair Network are being trained at the factory in Fremont with factory technician support provided locally where necessary at the approved body shop. The body shops we are working with are carefully chosen for their experience in dealing with Aluminum body structure repairs and high end vehicle repair experience. The cost of repair is generally directly in line with the extent of the damage. The repair methods are factory developed and approved with the same equipment and materials used as per the factory in terms of welding and joining techniques. Our Approved Body Shops work in partnership with their local Service Center to ensure that damaged vehicles are returned to OEM condition. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me on



Brian H | 24 luglio 2013

Shipping the car from NJ to Fremont after a fender-bender would be slow, expensive, and just silly.

Bighorn | 24 luglio 2013

Two words- hyperloop

Mark K | 24 luglio 2013

Andy - thanks for the post - sounds like TM is already making the investment to make sure authorized independent body shops are doing it right.

Going forward, the lengthy repair time for the OP should be an outlier case.

Awesome work guys!

Brian H | 24 luglio 2013

You still owe me a word.

IAC, Elon is promoting it, not building it.