3 phase charger ?

3 phase charger ?

I have been looking at this site, and as far as I can see, the quick charger is for 1 single phase only - correct ?
this single phase is to supply aprox 50 amps - witch in denmark (where I live) is not normal house installation
...most are more like 13 og 16 amps - giving a far to long charging time.

Most houses have 3 phases - 16 amps, so a quick changer using 3 phases will not only supply 3x16 amps but also 400 volt instad of 240 volt.
All together it will allow charging at approx 19Kw/h as aposed to 4Kw/h
Is this only how it works in europe - is this the same thing in US - if so, a 3 phse changer would be needed

NielsChr | 5 settembre 2010

sorry for the spelling - not native english speeking

Naturenut | 13 settembre 2010

If we are talking about the same "45 minute QuickCharge" listed on specs page
... thats using a level 3 charger. Your lucky you already have access to that voltage.

Level 1: 110/120v : thought of as emergency charging (Standard US Outlet)
Level 2: 220/240v : with home charger etc...
Level 3: 440/480v : future public charging (US)

I believe all above is correct.

Timo | 14 settembre 2010

That 400V three phase is common here in Europe. Our single phase voltage is 230, so three phase of that is 400. No need to do anything fancy to circuitry or wiring, just add standard plug and wiring for three-phase connection if there isn't one already. Would be a lot cheaper here than it is in US.

However I believe question is that does Model S accept standard 400V three phase with just standard IEC 60309 plug, or does it require charger? Kind of "mobile charger", but with a lot more oomph.

Tilo | 12 giugno 2013

Nissan is rolling out level 3 chargers: 480 volts, 3 phases @ 60 amps

Any chance Tesla is updating the Model S to take advantage of 3-phases?

Brian H | 12 giugno 2013

In Europe, yes. But not any level 3 I know of other than its own, so far. There was a statement CHAdeMO would be supported there, but it's not confirmed yet.

Jackie425 | 13 giugno 2013

We are told that the EU model will support 3 phase and it will use a Type 2 plug. Also other options too. For more technical details for now you should look on the TMC forum (