4-2-13 Orange County to Vegas in Model S - Easy, Fun, Worry Free

4-2-13 Orange County to Vegas in Model S - Easy, Fun, Worry Free

Took new Model S (85kw) from Huntington Beach to Las Vegas on the first weekend we owned it. Comfortable, reliable, beautiful, smooth. The stops were easily within battery range to be worry free the whole way, and under normal driving conditions (traffic, air conditioning on, up/down hill, 70-75 mph (not 55 mph on flat surface with no AC). 125 miles from Huntington Beach to Barstow with AC on, traffic, hills, etc, with over 100 miles left on battery. Had lunch at Chili's in Barstow while supercharging for 30 mins. Then 170 miles from Barstow to Vegas, again with traffic, AC on, hills, 70-75 mph, and had over 80 miles left on battery on arrived at Palazzo. Finally, just as the blogs said, the EV Chargers at the Palazzo were not compatible with Model S adapter, but was easily able to charge at the EV chargers on the 6th floor of the connecting Venetian, free. Same on the way back. I got at least 260 miles per charge under unaltered driving conditions (AC, hills, traffic, radio, 70-80 mph), both ways. I have no doubt I would easily get well over 300 miles per charge cruising at 55-65 under perfect conditions. And, wife and I got to spend some time together in the car as well. Ed

Brian H | 3 aprile 2013

Were you fooling around? Tell all!

stevenmaifert | 3 aprile 2013

Question for Ed - I'm making the trek from San Diego April 21. The Sig Alert traffic site has been showing significant slowing in Barstow in the vicinity of the Barstow Rd. exit for the last several days. Is there construction going on there or something else causing the slowdown that you may have noticed?

Ezappia | 3 aprile 2013

To Brian: Don't be ridiculous, we're married.
To Steve: Yes, there was construction and slowness from the minute we left the supercharger at the south end of Barstow for a good 10 miles. I was getting ready to turn around, as I wasn't going to sit in heavy traffic for the next 160 miles to Vegas. However, we broke through traffic after getting through Barstow after about 10 miles/20 minutes. Then it was ok. But it is a tough 10 miles or so through Barstow. (However, we did not even get on the road on Friday until about 2:00 (again, I'm married), and thus were in Barstow on the way to Vegas at around 4:00-5:00 pm on a Friday.) It was no problem passing through Barstow on the way back on Monday at about 12:00.