5.6 Nav Problem

5.6 Nav Problem

Just picked up my S85 w/tech package and 5.6 software. Techs can't figure out why nav system is stuck in Fremont!
Won't show present position and plans route from Fremont. Wierd!! Any ideas after multiple resets including the CB??

Mark K | 26 ottobre 2013

Sounds like the GPS receiver is offline and may need to be replaced.

ajmail01 | 26 ottobre 2013

K thks will have them try that.

nickjhowe | 26 ottobre 2013

@ajmail01 - what version of 5.6 do you have? 1.45.??

ajmail01 | 26 ottobre 2013

Yes 1.45

Eletrek | 26 ottobre 2013

Had same problem last Dec and solution was to replace entire antenna assembly.

AlMc | 26 ottobre 2013

There seems that there are two reported causes for the mapping/GPS problems in the 5.0 series. One was a firmware issue that could be fixed without much problem. The second a gyro issue that indeed needed a service center visit.

It appears the 5.6 firmware fixed the 5.0 firmware issues. So, problems with the mapping in 5.6 are most likely hardware (gyro) issues.

rbgliny | 26 ottobre 2013

We just had the MCU replaced last week. Fixed the nav - still on Vers. if memory serves me correctly.

keichhor | 26 ottobre 2013

Yup, I had the same problem in May as Eletrek. Had to replace the antenna assembly and broke the rear window when taking it out, so had to replace that as well.

ajmail01 | 1 novembre 2013

Just an update - brand new S85 and has not been driven and is still not fixed!! They thought it was the GPS antenna and then replaced the 17" screen instead. Now they have found a bad coax cable. Hope this is not going to be a lemon!! But, been driving an older P85 loaner in the meantime.

David Trushin | 1 novembre 2013

Maybe the car doesn't want to leave home.

Brian H | 2 novembre 2013

Were forceps used during its birth? Had a teacher in HS (the best of a very good bunch) whose right arm was crippled and mostly useless from that.

Mark K | 2 novembre 2013

aj - I wouldn't be worried about your car having many defects.

Here is likely what happened:

You can think of the GPS hardware system as being a chain with a few links -

1. Antenna and preamplifier which recieve the radio signal. That's under the back glass.

2. Cable that runs from the back to the computer in the dash.

3. Computer boards in the front to read the GPS signal and to operate your screen.

Each link has to work for the whole chain to operate.

Cables are very simple, so they usually are not the cause. Since they are buried under other parts and are hard to get to, service techs will try replacing the other links in the chain first.

That's what I think they did here, which is ordinary course.

But in this case, it actually turned out to be the cable.

It is likely that computer and antenna parts were in fact fine, but they didn't know until they replaced all the other links one by one.

Buried breaks like this also take longer to figure out, ergo the service visit that took unusually long.

A lemon is different. That's a car that can't effectively be fixed. Often lemons will have multiple problems with unrelated systems in the car. That usually suggests insufficient overall quality supervision with a build, where different things go wrong all the time. I don't see any evidence of that here.

It looks like the only thing that was broken was a simple cable, it was just hard to find it.

I wouldn't project our natural new car jitters onto this. I don't see a lemon here. Your car should be working well soon.

I think you'll be fine.

mark_g | 2 novembre 2013

I had the same problem. Turned out to be a poor grounding of one of the GPS antennae. | 2 novembre 2013

Got mine today and GPS was fantastic! They'll get it sorted out.

ajmail01 | 2 novembre 2013

Many thanks for the info - hopefully get it early next week.


ajmail01 | 5 novembre 2013

Finally got my car today and everthing is fixed!

Mark K | 7 novembre 2013

Happy trails AJ. Have fun with your new car!