Aftermarket Wheels

Aftermarket Wheels

Does anyone know what pattern the wheels are? Also the offset sizes?

If I wanted to order - lets say - a set of HREs for the summer - what fitment would I use?


docdac | 25 gennaio 2013

Go to and search for wheels for 2012 Tesla Model S. You can see all the specs you are asking about. I know the offset is 40mm , but 35mm will also work. Don't recall the bolt pattern, but easy to see on TireRack. They do very good fitment research.

Alex K | 25 gennaio 2013

Here is some more information:

The Model S lug pattern is 5x120 with a 40mm offset & 65mm center bore

21" Wheels (21x8.5") - 245/35/21 Revs/mi 750

19" Wheels (19x8.5") - 245/45/19 Revs/mi 755

-- Tire Rack recommended 20" sizes:

20" Wheels (20x8.5") - 255/40/20 Example tire: Michelin Pilot® Sport A/S Plus part #27285 255/40R20/XL 101 V

hphan149 | 5 febbraio 2013

Anyone know what the weight of the factory 21" are?

Brian H | 5 febbraio 2013

I think someone measured 35lbs. Give or take.

Alex K | 23 febbraio 2013

@Alex K | JANUARY 25, 2013: 19" Wheels (19x8.5") - 245/45/19 Revs/mi 755

According to the Tesla website ( the winter wheel set comes with 19X8.0J wheels. So the above 19x8.5" is wrong. I had compiled the various wheels sizes from TeslaMotorClub forum members that had replaced their Tesla wheels with aftermarket wheels. Sorry about the error.

up north | 25 febbraio 2013

when will they make 19" wheels that look like the 21" wheels?

Alex K | 25 febbraio 2013

Check out the thread 19" Turbine Wheel Solution at Tesla Motors Club where someone bought aftermarket 19" Turbine wheels.

hawgeagle | 21 ottobre 2015

OEM replacement wheels can also be found at:
They have the Tesla hubcaps as well.

jasonvallen2016 | 24 gennaio 2016

My replacement of 19" v from gave me real confidence. Thinking of getting a Tesla logo though for my hubcaps just to look legit though it's kind of customized.