Air Force bids open to SpaceX?

Air Force bids open to SpaceX?

Qualification still to be established, but the military monopoly for United Launch (Boeing-Lockheed) is broken. The Fiscal Cliff may speed that up!

FLsportscarenth... | 5 dicembre 2012

Go Falcon Heavy!

Good news for both SpaceX and the beleaguered US taxpayers!

United's costs may go up by 40% without the monopoly, but it would seem that SpaceX can deliver for less than United's original costs.

Even a 10% savings would mean billions...

Green light for a more robust Mars rover so we can really determine is Mars is safe for human habitation? A larger space telescope so we can directly observe and find more earth-like planets arround other stars? Think of the possibilities!

Better value for the money - in government? What a concept!